Can Parrots Eat Apples? (Vet Reviewed Answer)

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Parrots are famous for being choosy eaters, which means they can be quite selective when it comes to their food. A lot of parrot owners wonder if apples are safe for their feathered friends. So, can parrots eat apples?

Yes, parrots can eat apples, and as long as they are consumed in moderation, they are safe to consume (VCA Animal Hospital). Apples provide a rich source of vital nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are crucial for a parrot’s well-being. However, your parrot’s diet should not consist solely of apples. 

Apples, like many fruits, have a lot of sugar, so it’s generally recommended not to make fruits a big part of your bird’s diet. It’s best to give apples to your parrot in moderation. 

Parrots require a well-balanced diet that includes a variety of items such as seeds, pellets, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and even mealworms. Ideally, fruits should constitute only 10-20 percent of your parrot’s overall diet. Therefore, when offering apples to your feathered companions, it’s essential to do so in moderation.

Can Parrots Eat Apple?

How to Feed Apples to Your Parrot?

You have a few options when it comes to giving apples to your parrots. You can hand-feed them or simply place the apple pieces in a bowl. Some parrots might not recognize apples as food right away, so mixing them with their regular food can be helpful. 

You might need to offer the apple in different ways, like finely diced, in big chunks, or on a skewer, depending on your parrot’s preference.

Some parrot owners even take a bite of the apple themselves and let their birds have a taste, especially if their bird is curious about what they’re eating. Just be cautious not to let your parrot come into contact with parts of the apple that your saliva has touched because our saliva isn’t good for them.

Lastly, don’t leave uneaten apples out for more than two hours. They can attract bacteria and pests like ants due to their high sugar content.

How much and how often to feed apples to Parrots?

Avian vets recommend offering apples to parrots as a part of their fruit diet 2-3 times a week. Fresh fruits, veggies, and greens should make up about 20-25% of your parrot’s daily food.

While apples are a great choice for nutrition, and most parrots enjoy them, it’s a good idea to mix in other fruits, too.

As a rule of thumb, try to give your parrot a mix of three different fruits every day. The more variety you provide, the more essential nutrients they’ll get. If you’re offering apples daily, be sure to include other types of fruits in their diet to ensure they receive a range of nutrients not found in apples alone.

Health Benefits of Apples for Parrots

Apples are a tasty treat that your parrot will enjoy, and they offer potential health benefits as well. Apples are full of good things like antioxidants and fiber, and they’re not high in calories, so they make great snacks for your feathered friend. Here are the possible health benefits of apples:

  1. Vitamin A: Apples have vitamin A, which helps your parrot’s eyes, overall growth, and feather health.
  2. Vitamin C: Apples are packed with vitamin C. While parrots can make their own vitamin C, it’s still a helpful boost for their immune system when they’re sick or have liver issues. Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant and aids mineral absorption in the gut.
  3. Potassium: Potassium is the main mineral in apples, and your parrot needs it for glucose and protein processing and a healthy nervous system. Apples can help maintain the right potassium levels and prevent deficiencies caused by stress.
  4. Fiber: Apples contain beneficial fiber that supports your parrot’s gut bacteria, helps control cholesterol and blood sugar, aids digestion, and prevents constipation and loose stools.
  5. Antioxidants: The antioxidants in apples shield your parrot’s cells from damage by free radicals, reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, and more. They do this by neutralizing harmful free radicals.
  6. Magnesium: Apples contain a high concentration of magnesium, which helps nerves and muscles function properly and promotes heart health. Additionally, magnesium regulates blood pressure, regulates blood sugar, and provides energy. So, Magnesium is essential for your parrot’s well-being.
  7. Water: Apples are approximately 86% water, making them a good source of hydration for parrots. It’s an additional way to keep your feathered friend refreshed.

Are apple seeds safe for parrots?

Not many parrot owners know this, but it’s not a good idea to feed apple seeds to your feathered friends. Apple seeds have something called amygdalin, which is a harmful substance. When amygdalin breaks down, it releases cyanide into your parrot’s bloodstream. But don’t worry too much; we’ve looked into the risks for you!

In humans, a small number of apple seeds usually won’t hurt us because our bodies have enzymes that can handle small amounts of cyanide. But if you eat a lot of apple seeds, that can be dangerous. It’s estimated that humans would need to eat somewhere between 83 and 500 apple seeds to get poisoned by cyanide.

There isn’t specific data for birds just yet, but the folks at Queensland Aviaries think that for a 100-gram parrot to be seriously affected, it might have to munch on 50 apple seeds from about 10 apples.

In any case, it is always better to be safe than sorry. So, when you want to give your pet bird an apple, make sure to peel the apple, remove all the seeds, and cut it into smaller pieces before serving.

Can Parrots eat Apple Peels?

A few parrots might like apple peels. You don’t have to take off the apple skin, but I’d suggest washing the apple really well before giving it to your bird, including the skin. Sometimes, apple skins can have tiny bits of pesticides on them, which could be bad for your bird.


To sum it up, apples are a safe and nutritious choice for parrots. They provide valuable vitamins, minerals, and proteins. But remember to take out the seeds and wash the apple thoroughly before giving it to your parrot. Also, offer apples in moderation and don’t leave uneaten pieces out for more than two hours. By following these recommendations, you can include apples in your parrot’s balanced diet without any worries.

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