Parrots for Sale in Jacksonville, FL 

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Welcome to the vibrant world of feathered companionship, where the lush landscapes of Jacksonville, FL, echo with the lively chatter of our avian friends. If you are interested in bringing a parrot into your home, you can begin your search here. 

In the heart of Jacksonville, FL, enthusiasts embark on a quest to discover the three best places to offer parrots for sale. Whether you’re a seasoned parrot parent or a novice, this guide unveils the avian havens where colorful plumage and playful personalities converge. Join us as we explore the world of parrots for sale in Jacksonville, FL.

Parrots for Sale in Jacksonville, FL

1. Pet Creations

Customer review:

Pet Creations stands out as an exceptional pet store in our experience. The owner and staff exhibit remarkable warmth and expertise, maintaining a consistently clean facility while ensuring the well-being of all animals.

Our personal encounters include acquiring two Blue and Gold Macaws, a Sun Conure, and a Harlequin Macaw from this establishment. The birds were not only handled with care but were also appropriately weaned. Inquiring about the birds’ genders, we were informed that determining this would require a DNA test, a common knowledge nugget for bird enthusiasts. 

This, however, didn’t dissuade us from our purchases. In fact, we’ve even entrusted the owner of Pet Creations with the task of locating a Green-wing Macaw for us. Without hesitation, we extend our enthusiastic recommendation of Pet Creations to those seeking pet supplies and companions. 

Their expansive range includes resources and supplies spanning from feeder fish and rabbits to birds and even horses. A visit to their establishment promises a delightful experience – a sentiment many satisfied patrons share.


Pet Creations, located in Jacksonville, Florida, stands out as a go-to pet shop with a diverse range of pets, such as fish, small mammals, and birds, notably parrots. Glowing customer reviews emphasize the store’s impressive variety and the helpfulness of its staff. 

Prospective customers are encouraged to either visit the store or reach out directly for more comprehensive details about the available parrots. 

Moreover, it’s crucial to be aware that Jacksonville, Florida, imposes regulations concerning the sale, trade, or giveaway of animals, birds included, which could impact Pet Creations’ operations.

2. Mia’s Blessing Pet Shop

Customer review:

Our visit to Mia’s Blessing Petshop was truly wonderful, and we discovered our newest family member there! Sol, who assisted us, was exceptionally helpful and kind. We had the pleasure of meeting her uncle Billy, the proprietor, whose deep knowledge of various parrot species impressed us. 

Opting for an Indian Ringneck parrot, we also acquired a well-crafted cage and a generous supply of food. We traveled all the way from Thomasville, GA, intending to explore pet shops offering parrots.

 Mia’s was our inaugural stop, and it turned out to be the only one we needed. Without a doubt, we’ll be returning. Both my husband and I emphatically endorse this establishment. Beyond parrots, Mia’s Blessing Petshop features an array of other exotic pets and even boasts a selection of fish.


Mia’s Blessing Pet Shop, situated in Jacksonville, Florida, presents an extensive array of pets and exotic birds available for acquisition. Boasting a rich 15-year history, this establishment offers a diverse selection of birds, accommodating a range of budgets with varying price points. 

For those seeking more details or considering a visit or purchase from Mia’s Blessing Pet Shop, valuable information and contact details are conveniently accessible on the shop’s website. 

It’s noteworthy that Mia’s Blessing Pet Shop LLC holds the formal status of a Florida Domestic Limited-Liability Company, underscoring its legitimacy as a recognized business entity.

3. Eg Exotic Pets & More LLC

Customer review:

The staff at this place is incredibly friendly and well-informed, always ready to answer any questions. I enjoy coming here, especially with my parrot, who shows pure excitement when she realizes we’re headed here. 

Over time, the place started feeling like a second home, and I appreciate the excellent care and attention given to all the animals. We welcomed Coco, our umbrella cockatoo, into our family from this establishment, and he’s truly an extraordinary bird. Coco is not just healthy but also receives top-notch care. 

We have a special affection for Coco, especially when considering his past with other owners – knowing his story makes him even more endearing. He’s found his forever home with us, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to have Coco as a cherished member of our family.


Eg Exotic Pets & More LLC, based in Jacksonville, FL, specializes in providing a diverse range of exotic animals, birds, reptiles, small mammals, and pet supplies. Their location at the Flea Market Beach Blvd, Aisle C, Local 67, makes them easily accessible in Jacksonville, FL.

Given Florida’s regulations on exotic pets, it’s plausible that Eg Exotic Pets & More LLC possesses expertise in this domain, focusing on exotic animals and birds.

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