Macaw Parrot Price in Pakistan (2024 Price Guide)

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Known for their humorous and charming personalities, macaws are colorful, small to large parrots. It is undeniable that the popularity of macaws in Pakistan is on the rise. With this increasing popularity comes the question: What is the macaw parrot price in Pakistan?

Macaw parrot prices in Pakistan range from 150,000 to 300,000 Pkr. The price difference is attributed to the difference in species of macaws. Nevertheless, this is only a one-time purchase cost. Additionally, you will have to pay for the cage, cage accessories, perches, toys, food, and water bowls, as well as the diet and veterinary checkup.

In short, having a Macaw parrot is a big responsibility in terms of time and money. Make sure you have a budget in mind before purchasing one of these beautiful feather friends.

Also, consider if you can give your macaw enough time every day. If the answer to these questions is no then you should avoid buying a Macaw. If the answer is yes, read on to learn how much it costs to own a Macaw in Pakistan.

One-Time Price of Different Macaw Species in Pakistan

Depending on the type of macaw you choose, the price will vary. You’ll need to do some homework to learn more about the different types of macaws available in the pet trade.


You should expect to pay quite a bit for your Macaw if you purchase it directly from a breeder in Pakistan. Macaw prices in Pakistan are up to 300,00PKr. It is a challenging and expensive endeavor to raise macaws. Raising these birds requires a substantial financial commitment on the part of breeders.

I have compiled a list of prices for different macaw species. The prices are derived from reputable macaw breeders and sellers in Pakistan. Let’s examine these prices in more detail.

Price of Different Macaw Species in Pakistan
Hyacinth Macaw   200,000-300,000PKr
Scarlet Macaw       150,000-250,000Pkr
Blue & Gold Macaw 150,000-250,00 Pkr
Hahn’s Macaw       100,000-150,000Pkr
Green Wing Macaw 150,000-200,000Pkr
Illiger Macaw         70,000-120,000Pkr
Red Fronted Macaw100,000Pkr
Harlequin Macaws150,000Pkr
Military Macaw      100,000-150,000Pkr


There is also the option of adopting a macaw through a rescue organization or adoption center. The charges are usually lower than what you would pay to a breeder.

You will need to pay approximately 70,000-80,000 Pakistani rupees when adopting a macaw. There are several rescue organizations in Pakistan where you can find rescued macaws available for adoption.

Free of Cost

As you already know macaws require a lot of time and money. But most owners do not realize it before getting a macaw. But soon they realize these gorgeous parrots are not suitable for them. As a result, they may offer to give their macaws for free adoption.

If you are looking for a free macaw in your area, you should contact a veterinarian. In such situations, Pakistanis usually seek the advice of a veterinarian. This may provide you with some insight into people who are willing to offer their macaws for adoption without charge through veterinarians.

Macaw Parrot Price in Different Cities of Pakistan

  • Macaw Parrot Price in Faisalabad: 100,000-300,000 PKr
  • Macaw Parrot Price in Lahore: 120,000-300,000 PKr
  • Macaw Parrot Price in Islamabad: 150,000-300,000 PKr
  • Macaw Parrot Price in Karachi: 150,000-300,000 PKr
  • Macaw Parrot Price in Multan: 100,000-250,000 PKr

Cages and Accessories Cost

Make sure you have all the necessary equipment for caring for your macaw before bringing it home.

In terms of size, macaws are extremely large birds. As a result, they require large cages to keep them safe. This may result in cages being quite expensive. A large macaw cage costs 15,000-20,000 Pakistani rupees.

Moreover, macaws thrive when stimulated mentally because they are social creatures. If you wish to provide your macaw with mental stimulation, you must provide him with toys and perches. If proper care is not provided, macaws may develop behavioral problems and infectious diseases.

In addition, you will need a cage cover, a cage liner, calcium blocks, and food and water bowls. The prices of these items are as follows:

  • Cage: 15,000-20,000Pkr
  • Cage Liner: 500 PKr
  • Perches: 500,1000 PKr
  • Toys: 1000-2000 PKr
  • Feeding Plates/Water Dishes: 300-800 PKR
  • Calcium Block: 100 Pkr

Maintenance and ongoing costs

The majority of the budget goes toward feeding the macaw parrots. Furthermore, you will need to provide treats to your macaws during training.

It is recommended that you have your parrot’s wing clipped and nail clipped roughly every month. For your parrot’s safety, you should take it to a vet at least once a month. Pet insurance is available in some countries, but this service is not available in Pakistan at this time.

