Parakeet Escaping (7 Ways to Prevent!!!)

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It is devastating for owners when their parakeet escapes. It usually happens when you forget to close your doors and windows. The parakeet is a clever creature that always tries to find its way home. However, it may not be possible in every case.

Whenever an opening is present, they will always fly. The cage must have a stimulating environment without any empty spaces. In addition, you need to teach him to leave the cage safely with you. Don’t forget that a bird’s natural habitat is not a cage.

So if you decide to get one, give it as much comfort and positivity as you can. Dr. Ali (DVM, MPhil) shared some tips in this article for preventing your parakeet from escaping.

But Dr. Ali says people should also know what to do when their parakeet escapes. So, read this article to be prepared in case of emergency.

How to Prevent Parakeets from Escaping

  • The first thing you should know about your parakeet is that it can fly. Even though it seems obvious, we have heard of parrots that have lived in a family for years without flying. But then one day they fly away, leaving the owners heartbroken.
  • A bird can escape if you leave an external window or door open. Before opening the windows in the summer, keep the bird in its cage. Many houses only have a conservatory patio door as an exit point. Lost birds often escape this way, so don’t keep loose birds there.
  • Making well-fitting mesh panels for doors and windows allows for airflow and provides security for birds.
  • It is common for owners to let their parrots roam freely in the house. Therefore, before opening up their cage door, isolate them and assess the entire house for security risks.
  • You never know when a parakeet will escape. It only takes seconds for them to disappear when the door is unexpectedly opened. In most cases, these are the reasons for escape. Put a notice inside the doors about not opening the door until the parakeet is inside.
  • Take pictures of any unique features for future reference. The bird is lost or stolen. Microchips and rings are crucial.

How to Catch an Escaped Parakeet

What if your parakeet escaped after following all the tips mentioned? After all, we are humans and can make mistakes. There are two possibilities here. One is that it’s still in the house. The second thing is that it escaped from your house.

In both situations, you’ll need a different approach to capture your parakeet. Now let’s see how to catch an escaped parakeet that’s still in your house.

  1. Close all windows and doors in your home to keep the bird inside. Place the bird in a particular room in the house if possible.
  2. Make sure the cage and the bird are in the same room. Put some fresh food in the cage and open the door. Close the door of the cage when the parakeets return for a drink or snack.
  3. Put a sheet or towel over the bird. Grab the folded bird and put him in the cage through the door. This might work for a parakeet who doesn’t want to come back to his cage.

How to Catch a Parakeet outside the House

 If you realize he has escaped quickly, you may be able to retrieve him. It will be easier to bring him back if he is still near his cage and cage-mates. If he’s flown farther away, it’ll be tougher.

If a parakeet escapes its cage, it will likely climb the outdoor cage or climb a nearby tree. Without an outdoor cage, he’ll try to climb a tree or climb a fence.

Parakeets prefer high places. They can be tricked into coming down to a portable cage or hand-loaded millet dish stuffed with food.

  • Hold out the millet and call his name; or play the talking parakeet video.
  • Grab him gently when he comes close to your finger to prevent further damage.
  • Make sure the cage is high and visible from the outside, with the doors open, so you can take a look at the escaped bird. Put some tasty food inside the bars.
  • If the budgie is used to perching on you, you should call it while holding his favorite food. Ideally, some of his friends should be placed near the open cage, so that his calls will draw him back in.
  • Try to lure him onto your finger with the millet if he lands on top of the cage. Once you’ve gotten him down, close your other hand around him so he doesn’t fly away again.
  • The budgie can’t just be tempted in with food if he’s running away from an aviary. On top of the aviary, place a small cage with millet. When he hears the other budgies, he will probably be tempted back, and you will need to net him.

Why does my parakeet keep escaping?

It is important to accept the possibility that your parakeet may attempt to escape. A bird wants to be outside in the open. A bird’s desire to escape does not mean it does not like you or its new surroundings.


Many parakeet parents fail to realize that even bringing in a new pet or changing its location can cause anxiety. If a budgie has never been exposed to other pets before, it may feel threatened.

It may just be a new puppy, but that’s still a threat. Therefore, it may attempt to flee whenever it feels threatened. Spending more time with your bird will calm it the fastest.

Don’t let your new family member sit in your budgie’s room for too long. It will gradually become used to having another animal around once it stops seeing another animal as a threat.

Seeking Companionship

It’s not always because budgies want to escape from you. Perhaps your bird is looking for a companion. The parakeet is a flock bird. Therefore, they enjoy being around other birds all the time. The presence of other birds even makes them more comfortable.

You love and care for your bird, and it appreciates it. It is a natural phenomenon for them to be around other birds. Therefore, they seek out creatures like themselves. Helping them will certainly bring a friend along.

People Also Ask

Can parakeets survive if they escape?

A parakeet can survive outside for about 48 hours before starving to death. Some predators, such as foxes, cats, and large birds, can kill escaping parakeets in just a few minutes. Do your best to retrieve your parakeet if it flies away outside.

Will a parakeet come back?

You don’t have to panic if your parakeet flies away. Initially, your bird might be excited to be in a new environment, but eventually, it’ll find its way back home. If you follow all the right steps, you have a good chance of rescuing your parakeet


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