Can Lovebirds Eat Celery (Avian Vet Reviewed)

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We are all aware of the health benefits of celery, but not everyone enjoys eating it. But can lovebirds eat celery? The short answer is yes, lovebirds can eat celery. However, celery contains a great deal of water but offers little nutritional value, so it should be offered in moderation. It is recommended that a lovebird is provided with 1-2 grams of celery or 2-3 centimeters of a celery stick once a week.

Compared to other snacks, celery has few or no side effects. However, everything comes with its downside, which we’ll discuss in a moment. It’s a great veggie for your lovebirds because it’s high in water and potassium, which helps them retain water.

In addition, it also contains minerals. These vitamins and minerals have incredible benefits that will benefit your bird in a variety of ways! Each day, change your lovebird’s diet to ensure they get the maximum benefit from the different fruits and veggies available.

Before introducing celery, we must understand the significance of a balanced diet for the lovebird. Here is a detailed guide to how to safely feed celery to your lovebird, including the answer to, “Can lovebirds eat celery?

Health benefits of celery for lovebirds?

As previously mentioned, celery offers some nutritional benefits to your lovebird. Celery belongs to the Apium Graveolens family of vegetables and is rich in nutrients that can benefit birds. The following are just a few examples:

Vitamin A

It also contains vitamin A, which helps maintain the lovebird’s feathers. Several lovebird species exhibit such bright colors as blue, orange, red, and yellow because of Vitamin A. However, it’s important that you give your lovebird Vitamin A naturally through a healthy diet since synthetic Vitamin A is toxic.

Vitamin C

The nutrient vitamin C is important for preventing birds from committing self-destructive acts. A lack of vitamin C can cause lovebirds to chew, tear, or preen excessively. The best way to provide them with this important nutrient is to provide them with celery.

Vitamin K

The essential nutrient vitamin K helps blood clot. This nutrient is found in green plants, but you can also find it in celery. Vitamin K is produced naturally by bacteria in birds’ bowels, but Vitamin K-rich foods can also supplement their diet.


Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, is essential for cell growth and metabolism. Deficiencies of folic acid may cause stunted growth, anemia, and malformations in birds.


A potassium-rich diet is essential to your bird’s health since it acts as an electrolyte and regulates muscle contractions, nerve signals, and fluid levels. It plays a significant role in the overall health of your lovebirds.

The downside of Feeding Celery to Lovebirds

There are several benefits to feeding your lovebird celery, however, there are also risks involved. Celery itself is not bad for lovebirds. Some fruits and veggies are toxic to lovebirds, but celery isn’t.

Lovebirds can eat it without any worries. It is the stringy part of celery that is unsafe. You’ve probably noticed the fibers along the stalk if you’ve ever eaten celery.

Whenever your lovebird swallows strings, the digestive system can become clogged. It can lead to crop impaction or constipation.

How to Feed Celery to Lovebirds

It’s possible to give your lovebird celery nutritional benefits without putting them at risk. If you wish to feed your lovebird celery, you should chop it up very finely with a knife.

Consequently, we can prevent large strings from entering bird bodies and blocking them. Celery can also be prepared in other ways to provide nutritional benefits.

Additionally, you can feed your lovebirds celery seeds, which are just as healthy as regular celery. Adding celery seeds to a lovebird’s diet can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, and even ease joint pain.

 Celery can also be juiced for your lovebird’s diet. Pure celery juice or juice mixed with other fruits and vegetables can be made for your lovebird.

Types Of Celery Lovebirds Can Eat 

Raw Celery

It is generally safe for lovebirds to eat raw celery as long as it is thoroughly rinsed and cleaned. Celery is one of the dirtiest vegetables, so it is recommended that you wash it before serving. ·

Cooked Celery

Although cooking these green sticks decreases some of their nutritional content, it also destroys a lot of bad bacteria. So, if you have the patience and time to follow through, you should feed your lovebird-cooked celery.

Can Lovebirds Eat Celery Leaves

There may be pesticides on celery leaves. Celery should be de-leafed first and then rinsed to remove any pesticides left on the sticks. Even though organic produce is often pesticide-free, it is not always the case.

In any case, it’s always a good idea to rinse your fruit and veggies. It also adds a fresh and watery taste that birds adore!

What is the recommended amount of celery for lovebirds?

1-2 grams of celery or 2-3 centimeters of a celery stick should suffice for a lovebird. In general, lovebirds eat pelleted seeds most of the time (60 – 80%), veggies 15 – 25%, and fruits the rest. A lovebird usually eats about 15% of its body weight per day, which is usually 6 – 10 grams.


Adding celery to your lovebird’s fresh food rotation is an interesting option. If you wish to feed your lovebird celery, make sure it is properly prepared.

If celery is not washed, chopped, or peeled, it can cause digestive issues and even crop impaction, which could lead to a medical emergency.


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