Are Caiques Good for Beginners? ( Revealed!)

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We all know that Caiques are one of the most highly energetic and active parrots in the world. These qualities, along with their clownish nature, make them popular among parrot lovers. However, are caiques good for beginners?

Caiques are not good for Begginers.

While Caique birds are known for their playful and loving nature, they might not be the best choice for someone new to bird-keeping. These feathered friends have a strong desire to take the lead and establish dominance. To truly unlock their potential as fantastic pets, Caiques require steady and assertive training, along with plenty of personal bonding time with their human companions.

It is a good idea to adopt a caique if you have experience with bird keeping and are comfortable teaching a new bird.

The prevailing consensus is that Caiques are not the most suitable first pet. While they have many endearing qualities—such as being playful and affectionate—they also come with their own set of obstacles that new owners may find overwhelming.

Are Caiques Good for Beginners

Why Caiques Aren’t Considered Good Pets for Beginners

Caiques are great companion animals, but inexperienced pet owners should avoid them. These are high-energy birds that, if bred under the wrong conditions and without proper training, can develop a strong sense of territory.

Untrained caiques may be a nuisance since they may yell, hiss, and even break things. Other behavioral concerns may arise from the fact that many caiques may escape a cage.

For the following reasons, caiques are not recommended for first-time pet owners:

  • Intense activity

Caiques’ high activity level is a major reason why they might not be the best choice for those just starting out. These birds are known for their high levels of activity and need a lot of playtime and mental challenges to thrive.

This requires ample room for running around and exploring. In addition, they need frequent opportunities for physical activity and social interaction.

  • Noisy

Some owners, especially those who live in flats or in close quarters, find the caique’s loud cries and squawks to be a nuisance.

Caiques are smart birds who need lots of opportunities to exercise their minds, so their owners should stock up on toys, puzzles, and other enrichment activities.

  • Territorial behavior

The Caique’s territorial nature presents even more difficulty for its owners. As these birds become attached to their humans and their territory, they may become aggressive toward other animals and people.

This means that pet owners should keep an eye on their birds and take preventative measures like training and socializing to prevent hostility.

  • A lot of bites

Caiques are not necessarily the best choice for first-time bird owners because of their inclination to bite. Caiques have powerful beaks and may administer painful bites if they feel threatened or frightened, but this is true of many birds.

An incident Reminding Caique Biting

We went to the Parrot store in town. Parrots are their main product. There were at least a dozen caiques crammed into a single huge cage. And it was a lot of joy to see them interact.

A client requested to pet one, so an employee unlocked the cage and brought one out. The one she grabbed surprised her by giving her a nip. The remaining caiques in the enclosure saw this as a chance to boil out of the enclosure.

That reminded me of a beggar’s mad dash for the cell door. As a result, suddenly there are a dozen or more caiques swooping and fluttering all over.

Watching these little chattering clowns is extremely entertaining, but capturing so many of them is not so enjoyable.


It may not be the best choice for beginners to own a Caique. However, caiques can make great pets for experienced owners who are willing to give them the right care and attention. If you are considering a Caique as a pet, it’s important to do your research.

You should understand their unique needs and challenges, and be prepared to provide them with a stimulating and enriching environment.


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