Do Budgies regurgitate their food? ( Vet’s Opinion)

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Do Budgies regurgitate their food

One day you see your bird throwing up food on you. You get offended what is this behavior? Wham! Your budgie is showing affection to you. Yes! Budgies regurgitate to show love and affection to the person or animal they like.

Regurgitation is a natural behavior in birds. Astonishing isn’t it? The bird will bob its head and stretch its neck and throw up the food that is not digested. It is neither an illness nor an abnormality. It is a symbol of love and happiness for the companions in the bird’s language.

Now Avian vet experts associate it with bird parenting. According to the experts, regurgitation is directed at mates or offspring since it’s a courting behavior or a way to feed their young. In most cases when the budgie is kept alone in the cage then it may regurgitate on its toys.

But if your parakeet is regurgitating constantly then it’s a problem. It is a sign of illness. Maybe your budgie is vomiting and you are confusing it with regurgitation.

Let’s dig down a little deeper and I will explain to you the difference between the natural processes of regurgitating vs constant regurgitation. You will love to know.

Budgie Regurgitating Constantly

If your budgie is regurgitating constantly then it might be a sign of an infected crop. The disease forces it to regurgitate and vomit. According to various avian vet experts, the most common disease associated with birds’ constant regurgitation is a gastric yeast infection.

This infection doesn’t let to digest the food and causes them to regurgitate or vomit the debris.  You may observe difficulty in swallowing food, constant regurgitation or vomiting, blood in the regurgitated or vomited food, panting, or overheating.  So it is recommended to visit the avian vet immediately after observing any of the symptoms above.

Regurgitation vs. Vomiting:

If your budgie performs a head-bobbing movement or stretches his neck before bringing up the seed, it’s regurgitating. That’s part of the bird’s breeding behavior.

But if your budgie quickly flicks its head then it is a clear sign of vomiting. You may also observe vomitus scattered around the cage or stuck around the bird’s head and face.

Vomiting results from gastrointestinal issues or problems with the liver or kidneys. So, you immediately need to see the avian vet and know the reason.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do budgies kick their food out of the bowl?

Budgies are usually very picky with their food. You will observe that they are kicking food out of their dishes. They usually kick food because they don’t like the food and want to get rid of it. They just get to the best-tasting seeds and treats.

How can I stop my bird from regurgitation?

Most owners don’t like mushy food on their shoulders. They want to discourage this behavior. You can take away the toys that it regurgitates on and praise your budgie when it avoids throwing up on you.

As regurgitating is a natural behavior and cannot be trained out. However, with a gentle hand, your budgie should keep its partially digested food to itself.  

Final Verdict:

So, next time when your bird throws it upon you, don’t get offended. Don’t shout or scream at your budgie. It is the time to get happy. You have made the bond you always wanted to make with your budgie. If your bird regurgitates on you, it’s most likely a sign of affection.

But never manipulate it with the vomiting. Though, regurgitation is a natural behavior. If something is constant then you need to worry about it. As true regurgitation is not stressful or violent.

So, keep an eye on your budgie’s behavior. Never confuse affection with illness.

Hopefully, this article will help you narrow down exactly what’s happening with your budgie and if you need a vet’s help. If you want to learn more about the budgies let us know in the comment section below.

It will be highly appreciated.

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