Budgie Essential Care Supplies

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To ensure the health and happiness of your budgie, it’s crucial to provide the right supplies. A high-quality cage with horizontal bars, at least 18 x 10 inches in size, is a must-have. The cage should have a variety of perches, including wooden ones of different sizes, to keep your budgie’s feet healthy. A water dish that’s easy to clean and a food bowl are also essential.

A premium mix of budgie food should be provided, and it’s recommended to avoid cheap food. Toys like mirrors, ladders, and bells are necessary for entertainment and exercise. A bird bath is also a must-have, as budgies love to keep themselves clean. Additionally, a vitamin supplement, iodine/mineral block, cuttlefish, and grit can be provided to support your budgie’s overall health and digestion.

A grooming spray and wormers or parasite powder may also be necessary for your budgie’s health. Finally, a cage cover, cage liners, and a cleaning pad are important for maintaining a clean and comfortable environment for your budgie. Here are our recommended products:


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