Avian Vets Brampton (3 Best Avian Vets in Brampton)

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Avian vets play a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of parrots, canaries, finches, and other avian species, often overlooked in traditional pet healthcare. From routine check-ups and vaccinations to emergency care, surgical procedures, and nutritional guidance, these avian specialists go above and beyond to ensure that birds receive the best possible care. 

With a passion for avian medicine and a deep understanding of avian anatomy and physiology, these vets offer a haven of hope for bird enthusiasts in Brampton and beyond, ensuring that our feathered friends enjoy a healthy and happy life.

In this article, you will find the best avian vet in Brampton so that you can get the best treatment for your feather friend in case of illness or an emergency.

1. Creditview Animal & Bird Hospital

Customer Review:

I recently visited Creditview Animal and Bird Hospital with my Quaker parrot, and I want to express my immense satisfaction with this establishment. I was pleasantly surprised by the doctor’s commitment during the consultation. 

They took the time to explain my parrot’s condition and provided clear guidance for the way forward. The staff members were not only friendly but also highly knowledgeable. I am absolutely planning to return, thanks to the exceptional care and service I received for my bird.

They showed genuine concern for my bird’s well-being. I received valuable insights on how to provide the best care for my pet. I was facing some difficulties switching my bird’s diet from seeds to pellets, and they provided guidance on a promising method (fingers crossed, I’ll provide updates). 

The staff was not only friendly but also patient in allowing me to discuss various topics related to my bird, which I found to be a wonderful experience.


Creditview Animal & Bird Hospital is a veterinary hospital located in Mississauga, Ontario that specializes in providing high-quality care for birds and other exotic animals. The hospital has been in operation since 1988 and moved to a freestanding bungalow in 1999 to create a more comfortable environment for pets. 

The hospital offers a wide range of services, including preventative care, diagnostic testing, surgery, and emergency services. Additionally, they provide boarding facilities for birds and other exotic animals. 

The hospital has a team of experienced veterinarians and staff who are committed to providing the best possible care for pets. For bird owners in Brampton who are looking for specialized care for their feathered friends, Creditview Animal & Bird Hospital is an excellent option.

From routine check-ups, vaccinations, and surgical procedures to specialized avian care, this hospital offers a wide range of services to keep pets in their best health. With a team of experienced veterinarians, a compassionate staff, and a focus on the well-being of both feathered and furry friends, Creditview Animal & Bird Hospital has earned a reputation for excellence and a special place in the hearts of pet owners in Brampton.

When seeking a veterinary care clinic, it’s essential to find one that offers top-notch care and exceptional service. At Creditview Animal & Bird Hospital in Mississauga, ON, they gathered a team of skilled veterinary professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare for your beloved pets. 

2. Derrydale Animal Hospital

Customer Review:

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful team at Derrydale Animal Hospital. The receptionist showed remarkable skill in handling an emergency situation, and their assistance was immensely valuable. Dr. Z, the town’s finest veterinarian, worked wonders for our bird’s health, and we’re pleased to say our feathered friend is thriving after the visit.


Derrydale Animal Hospital is the go-to place for pet owners, especially those with feathered friends. They’re not just your average animal clinic; they excel in providing specialized avian veterinary services. 

As a bird owner, I can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to have a trustworthy avian vet, and Derrydale Animal Hospital is just that. Their staff is not only experienced but also genuinely caring and attentive to the unique needs of our avian companions. 

I have been bringing my parrot here for years, and I have always been impressed by the level of care and expertise they provide. If you have a feathered family member, I highly recommend Derrydale Animal Hospital for top-notch avian veterinary care.

3. Fletcher’s Creek Animal Hospital

Customer Review:

I brought one of my cockatiels to this place. She came from a bad breeder, but now she’s doing a lot better. The avian vet here is fantastic and very helpful. They also have reasonable prices for check-ups compared to other vets.


Fletcher’s Creek Animal Hospital is a trusted destination for avian veterinary care. They specialize in providing expert services for birds, ensuring the well-being of our feathered companions. With a team of dedicated professionals, this hospital offers a wide range of avian veterinary services to address various needs.

Their avian experts are well-trained and passionate about caring for birds, making them the go-to choice for bird owners. Whether it is routine check-ups, emergency care, or specialized treatments, Fletcher’s Creek Animal Hospital is well-equipped to meet the unique requirements of avian patients.

This animal hospital is known for its compassionate and attentive approach, ensuring that our avian friends receive the best care possible. With a commitment to promoting the health and happiness of birds, Fletcher’s Creek Animal Hospital stands out as a reliable choice for avian veterinary services in the community.

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