Parrots for Sale in Las Vegas

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A unique feathered companionship awaits in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, where neon lights dance and excitement thrives. For those captivated by avian friends’ charm, exploring the Strip’s bustling avenues might not be the only source of entertainment. 

Parrots for sale in Las Vegas are a popular niche for bird enthusiasts, offering an array of colors and personalities. This desert haven offers three excellent places to welcome these winged wonders into your home. Discover the secrets of the feathered world and discover where the heart of Las Vegas meets the heartbeat of nature.

Parrots for Sale in Las Vegas

1. Bolero Birds

Customer review:

This establishment is truly exceptional; the birds are exceptionally well-cared-for and possess delightful temperaments. The selection is extensive, ranging from newborns to those ready for breeding. I wholeheartedly endorse this venue and sincerely thank you for the excellent service.


Bolero Birds, nestled in Las Vegas, Nevada, stands out as a premier bird emporium. They specialize in presenting a diverse array of exotic birds and top-notch poultry essentials catering to the well-being and breeding of cherished pets. 

This establishment, located at 3780 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89121, is easily reachable at 702-434-5736. Bolero Birds takes pride in offering a broad spectrum of avian companions, ranging from vibrant parrots to delightful parakeets. 

Their primary goal is to guide customers in discovering their ideal feathered companions. Renowned for supplying the finest exotic birds in Las Vegas, they have become the preferred destination for bird enthusiasts in the local community.

2. E & J Pets

Customer review:

In June 2021, I acquired my Indian Ringneck from this remarkable source. The evident care and affection bestowed upon these birds were truly commendable. The proprietor exuded kindness and showed genuine commitment to their well-being. 

Notably, the practice of rotating the cages to provide the birds with exposure to natural light showcases a thoughtful approach to their care. Acquiring my avian companion at 10 weeks old and now witnessing his growth at 8 months, I couldn’t be more delighted with the overall experience.


E & J Pets, situated in Las Vegas, is a specialized pet emporium that focuses on offering a diverse selection of exotic birds, notably parrots. In addition to a variety of birds, the store provides a range of essentials such as feed, supplies, cages, and bird accessories. 

The clientele has consistently shared positive feedback about their experiences with E & J Pets, commending both the store and its attentive staff. The health and overall quality of the birds available at E & J Pets have received particular acclaim from satisfied customers.

3. Priscilla’s Pantry

Customer review:

I would gladly give a rating of ten stars if possible! This team is truly exceptional. They are incredibly pleasant and possess a wealth of knowledge in their field. The pricing is fair, and the selection is extensive. The cleanliness of the store adds to the positive experience. I particularly appreciate the opportunity to interact with their birds while inside. 

When my birds struggled with dietary changes, their recommended fresh chop and pellets worked wonders—they devoured it! Overall, this store is outstanding, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. I would give them a perfect score of ten stars if I could.


Established in 2013, Priscilla’s Pantry stands out as a premier pet supply store in Las Vegas, Nevada, specializing in catering to the needs of parrots and small animals. With a reputation for excellence, the store has earned positive reviews from satisfied customers. 

Its acclaim stems from an extensive and diverse selection of parrot essentials, including food, toys, treats, and perches. Priscilla’s Pantry is renowned for its fresh chop and pellets, which have garnered appreciation among bird owners. 

Beyond its quality offerings, the store is celebrated for its aesthetically pleasing and well-stocked premises, providing a delightful shopping experience for pet enthusiasts. 

Adding to its credibility, Priscilla’s Pantry holds accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, solidifying its standing as a trustworthy destination for bird supplies in North Las Vegas.

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