How Much Does an African Grey Parrot Cost? (2024 Price Guide)

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African grey parrots are one of the most intelligent, popular, and social birds. In addition to being very popular, they require a lot of care, attention, and financial commitment. So, I am sure you are wondering: How much does an African Grey Parrots cost?

According to BirdsNow, Terryparrotfarm, and exoticbirdsforsale, African Grey parrot is priced between $1000 and $3500. There is a slight price variation based on the subspecies of Grey you purchase.

African Greys have two subspecies, Timneh and Congo Greys. Congo Grey is the most common. Alternatively, adopting a rescued grey parrot can cost up to $1,000. Furthermore, you can also obtain an African Grey free of charge.

Let me clarify: this is only a one-time expense. Have you considered that bringing an African Grey Parrot will incur additional expenses? The African Grey needs a large cage with plenty of toys, perches, cage liners, cage cleaners, food, and water balls.

Further, you will need to microchip the gray and clip its nails. Some flock owners purchase flight harnesses to enable their flock to explore the world. Considering these factors, owning an African flock can be expensive, so consider whether you can afford it.

Putting up an African flock for adoption after forming a bond with them is not something you would like to do. Let’s examine all of the costs associated with owning an African Grey Parrot. However, you first need to find out where you can buy a healthy African Grey parrot. Below is a list of reputable sources you may choose from.

From Where to Buy African Grey Parrots in the US

After thorough and in-depth research, I found several breeders and pet stores that sell African Grey Parrots in the US. Here are some of them:

1. African Grey Parrot Farm

  • Website:
  • Address: 1234 Main St, Anytown, USA
  • Email:
  • Phone: (123) 456-7890
  • Description: Explore the delightful world of African Grey Parrot Farm, where vibrant and cheerful birds await new homes. Their collection features friendly, hand-raised African Greys nurtured in a people-friendly environment for optimal socialization. These intelligent companions are easily trainable and display a natural comfort around both humans and other pets. To ensure your peace of mind, they provide a one-year congenital health guarantee, making your choice even more reassuring. Place a deposit on one of their cute baby birds to secure your adorable feathered companion. They will carefully deliver your precious companion once the baby birds reach the appropriate age for safe shipping. 

2. Avalon Aviary Bird Store

  • Website:
  • Address: 1234 Main St, Anytown, USA
  • Email:
  • Phone: (123) 456-7890
  • Description: Explore the vibrant world of African Grey Parrots at Avalon Aviary Bird Store, where these sociable and confident birds showcase remarkable linguistic skills with clear articulation. Witness their unique digging habits, occasionally exhibited at the base of their cage or on flat surfaces. Delight in their active play with sturdy hanging toys, particularly those adorned with robust bells. It’s important to note their “powder down” feature, which can produce a noticeable amount of dust in your living space. For individuals with delicate respiratory systems, the African Grey might not be the most suitable choice. Avalon Aviary Bird Store presents both Congo African Greys and Timneh African Greys, each possessing its own distinctive personality traits. Dive into the fascinating realm of these feathered companions and discover the perfect avian addition to your home.

3. Mega Bird Store

  • Website:
  • Address: 1234 Main St, Anytown, USA
  • Email:
  • Phone: (123) 456-7890
  • Description: Mega Bird Store is a premier breeder providing enchanting African Grey Parrots for adoption at unbeatable prices. Our African Grey Parrots, often hailed as the “Einstein Bird” for their exceptional intelligence, stand out as remarkable companions. Dive into the world of Congo African Greys, characterized by a deeper gray hue, emotional sensitivity, and a penchant for introspection. These parrots bring a unique thinking dimension to your avian experience. Enjoy peace of mind with our 1-year health guarantee, ensuring the well-being of your new feathered friend. Experience affordability without compromising on quality at Mega Bird Store, where your journey to avian companionship begins.

4. Birds Now

  • Website:
  • Description: Explore the diverse selection of African Grey Parrots available for sale and adoption on Birds Now, a comprehensive website catering to bird enthusiasts. Delve into the world of Congo African Grey Parrots, characterized by their medium size, predominantly gray and white plumage, and distinctive red tail feathers. These engaging parrots are renowned for their exceptional ability to talk and mimic human speech, making them sought-after companions in the realm of pets. Birds Now provides a platform to connect with these intelligent and communicative creatures, offering a unique opportunity for those seeking the companionship of an African Grey Parrot.

5. African Grey Pets Farm

  • Website:
  • Description: African Grey Pets Farm is a seasoned and proficient breeder farm specializing in African Grey Parrots. Having a wealth of experience, they have been delivering these remarkable avian companions to a number of families over the years, adding joy and companionship to their homes. The company’s commitment to providing exceptional additions to homes is unwavering, and they look forward to bringing these feathered friends to many more homes in the years to come. The company offers a one-year health guarantee to ensure your new avian family member’s well-being.

