Can perfume kill budgies ( Find Out!)

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You have a little feather friend in your house. You love to wear perfumes but you heard that it is toxic for budgies. Yes! You heard right. We all know perfume smells great but it can kill your budgie. The fumes in the perfume lead to respiratory issues in birds and kill them.

Perfume contains certain fumes that are toxic to the birds and lead them to a silent death.  The alcohol and essential oils in your perfume don’t kill your budgie instantly. They will lead to respiratory issues and other infections and ultimately to death.

If you want to play with your budgie and let them sit on your shoulder or perch on your finger. You are wearing perfume. Stop! First, take shower, and make sure that the scent is removed entirely, so your budgie doesn’t get exposed while nuzzling against your hair or neck.

We all know perfumes are injurious to the health of the budgies, including cologne, deodorant, hair spray, and many more. Even anything with a strong smell is bad for your budgie.

So, you cannot do anything with the perfumes toxicity to the birds. But can help your budgie avoiding them these exposures.  Avoid wearing perfume near it to ensure your budgie doesn’t have difficulty breathing or develop long-term respiratory illnesses.

Can perfume kill budgies?

Let’s dig a little deeper and find the reason for perfume toxicity.

Perfumes Contain:

The perfumes release volatile compounds in the air that are the ultimate cause of death in the birds. The perfume’s composition is mostly alcohol and essential oils. This chemical composition is toxic to birds and if sprayed directly onto a budgie, perfume may even prove fatal within minutes or hours.

Essential Oils:

Essential oils are considered harmful to birds and may cause an allergic reaction. So, it is recommended to keep your birds from anything containing essential oils.


We all know that alcohol is extremely flammable and inhalation can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Birds have a high metabolism rate which means that just a little bit of alcohol can go a long way in harming them so it is best to avoid perfume containing any type of beverage.

Birds can die from perfume:

Sensitive Lungs:

We all know that these feather friends have a sensitive respiratory system. It is recommended to avoid cologne, perfume, and other strong-scented products away from your budgies. So, it’s important to keep your bird away from any aerosol or chemical sprays as well. Avoid wearing perfume near them


Your feather friends are little creatures and it only takes a little bit of these products to affect them. It’s not recommended to have any aerosols or chemical sprays in the house with an avian pet around. Airborne toxins affect all birds, regardless of their size. If you use any chemical sprays in the house, make sure your bird is out of the room before spraying and let it clear out before bringing your pet back inside.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the symptoms of respiratory infections in the budgies?

Birds who are exposed to perfumes or any other strong scent may lead to ultimate problems such as,

  • Difficulty in breath
  • Lungs infection
  • Weekend Immune system
  • Damaged air sacs

Can I Wear Perfume Around My Bird?

No! No! No! it is never recommended to wear perfume around your budgies. It’s a good idea to apply perfume outside or wait until after you come home to put it on before going back inside your house with your bird.

Final Verdict:

The bottom line is to wear perfume outside the house is best for you and your pet. That way the fumes from the product aren’t lingering inside the house and your pet doesn’t have to breathe. Changing as soon as you return home is a good habit.

Any product that labels that it is safe for animals, does NOT mean it is necessarily safe for birds.

Hopefully, this article will help you narrow down exactly what’s happening with your budgie and if you need a vet’s help. If you want to learn more about the budgies let us know in the comment section below.

It will be highly appreciated.


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