5 Best Avian Vets in Chicago

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Regardless of where you live, if you have a pet bird, you should be familiar with local avian veterinarians. Birds are renowned for hiding their symptoms and until you are aware of them, it may be too late to save them. Here are the 5 best Avian vets in Chicago.

If you are a resident of Chicago or the nearby area, you may contact one of the avian veterinarians listed below for routine checkups or emergency treatment.

Best Avian Vets in Chicago

5 Best Avian Vets in Chicago

1. Animal House of Chicago

Customer Review:

At last, I have found a veterinarian who specializes in avian medicine. It was difficult for me to find a place to bring my foster pigeons when they developed medical problems. The doctor spent a great deal of time with my bird and was kind and patient. The best city avian veterinarian in the area!


Animal House of Chicago is a renowned clinic providing exceptional bird healthcare services. They offer a wide range of services like preventive care, husbandry and diet recommendations, behavior consultation, and surgery.

In addition, they have state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to conduct necessary tests. If you are looking for experienced avian vets in Chicago, you can count on Animal House of Chicago.

2.  Midwest Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital

Customer Reviews:

My canary woke up one morning with the metal band on her foot stuck and her foot became swollen due to the band being stuck. Fortunately, she was able to be sedated and had the metal band removed within an hour.

I am so pleased with how my canary is doing now. Even though it is a bit of a drive, I am grateful for this place since many vets are not familiar with birds.


Established in 1985, Midwest Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital is one of its kind treating birds and exotic animals. They have experienced staff with extensive knowledge of handling and treating these special pets.

They are also experts in providing advanced health care facilities like diagnosis and surgery. So, if your pet parrot needs any treatment you can visit Midwest Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital

3. Paws and Feathers Veterinary Clinic Inc

Customer Reviews:

I liked the vet’s knowledge, friendliness, and price. I took my bird to the veterinarian for an examination. They did not insist on having labs or studies performed that were not necessary, which is always a concern. It is also a pleasure to work with the staff!


Paws and Feathers Veterinary Clinic Inc. is a leading provider of exceptional avian care services, boasting highly experienced staff. Specializing in the health and well-being of our feathered companions, this clinic is dedicated to ensuring the best care for avian patients.

Veterinary specialists provide routine check-ups and specialized treatments that meet the unique requirements of birds. They are dedicated to providing top-notch care and attention to every avian friend that enters their facility.

4.  Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital

Customer Review:

It is a pleasure to have my budgies and cockatiels under the care of Dr. Horton and her crew. Throughout her practice, she demonstrates a great deal of expertise in the field of avian medicine.

I find her to be so kind and down to earth, and she interacts so skillfully with my birds. Additionally, the staff is very friendly and helpful.


Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital offers a comprehensive range of specialized facilities and services tailored to meet birds’ unique needs. With a dedicated team of avian experts, the hospital provides diagnostic ultrasound and cardiac ultrasound to assess avian health.

Blood tests, including yearly blood work, are conducted for early detection and preventive care. The hospital also offers critical care services, emergency care, and referrals for diagnosis.

In-house lab services and fecal exams ensure accurate and timely diagnoses, while therapeutic options, herbal medicine, and holistic therapies offer a holistic approach to bird healthcare.

From medical treatments to supportive care, Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital is committed to providing top-notch care for our avian companions.

5.  TLC First Animal Hospital

Customer Review:

This veterinarian’s office is one of my favorites! For all of our pets, we have been working with Doctor Monica, and she has been an excellent veterinarian! A great deal of detail is provided in her explanations, and she displays a great understanding of the needs of pets.

Moreover, the staff is extremely friendly and responsive when it comes to filling prescriptions. TLC First Animal Hospital is the best place to take your pet for all their needs.


At this awesome veterinary hospital, they have got a unique approach that’s all about blending the best of both Eastern and Western philosophies. In addition, they have traditional and holistic veterinary medicine methods.

Their main mission? Making sure that all clients and their adorable pets enjoy a fantastic lifestyle and top-notch care. And let me tell you, they are proud of how they give each patient and their guardians personalized and compassionate attention.

You know what else? They strive to create a cozy and welcoming environment for everyone who walks through their doors – two legs or four!

As soon as you step in, you will be greeted with a friendly hello, and your furry friends will receive a tasty treat. It’s all about making sure you and your pets feel comfortable and cared for every step of the way.


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