Parrots for Sale in California (3 Best Parrot Breeders in California)

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Take a trip across the sun-kissed expanse of California, where the enchanting world of parrots awaits. Amidst palm-lined landscapes and coastal breezes, seekers of feathered companionship are drawn to the allure of parrots for sale in California. 

Nestled within this golden state are three parrot breeders, each a custodian of avian charisma. From the majestic Macaws that paint the sky with their vibrant hues to the playful Cockatiels that add a touch of whimsy, California’s diverse avian tapestry awaits exploration. 

Join us as we navigate the aviary realm and unveil the three best parrot breeders shaping California’s avian dreams.

Parrots for Sale in California

1. Omars Exotic Birds

Customer Review:
The staff at this place is genuinely fantastic—knowledgeable and patient. The birds are simply amazing! I brought my daughter here in search of a companion for her parakeet, and she promptly became enamored with several birds. 

One delightful aspect was how some of the birds would assertively guide your hand close to them, inviting you to let them step up. 

Our visit was thoroughly enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness; it not only looked fresh but was also well-maintained.


Omar’s Exotic Birds stands as a reputable bird emporium nestled in Southern California, specializing in a diverse array of birds, spanning from cockatiels to macaws. Pioneering a distinctive retail approach, the establishment has thrived since its inception in 1984.

 What sets it apart is the unconventional practice of showcasing birds on suspended perches rather than confining them in cages. Ensuring customer satisfaction, the store provides a robust health guarantee and complimentary grooming services for all bird acquisitions, encompassing parrot grooming, boarding, and additional pet bird amenities.

Encouraging patrons to engage with the birds while perusing, the store cultivates a lively, petting zoo atmosphere, fostering the well-being of its avian residents. Currently boasting three locations across California—namely Lake Forest, Brea, and Vista Village—Omar’s Exotic Birds has garnered acclaim and accolades for its innovative retail approach and the provision of top-notch parrots.

The store’s legacy is built on more than just commerce; it’s a nexus where parrots and people form meaningful connections. Renowned for its expertise in breeding and selling baby parrots, the establishment also undertakes the rehoming and resale of older avian companions.

2. Parrots Naturally

Customer Review:

For those who cherish their parrots, this store is a haven. The individuals employed here not only possess a profound affection for birds but also exhibit unwavering dedication and expertise in all things related to parrots. 

The array of offerings for your feathered companions is extensive, encompassing top-notch cages, stands, a plethora of toys, nutritious food tailored for parrots, and wholesome treats. 

The spectrum extends to grooming services, boarding facilities, and beyond. Shopping here is consistently a delightful experience, thanks to the comprehensive and quality provisions for our avian family members.


Parrots Naturally is a store located in Woodland Hills, California, that specializes in selling parrots and parrot-related items. The store offers various services, including parrot nutrition, adoption, and an online store for purchasing parrot supplies. 

Customers have praised the store for its knowledgeable and friendly staff and the well-being and care provided to the birds. The store is open from Tuesday to Sunday, with specific hours for visiting and purchasing parrots.

In addition to Parrots Naturally, there is a growing population of wild parrots in Southern California, including San Diego. These parrots have adapted to the region’s non-native fruiting and flowering trees and have established themselves in the area. 

The wild parrot population in Southern California has been a subject of interest and concern, as their increasing numbers raise worries about potential impacts on native bird species.

Overall, Parrots Naturally provides a resource for individuals interested in purchasing or adopting parrots in California, while the presence of wild parrots in the region adds to the diversity of bird species in Southern California.

3. The Perfect Parrot

Customer review:

I highly recommend this store whether you’re in search of a new feathery friend or looking to spoil your existing one with some new toys. While the bird prices might be a tad higher compared to other places, the value lies in gaining a fantastic lifelong companion. I acquired a bird here about one or two years ago, and he has turned out to be the most delightful creature with an utterly charming personality.

The relatively higher prices serve a purpose – they discourage impulsive purchases and encourage potential bird owners to make an informed decision. There’s no pressure to buy, and the knowledgeable staff ensures you understand what you’re getting into. They handle even the busiest days with admirable composure, a commendable feat given the challenges of managing a bird-filled store.

Although the cages for smaller birds are a bit cozy, they often come with a feathery companion, and the overall atmosphere is sweet. Every visit brings the discovery of a new bird, each with its own distinct personality. Notably, all the birds here appear in robust health, a reassuring aspect for anyone considering a purchase from a bird shop.


Welcome to “The Perfect Parrot,” a pet haven nestled in North Hollywood, California, dedicated to bringing you a diverse array of these captivating birds. Our store boasts an impressive selection of parrot species, ranging from canaries and parakeets to cockatiels, African greys, and vibrant Amazon yellowheads.

For those seeking grooming services, we offer appointments to ensure your feathered friends are always looking their best. Our reputation stands tall for providing not only a variety of parrots but also for presenting birds of exceptional quality.

It’s crucial to be aware that specific parrot species, like the charming Quaker parrots, fall under the list of illegal pets in California. Furthermore, Southern California, including San Diego, witnesses the enchanting presence of wild parrots.

This, however, sparks concerns regarding their impact on native bird species and their adaptation to non-native fruiting and flowering trees, serving as both a source of sustenance and shelter.

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