Parrots for Sale in Atlanta

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Are you in Atlanta and dreaming of adding a vibrant, feathered friend to your life? Look no further! Our article centered around “Parrots for Sale in Atlanta” is your treasure map to the city’s three most reputable and beloved parrot havens. 

Each spot doesn’t just sell parrots; they offer a world of avian wonder backed by expertise and a deep love for these charismatic birds. As we take you through the heart of Atlanta’s parrot community, prepare to find a pet and a companion who’ll bring a splash of color and joy to your everyday life. Let’s begin this exciting journey together!

Parrots for Sale in Atlanta

1. Petland

Customer review:

The personnel at this establishment are notably affable and diligent, with a particular mention of the gentleman sporting curly brown hair. Upon each visit, he consistently inquires whether I require assistance or if I would like the opportunity to interact with any of the animals. His evident expertise and genuine enthusiasm for his role are evident, contributing to a positive and enjoyable experience.


Petland, a nationwide chain of pet stores, showcases a diverse array of birds, such as parrots, in its Atlanta-based establishments like Petland Dunwoody and Petland Kennesaw. However, it’s crucial to be aware of concerns regarding the procurement of animals by major pet store chains like Petland. The Chant’s article highlights that many pet stores, Petland included, obtain their parrots from bird mills. Moreover, The Humane Society of the United States expresses apprehensions about Petland acquiring puppies from puppy mills. While this primarily addresses puppies, it prompts inquiries into Petland’s sourcing practices for other animals, including parrots.

Prospective buyers must carefully contemplate the ethical dimensions of acquiring pets from large pet store chains. Conducting thorough research into the origins of the animals of interest is essential to make an informed decision.

2. Animart Pets

Customer review:

This establishment boasts a splendid collection of exquisite birds, particularly charming parrots. The dedication to parrot training and interactive playtime is evident, ensuring that the avian residents are not only beautiful but also well-socialized. My recent acquisition, a delightful blue Indian ringneck, epitomizes the result of this attentive care. This feathered companion is remarkably gentle and easily forms bonds with everyone.

I wholeheartedly endorse this venue for anyone seeking a parrot, as the experience extends beyond the purchase. Terri and Diego, the proprietors, exude warmth and friendliness towards all patrons. Notably, Diego went the extra mile to locate the specific blue Indian ringneck I desired, showcasing a commitment to customer satisfaction that sets this place apart.


Animart Pets, nestled in Atlanta, stands out as a pet emporium offering a diverse array of animals and pet essentials, with a spotlight on exotic birds. The store boasts a well-maintained inventory of vibrant and contented animals, with particular expertise in exotic birds and reptiles. Their collaboration with local breeders and rescues is noteworthy, positioning them as pioneers in juvenile spays and neuters within the pet industry.

This establishment goes beyond mere retail, housing a comprehensive veterinary clinic catering to various pets, including cats, dogs, birds, fish, and small animals. A distinctive aspect of ANI-MART PETS, another local pet store gem, lies in its specialization in exotic birds and reptiles, proudly standing as one of the few remaining independent pet stores in the vicinity.

Beyond the captivating world of parrots, Animart Pets and its counterparts in the area present a diverse spectrum of animals, encompassing reptiles, fish, and small animals. Moreover, these establishments extend their offerings to include services like bird grooming and pet boarding tailored for exotic pets.

In short, Animart Pets and fellow pet stores in Atlanta emerge as comprehensive destinations for individuals seeking to acquire parrots and other exotic pets. Their extensive repertoire encompasses pets and indispensable supplies and services, making them a go-to hub for pet enthusiasts.

3. Fancy Feathers

Customer review:
Consistently enjoying positive experiences here. Recently acquired two cockatiels and, just yesterday, a 15-year-old Cockatoo. The staff consistently demonstrates helpfulness and friendliness, making each visit pleasant. Despite relocating an hour away, I remain committed to returning and supporting this commendable business.

My routine visits involve grooming sessions for my two cockatiels and two parakeets, replenishing their food and treat supplies, and acquiring new toys. The owner’s proficiency in trimming beaks, nails, and feathers showcases a commendable skill set in avian care. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend Fancy Feathers.


Fancy Feathers stands out as a leading avian emporium in Atlanta, Georgia, catering to the diverse needs of pet bird enthusiasts. This establishment offers an array of products such as bird food, toys, cages, and a variety of birds, including parrots, and extends the convenience of wholesale pricing for bird-related items. 

At the heart of Fancy Feathers’ offerings are top-tier bird cages designed to accommodate various avian sizes, from parakeets to majestic macaws. The store takes pride in presenting high-quality parrot nutrition, featuring renowned brands like Zupreem, L’Avian, and Pretty Bird and their exclusive blends.

What sets Fancy Feathers apart is its specialization in hand-fed and well-socialized parrots. The store is dedicated to providing not just pets but loving companion birds, ensuring a delightful experience for pet bird owners in search of feathered friends.


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