Can Macaws Eat Chestnuts (Find Out)

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Chestnuts are one of the hardest nuts for birds to crack open. So most of the birds are not able to open chestnuts. But what about the macaws? Can macaws eat chestnuts?

Yes, macaws can eat chestnuts because they possess a very powerful beak that helps them to crack open chestnuts. Providing they are thoroughly examined for mold and fungus they can be consumed.

However, they are rarely fed to parrots due to their high cost and their high carbohydrate content. Feed chestnuts as a treat but not as a regular part of their diet. If your macaw only consumes chestnuts, it may suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

Are chestnuts healthy for macaws?

They are highly nutritious. However, you should be careful when feeding them. When possible, avoid giving your macaw too many chestnuts since they contain tannins that can cause digestive problems.

In moderation, chestnuts are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Additionally, macaws are known for having vibrantly colored feathers that are shiny and bright, but few people know that nuts contain good fats that contribute to these characteristics.

If you feed nuts to your pet macaw, the bird may become highly dependent upon them. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to closely monitor the number of nuts that are being offered to your bird. 

Can you give cooked chestnuts to macaws?

You may alter the essential nature of the nut inside if you boil the chestnuts and remove the shell.

It may be beneficial for humans to eat boiled or roasted chestnuts, but they are no longer suitable for birds. Toxins can enter the kernel of the nut from the shell.

This may pose a danger to macaws. Hence, it is best to avoid giving chestnuts to birds or placing them in birdfeeders if you boil or roast them.

Do macaws eat chestnuts in the wild?

Some macaws store nuts and berries in holes in trees or their nests. Nevertheless, the main purpose of this is to make sure there is food available when there is none.

However, chestnuts are not saved for several reasons. First, chestnuts from the wild, like horse chestnuts, can cause serious illness if they are consumed.


Macaws can eat chestnuts. However, they should be offered as a treat. As with all birds, macaws require a variety of diets to meet their nutritional requirements.

Macaws that thrive solely on chestnuts may suffer from serious nutritional deficiencies. Furthermore, they are also very expensive. Therefore, it is better to keep these giant birds on their normal diet.


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