It is not uncommon for parrots to attack toys, perches, food, and water dishes. A macaw’s strong beak makes it easy for them to destroy toys, perches, and dishes.

These items may need to be replaced, which will further increase your maintenance costs. In addition, macaw pets are curious and may suffer injuries or infections when exploring items.

In these unexpected circumstances, you may have to pay a significant amount of money. Here is the list of these expenditures:

  • Diet: 3500,10,000 PKr
  • Treats: 500,1000 PKr
  • Grooming and bathing: 500 PKr (Optional
  • Veterinary bills: 1000 Pkr
  • Changing accessories: 50-1000 Pkr
  • Emergency Care: 3000-10,000 PKr

Factors Affecting Macaw Price in Pakistan


Price goes up for certain macaw species because they’re rare. A good example of this is the Hyacinth Macaw, considered to be one of the most attractive and large macaws. Their striking appearance and rarity make them extremely valuable, often commanding prices of 300,000 or more.

The Blue and Gold Macaw, on the other hand, is a species that can be found more widely and is less expensive. There are also large birds, but they are not as rare as Hyacinth Macaws. As a result, they are generally less expensive.

The reputation of the Breeders

An important factor that can influence the price of a macaw is the reputation of the breeder. In general, reputable breeders charge more for their birds.

It’s because they’ve got good reputations, good breeding setups, and take good care of the birds. It is typically the case that a reputable breeder has experience and knowledge of the species with which they are working.

In addition, they will also have good breeding facilities. The setup will provide adequate housing, nutrition, and veterinary care for the animals. Thus, they will be able to ensure the quality and health of the birds they sell, which will ultimately result in a higher price and the other way around.


The price of a young macaw is usually lower than the price of an older macaw. In part, this is because young macaws are still maturing, so they don’t have full coloring and other characteristics.

Furthermore, they might not be fully tamed or trained, so they’re not good pets. Young macaws are more expensive to raise, which allows breeders to sell them at a lower price.


The health of the macaw can have a significant influence on its price. When a macaw is in good health, its price will be higher than when it is not.

In contrast, macaws that suffer from disease may require extensive medical treatment, which can be costly, and they may not have a good quality of life. This makes them less desirable as pets and lowers their price.


The macaw is an intelligent bird that is capable of learning a variety of tricks and commands. The training of a macaw will allow it to become more interactive and engaging with its owner, which will increase its value as a pet.

It is generally expected that the price of a macaw trained to perform tricks or to speak will be higher than the price of an untrained macaw.

How to save money when buying a Macaw

Consult Different Breeders

It is well known that macaws purchased from breeders are expensive. In this case, what are your options for reducing this cost? There is only one solution to the problem.

Compare the prices of macaws offered by all of the local breeders. Depending on your location, there may be reputable breeders who offer lower prices than their competitors. Negotiation with the breeder can further reduce the price.

Used Cages

It might be a good idea to buy used cages online or at your local pet store since cages represent one of your second biggest expenses.

Nonetheless, before using a used cage, it should be thoroughly disinfected, as it may have previously housed an ill macaw. Without proper disinfection, your macaw bird may suffer a fatal illness.


There is a well-known fact that macaws waste a considerable amount of food. Monitoring your parrot for a few days will allow you to estimate how much food they consume and waste.

This will assist you in determining the amount of food they require. There’s a good chance you’ll save money.

Regular Vet Visit

Regular veterinary examinations of your macaw parrot are recommended to prevent emergencies. Ensure that your home is protected from parrot predators as well.

Homemade Toys

Regardless of where the toys originate, your macaw will enjoy them.

There are a variety of materials that can be used to make homemade toys, including wire hangers, rope, cardboard rolls of paper towels, and the like. Make sure that your macaw will not suffer any harm from these homemade toys.


Since macaws are intelligent, emotional, and active, taking care of them requires a great deal of commitment. It can be a challenging decision to decide whether to own a macaw. A macaw is not only expensive to purchase, but also to maintain.

An average macaw costs 100,000 to 300,000 Pakistani rupees, with an ongoing cost of 3000-5000 rupees per month. Your feathered companion must remain with you throughout your journey, regardless of the changes in your life that may occur.

During a Macaw’s 35-60 year lifespan, maintenance of this bird requires adequate financial resources. Since these birds are extremely sensitive, you should devote ample time and attention to them.

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