One-Time Price of an African Grey Parrot

Whenever you purchase an African Grey Parrot for the first time, there will be certain one-time expenses. Typically, these one-time expenses make the period of ownership the most expensive. Undoubtedly, this list’s most expensive item is the bird.

It is my recommendation that you purchase your African Grey parrot from a reputable breeder. While breeder prices are generally more expensive, they often include free shipping, a travel cage, and toys.

African Grey parrots will cost from $1000 to $3500 depending on the species, age, gender, etc. Shop around for an African Grey Parrot that fits within your budget.

In some instances, previously owned African Grey parrots are available for adoption. Often, individuals purchase these birds only to find they lack the time or resources to take care of them.

While adopting an African Grey Parrot is less expensive than buying one from a breeder, it remains a reasonable price. Even when adopting, the cost can be between $500 and $800.

In any case, you will be purchasing a parrot that is in need of a good home and already accustomed to human contact.

A free African Grey Parrot is not something you’re likely to find. The chances of finding these birds for free are extremely slim. You may be able to find something online, but it is unlikely.

African Grey Parrot Price in Different Countries

  • African Grey Parrot Price in the USA: $1000-$4000
  • African Grey Parrot Price in Australia: A$3000-A$6000
  • African Grey Parrot Price in Canada: CA$1500-CA$4000
  • African Grey Parrot Price in the UK: £1000–£2000
  • African Grey Parrot Price in Gulf Countries: 2000-4000 AED
  • African Grey Parrot Price in India: 50,000-100,000 INR
  • African Grey Parrot Price in Pakistan: 80,000-250,000 PKR

Cages and Accessories Cost

You should ensure that you have everything you need before bringing your bird home. This cost is affected by several factors, including your tastes, your budget, and your bird’s needs.

Despite its medium size, the African Grey parrot requires a large cage. They cannot extend their wings to their normal length in small cages. In turn, this will lead to muscle weakness. You can expect to pay between $200 and $500 for the cage.

Additionally, this will be a one-time expense. You do not need to replace the cage on a yearly basis. In most cases, you can use the same cage as long as the parrots remain healthy.

African Grey Parrots are sensitive creatures that thrive on both physical and mental stimulation. It is generally considered that they are the most intelligent parrots.

Therefore, it is essential that they have a wide variety of toys and perches for physical stimulation. The presence of flocks of wild birds stimulates their mental and emotional development.

However, African grays consider you their flock when they are in captivity. Therefore, it is necessary for you to provide 3 to 4 hours per day. If you fail to do so, you may experience behavior problems and stress.

As a consequence, it weakens your parrot’s immune system and makes him more susceptible to illness. Additionally, cage liners, food dishes, and mineral blocks are required.

Furthermore, your African Grey should be microchipped. If your parrot escapes, this will be helpful in locating it. Furthermore, you will need a flight harness to carry your African Grey. Here is a list of all these items, together with their prices.

  • Cage: $200-$500
  • Cage Cover: $15–$25
  • Cage Liner: $10-$25
  • Perches: $20-$100
  • Toys: $25-$100
  • Feeding Plates/Water Dishes: $10–$30
  • Microchip: $45-$150
  • Calcium Block: $20–$40
  • Cleaning Supplies: $10-$20
  • Flight harness: $25-$50
  • Nail clippers (optional): $5–$15

Maintenance and Ongoing Costs (Per Month)

In general, most of the budget goes to food for the African Greys. In addition, your grey parrot will require treats during training.

Your parrot needs a checkup and grooming every month (wing clippings and nail trimming). This way, you can monitor the health of your pet and prevent diseases that can be fatal.

Often, pet insurance is less expensive than monthly examinations. So, if you are considering pet insurance, you should expect to pay ten to twenty-five dollars per month. They enjoy a wide variety of toys, perches, food dishes, and water dishes.

It is necessary to replace these items, which will increase your maintenance costs. The African Grey Parrot is a curious bird, which is why it may sustain injuries when exploring objects.

In some cases, they may be able to escape and run into fans. Often, it is life-threatening. If this happens, you may need to pay a considerable amount.

  • Diet:$45–$70
  • Treats: $20-$$40
  • Cage maintenance: $20-$250
  • Grooming and bathing: $15-$30
  • Veterinary bills: $150-300 (once every 3 months)
  • Pet insurance: $10-$25
  • Changing accessories (toys, perches, food, and water bowls): $20–$30
  • Emergency Care: $500-$2000

Total Monthly Cost of Owning an African Grey Parrot

The cost of owning an African Grey Parrot is not higher than owning a dog. A healthy parrot won’t cost you more than $200 per month to care for. However, if the bird is injured or becomes ill, the price will skyrocket.

