Are Sun Conures Loud? (9 Reasons Why?)

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Sun Conures are one of the most popular parrot species kept as pets. They are known for their vibrant colors and playful personalities, but what about their noise level? Are Sun Conures loud? Based on insights from AFA Watchbirds, Sun Conures are loud but a hand-reared baby sun conure is not necessarily loud. Stepping into a room bustling with these birds, one can expect to hear their distinct cries. While they may not be the loudest among conures, their voices carry a certain robustness, especially when they feel the need to vocalize. Interestingly, research indicates that breeding environments, where numerous pairs vie for notice, tend to amplify the noise level. However, a hand-reared baby Sun Conure may not exhibit the same loudness commonly associated with its species.

If your new bird won’t stop talking, don’t risk getting home and feeling upset. Sun conures may not be louder than Amazon parrots, but their shrill voices are louder and more piercing than those of canaries.

A sun conure will occasionally be loud and then quiet. However, there are times when birds may become persistently (and irritatingly) loud if they feel insecure or lonely.

Read on to learn more about whether Sun Conures are truly louder than other pet bird species and ways to help keep noise levels down if you already own one.

are conures loud

Opinions of Sun Conure owners

Sun conure owners often describe these birds as extremely noisy, with their vocalizations capable of reaching noise levels exceeding 120 decibels. This surpasses the high-pitched screams of Macaws, which measure around 105 decibels. Sun conures can be heard from a mile away, or even farther if they unleash their full vocal capacity. Prolonged exposure to their calls can be overwhelming for some individuals.

Discussions in online forums and social media highlight the prevalent topic of sun conures’ loudness, with many owners acknowledging their beauty and affectionate nature while also recognizing the challenge posed by their noise level. Some owners find the birds’ loud calls irritating, though bird enthusiasts may appreciate the sounds. It’s emphasized that living situations with thin walls, such as apartments or townhomes, may not be suitable for sun conures due to their potential to disturb neighbors.

The loudness of sun conures extends beyond just volume; the shrillness of their calls can be jarring to some. Despite this, many owners consider their unique personalities and affectionate nature worth the noise. Potential owners are advised to be aware of the bird’s loudness and carefully consider whether they can accommodate its vocal tendencies in their living situation and lifestyle.

Decibel Levels of Sun Conures

The sun conure is considered one of the loudest parrot species with 120 decibels. It is important not to be fooled by their small size, since sun conures are louder than macaws, which are the largest parrot species. Some can be loud and some quiet. However, sun conures generally make a great deal of noise.

Sun Conures  Noise Level Compare To Other Pet Bird Species

When it comes to loudness, sun conures take the cake. These dazzling birds are known for their ability to out-shout any other pet bird species in terms of sheer volume. It is almost as if they get a kick out of screeching at all hours of the day and night.

As you look at the sound levels of various pet bird species, you will become aware of how loud sun conures are in comparison to other pet birds.

Here is an overview of the sound levels of different pet birds in decibels:
Macaws105 decibels
Amazon Parrots124 decibels
Lories90 decibels
Caique Parrots93 decibels
Cockatoos135 decibels
Eclectus Parrots115 decibels
Rose-Ringed Parakeets111 decibels

According to the chart above, only Amazon parrots and Cockatoos are louder than sun conures. Sun conures have a similar noise level to Amazon parrots, which are quite loud.

So, in terms of loudness, only two parrot species surpass sun conures. The rest of the pet birds are quieter than sun conures.

Why are the sun conures so loud?

Due to the many sounds competing for attention in a tropical region, sun conures have loud calls. Sun conures have evolved to make very loud calls to be heard over other noise. Your sun conure may make a lot more noise than usual for many reasons.

9  Reasons Why Sun Conures are Loud
Feeling ExcitedWhen they are happy or excited, sun conures will often make loud noises.
Wanting FoodSun conures may scream when they are hungry or thirsty to communicate their needs.
Under StressThe sun conure may be experiencing a change in environment or routine, or he may not be receiving enough social interaction.
Trying to Warn about ThreatsSun conures are always on the lookout for predators in the wild. Because of this, birds use loud screeching sounds to warn one another. According to research, If an unfamiliar individual enters your home, your Sun Conure will puff up its feathers and emit a loud call, signaling potential concern until it discerns that you are unharmed. This behavior stems from its instinctual role of viewing you as an integral member of its flock, prioritizing your safety above all else.
Attracting MatesThe sun conure uses its loud call in the wild to attract mates. Sun conures in captivity often exhibit the same behavior.
IllnessSun Conures that are unwell will scream if they have the energy to do so. It may indicate that the individual is experiencing discomfort or pain.
BoredomIf not given sufficient stimulation, sun conures can become bored and vocalize more frequently.
LonelinessSince sun conures are very social birds, they may exhibit noisy behavior due to loneliness. During times of loneliness, your sun conure may begin to make more noise in an attempt to attract your attention.
Lack of StimulationEarlier, I pointed out that sun conures are highly intelligent birds that can easily become bored if they do not receive adequate stimulation. When a sun conure is bored, he or she will often make louder noises to gain your attention.

How to Stop Your Sun Conure From Being Loud?

Sun conures cannot be completely stopped from screaming, but you can ‘train’ them to do so less. You will need to take the following steps:

Train a Baby Sun Conure

While it might sound surprising, studies have shown that if you raise a baby Sun Conure yourself, it’s likely to be quieter. So, if you want a friendly and calm pet that bonds well with you, consider training a young Sun Conure.

Understand your bird

A little knowledge will save you a lot of sleepless nights and confusion. You can better understand what your sun conure wants or needs when you get to know them.

Provide Plenty of Attention

The sun conures love to receive as much attention from their owners as possible. They may scream if they do not feel as though they are receiving enough attention. Spending time with your bird keeps your bird happy, even if you are busy.

Talking to Your Pet

Your sun conure will be able to recognize your voice if you repeat short phrases to it repeatedly. The next time your bird is being excessively noisy, you can use these phrases to encourage it to reduce its volume.

You can use these phrases in conjunction with regular verbal communication to make your bird feel more comfortable. In certain situations, talking to your bird can be beneficial in soothing and calming it.

Ignore the screaming

It is appropriate to give your sun conure some attention, but not excessively. You will need to reduce your bird time if your bird occupies the majority of your day.

You will have little time to do anything else if your bird is used to getting your attention all the time. I can assure you that it is difficult to get things done when you have a screaming bird in your ear.

You should avoid giving your bird constant attention when it is screaming if it is desperate for constant attention. Instead, reward it for not screaming when it is quiet. This will enable it to learn the value of not screaming constantly.

Be Patient

Sun conures tend to scream a lot, so they will need time to learn to calm down. Sun conures can take months to break their bad habit of constantly screaming, so do not rush the process or become frustrated. It may cause trust issues and negatively impact your relationship with your sun conure.

Don’t expect a sun conure to remain silent for long. Expect screaming here and there. The best thing you can do is to follow these guidelines and understand that your bird will never completely cease to scream.


In a nutshell, Sun Conures tends to be loud in general. They are louder than many pet bird species like Macaws, African Greys, Senegal Parrots, Eclectus parrots, etc. There is a possibility of training them to be less noisy, but you should not expect them to be completely silent.

Those who reside in apartments should avoid Sun Conures. Similarly, Sun Conures are not recommended for people with sensitive hearing. If noise is not an issue for you, Sun Conures would be an excellent pet choice.


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