Eclectus parrot behavior ( Expert Guide)

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The Eclectus behavior depends upon the different situations. They are caring and sometimes aggressive when attention is not given. Eclectus is an intelligent and smart species of parrot.

They behave friendly when they are with their family and friends. They enjoy the time when they are socializing with their friends and family.

Research has shown that if Eclectus parrot feels ignored and neglected, their behavior changes and they act sensitively and become stressed immediately. They are active at sensing the behavior of others towards them.

Eclectus parrot behavior

Origin of Eclectus parrots

Eclectus parrot originates from the Solomon Islands and lives in tropical rainforests. The name Eclectus originated from the word “eclectic.” Therefore males and females look so different in appearance.

The temperament of Eclectus parrot

Eclectus parrot is a beautiful and eye-catching bird in appearance. They act impressively and are captivating when kept in the right household. They are the most interesting and largest species of parrots.

They are blessed with talking abilities and become more interesting when they copy their owner and talk fluently after household training sessions. They become comfortable when kept in the right place.

Therefore, the Eclectus parrot is active in learning daily routines. When they are kept in the household as pets, they enjoy being part of the hustle and bustle around them.

According to my research as a veterinarian, at the age of 18 months, Electus goes through a sexual maturity period which is called Bluffing. During this period, their behavior changes, and they become aggressive.

Studies have shown, In their bluffing period, they become naughty and lose their temper easily. The best way to deal with their aggression is to ignore them and apply distraction techniques instead of giving them attention.

Therefore, they learn to control their aggression and behave normally with time. Their behavior depends upon the environment where they live and with whom they live.

Behavioral changes of Eclectus parrots

There is a difference in the behavioral change of male and female Eclectus parrots when they are kept pets. According to the study, male parrots are more agreeable and trainable than a female pet.

On the other hand, the behavior of female pets is noticed as less dependent on their owner, and they can handle stress independently. Female Eclectus act traditionally and behave aggressively more than male parrots.

Situations where they act differently

Studies have shown that  Eclectus birds act differently according to the situation. They survive in different households.

Therefore, they are found jealous of their mates because of their undivided attention when they are introduced to the new bird kept with them as a pet.

Due to their gentle nature, this species may be suitable for households with children. However, they prefer a calm environment and dislike being startled. They don’t like constant loud sounds like barking, crying, or screams.

How to engage Eclectus parrot

Eclectus are active birds, so they require a lot of space for exercise. They ought to have access to a substantial play stand and an area free of birds for climbing and exploring.

At the very least, offer free flight time for an hour before breakfast and an additional hour before dinner. The Eclectus becomes content if there is a climbing ladder, swings, and a slew of fun toys to beat and chew on.

They are better than many parrots at keeping themselves occupied when you are not around if they are stimulated enough. These clever birds thrive if you offer them as many challenges as possible.

Prospective owners spend time with several birds to select the one with the right personality. Eclectus parrots are uncommon, so you must look for a breeder or specialty pet shop.

Therefore, Look for a bright, alert, and active bird. Check if the breeder knows their birds and is open about their breeding methods and origins.

Moreover, please give them a variety of toys to play with. Parrot gradually enjoys cracking and eating whole unsalted nuts in their shell. Engage them in different activities for training.

Activities like. Swings and perches, spiral perches that “bounce” as the bird sits on them, fresh vegetables woven through the cage bars for the bird to untangle. Softwood for shredding is a good option.

Moreover, parrots enjoy playing with different gadgets, which helps stimulate the bird’s mind and body. Eclectus becomes busy by providing them with stimulating objects for activities to do.

Moreover, bells, shredding cardboard, large strung wooden or plastic beads, plastic beads, or other small objects that the bird can throw around its cage. Eclectus then figure out how to get treats or food inside and plastic beads or other small objects.

Therefore, by engaging them with the above activities, try to assess their behavior over time and better deal with their daily changing behavior.

Eclectus parrots are very active, so they need a big cage and a lot of time outside to interact with you. Make sure you get the biggest cage your home and budget can handle. These birds can become fretful and miserable when restricted. 

An Eclectus parrot, which is naturally playful, requires numerous softwood toys designed to be chewed and destroyed. Ensure that your Eclectus receives ample activity and attention.


In conclusion, because of their calm nature, Eclectus parrots are intelligent and gentle birds that become welcome family members. They are good with kids but won’t tolerate frantic activity or constant noise that makes them uncomfortable.

Therefore, Compared to other parrots, Eclectus parrots may be more likely to feather pick, pulling out their feathers, which can be linked to behavioral or medical issues.

Teaching children how to behave concerning the bird rather than the other way around will be crucial. Eclectus parrots typically make little noise. They are capable of expanding their vocabulary and can be quite vocal.


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