Parrots for Sale in Dallas: 3 Best Parrot Breeders in Dallas

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When it comes to avian companions, parrots are often the top choice for bird enthusiasts. Their striking plumage, charming personalities, and remarkable intelligence make them captivating additions to any household. If you are on the hunt for a feathered friend in the vibrant city of Dallas, you are in luck. 

Dallas boasts a thriving parrot market, offering a variety of species from trusted breeders and shops. In this article, we will take a closer look into the world of parrots for sale in Dallas, focusing on three of the best parrot breeders and shops known for offering excellent quality, healthy parrots to ensure that you find the perfect avian companion for your home. 

Whether you’re a seasoned parrot enthusiast or a newbie to the world of these feathered marvels, this guide is here to help you navigate the exciting world of parrots in Dallas.

Parrots for Sale in Dallas

1. Birdiac’s Bird Shop

Customer Review:
This service is truly exceptional. They genuinely adore and take great care of their birds, ensuring they find excellent homes. It’s undoubtedly the best place for all your birding needs!


Birdiac’s Bird Shop is a specialized bird store located at 2907 W. 15th St., Plano, TX 75075. They focus on selling various parrot species, including cockatiels and large parrots. At the store, you’ll find baby birds raised on-site for customers to visit and build a connection with. 

They also have birds available for adoption. The shop employs dedicated and knowledgeable staff to assist with all your pet bird needs.

In addition to bird sales, Birdiac’s Bird Shop offers services like bird care, feeding, trimming, and boarding. Their operating hours are from 11 am to 5 pm on Tuesday to Friday and from 11 am to 6 pm on Saturdays. Please note that they are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

2. Kookaburra Bird Shop, LLC

Customer Review:

I highly recommend them as they possess an extensive knowledge base and are readily available to assist you with any queries you might have.

Whenever you acquire a bird from them, they take the time to provide you with a 20-minute conversation, discussing the specific care requirements for your new feathered friend. This guidance is invaluable because each bird is unique, and tailored advice is essential.

Their commitment to the well-being of their birds is truly remarkable. Additionally, their toy selection is outstanding, offering a wide variety of options at various price points.

Kookaburra Bird Shop, LLC is a family-owned business that has been serving customers since 1979. You can find them at 1845 E Frankford Rd Carrollton, TX 75007. Initially, they started as a full-service pet shop specializing in the sale of friendly and well-adjusted birds. Their expertise lies in offering various parrot species, including Eclectus parrots and sun conures.

One of their standout services is providing swift and knowledgeable bird trimmings, and they also offer pet-sitting services. The shop is truly dedicated to the welfare of parrots and aims to deliver the best possible care for these charming creatures. Additionally, they have an online store where you can find everything you need for your pet birds.

Kookaburra Bird Shop, LLC is open for business from Monday to Saturday, operating between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., with a day of rest on Sundays.

3. Dallas Parrots

Customer Review:

I acquired an Indian Ringneck parrot from Dallas Parrots. She’s truly beautiful, and I’ve already developed a strong affection for her. She boasts a double Violet coloration, and I was genuinely impressed by the owner’s extensive knowledge. 

They went above and beyond to assist me with all my needs without resorting to excessive sales tactics. I am incredibly pleased that I chose Dallas Parrots over purchasing a less expensive bird online. If you are contemplating getting a parrot, I wholeheartedly recommend going to Dallas Parrots. I typically don’t leave reviews, but they unquestionably earned this one.

Dallas Parrots is a family-run bird sanctuary that specializes in offering top-notch and robust parrots. They are devoted to delivering exceptional avian care and outstanding customer support to all their patrons. 

Their wide range of parrots for sale and bird-related products makes them a convenient one-stop destination for all your bird needs. The aviary is renowned for its cleanliness and the splendid selection of birds they offer. 

Their primary focus is on providing happy and healthy parrots to their clients. Dallas Parrots enjoys a well-established reputation as a reliable source for parrots, and their customers have shared positive feedback regarding their experiences. 

Situated in Texas, a haven for parrots, it is one of the prime locations in the United States for species like monk parakeets, yellow-crowned amazons, red-crowned amazons, budgerigars, and green parakeets.

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