The cost of veterinary care and medical treatment is high, so pet insurance is recommended. At the very least, you should open an emergency savings account. In total, the monthly cost ranges from $200 to $2000.

Total Annual Cost of Owning an African Grey Parrot

Owning an African Grey flock is a costly endeavor since sick parrots with poor genetics require more veterinary attention. Additionally, if a parrot requires medical attention, the insurance premiums will increase.

Toys provide mental stimulation and cognitive sharpness for parrots. However, African greys will likely destroy them with their beaks and claws, adding to owners’ expenses.

African gray parrots can cost up to $2,500 a year, but in worst-case scenarios, the cost can rise. 

Why are African Greys so expensive?

After discovering the price of an African Grey, you must be wondering why they are so expensive. Well, there are several factors at play here, but let’s delve into the key reasons:

  1. Rarity: African Grey Parrots belong to a rare parrot species, setting them apart from more common ones like cockatiels. The rarity factor inflates their cost since breeders must obtain licenses, and the legal ownership of this uncommon species involves substantial expenses.
  2. Intelligence and Longevity: These parrots are renowned for their intelligence, charm, and impressive mimicry and speech capabilities, standing out as the brainiacs of the parrot world. Their ability to talk, coupled with a lifespan spanning 50 to 70 years, significantly contributes to their higher price.
  3. Breeding and Maintenance Expenses: Breeding African Grey Parrots is both time-consuming and financially demanding for breeders. Moreover, the ongoing costs of properly caring for these birds, covering aspects like food, cleaning, and more, further elevate their overall expense. Due to their larger size, nutritional needs, and the necessity for a spacious living environment, African Greys entail higher upkeep costs compared to most other parrot species.
  4. Poaching and Population Decline: The population of African Grey Parrots has dwindled due to poaching, making them scarcer than many other parrot varieties. Their habitat in dense forests adds an extra layer of difficulty in acquiring them from the wild. This combination of decreased population and the challenges associated with obtaining them contributes significantly to their elevated market price.

Factors Affecting the Price of an African Grey Parrot

The African gray price is primarily determined by several factors. Therefore, some breeders may charge a higher price when selling African Greys. Several factors influence the price of African gray parrots, including:

Breeder’s Reputation

A well-respected breeder of African gray parrots typically charges a higher price for their birds. Over the years, they’ve built up a reputation for reliability.


Although it is not common, African Grey females tend to be more expensive than males. In addition, females lay eggs, thus requiring a nest box and incubator. If you plan on breeding African Grey parrots, these boxes can be quite heavy.


African Greys’ genetics play a significant role in their final price. In general, higher prices are associated with better lineages and breeding histories. Furthermore, gray parrots without strange markings that have not been crossbred are more expensive.


There is a significant correlation between the age and value of an African gray parrot. For example, older birds are cheaper than babies due to their past behavior. Nevertheless, if the bird has already been trained to perform tricks or talk, it can still be sold at a premium.


The tails of African greys are commonly red, but some have silver feathers, which makes them more expensive. Similar rules apply to parrots with pink or reddish African gray colors. In many cases, these birds are more valuable than those with gray plumage.

Rarity of subspecies

While both subspecies originated in Western Africa, Timneh African greys are more expensive than Congo African greys. Because Timnehs are rare and their numbers are declining, they are considered endangered.

In reality, you can find lower-priced gray parrots. But if you buy from less reputable breeders, you may sacrifice quality. In most cases, these bird sellers sell sick or mistreated parrots.

Tips for Saving Money When Buying and Caring for African Grey Parrots

  • The African Grey Parrot, like other parrots, wastes a considerable amount of food. Therefore, reduce the amount of food consumed in order to reduce the cost of feeding Senegal parrots.
  • A used cage is less expensive than a new cage. Find a pet store that sells used cages. Most of the time, you can find a used cage for a reasonable price.
  • Visit your veterinarian every three months. Using this method, you can prevent your parrot from contracting deadly diseases and keep tabs on its health.
  • Consider buying an African Grey parrot from a breeder who offers low prices. Consider negotiating with breeders to reduce prices but without sacrificing quality.
  • You can make your own treats using fruits and vegetables if you do not wish to purchase them at the market.
  • Finally, provide African Grey Parrots with homemade toys. Your parrot will enjoy the toys regardless of the material or source.


The first time you purchase an African Grey Parrot, expect to spend a substantial amount of money. Purchasing an African Grey parrot will cost you $1000-$3500 in the beginning. Furthermore, there may be additional initial first-time expenses of between $700 and $800.

Remember that African Grey Parrots live up to 80 years and are very sensitive and emotional birds. It is important to give them a lot of attention and care. In the absence of proper care, they may develop behavioral problems.

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