Parrots for Sale in MA

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Embark on a journey to find your feathered friend in the heart of Massachusetts! Our article, focusing on “Parrots for Sale in MA,” is your ultimate guide to the three best bird boutiques in the state. 

Each of these carefully selected locations not only offers a diverse array of parrots but also brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for these enchanting creatures. 

As we delve into the world of parrots in Massachusetts, you’ll discover the perfect place to find a companion that resonates with your lifestyle and preferences. Let’s take flight into this colorful and chirpy adventure together!

Parrots for Sale in MA

1. Parrot & Bird Emporium Inc

Customer review:
Welcome to a unique avian haven! Ascend the stairs, and an exceptional team of knowledgeable and supportive staff welcomes you. The atmosphere is unlike any ordinary bird store—birds of various species roam freely, inviting interaction and play. Should you form a bond with a particular feathered friend, the experienced staff is ready to impart comprehensive knowledge?

Recently, I acquired a baby Quaker, but I’ll have to wait until he’s weaned off formula before taking him home. The team assisted me in every aspect, from selecting a suitable birdcage to providing toys and setting up the perfect environment. I highly recommend this place to anyone seeking a unique and engaging experience with our feathered friends.


Parrot & Bird Emporium Inc., located at 360 North Westfield St. Feeding Hills, MA 01030, is your go-to bird haven, specializing in parrots and feathered companions. Established in May 2010, the store welcomes visitors six days a week, offering convenient parking facilities. 

Co-owner and founder Janet Berube boasts over 35 years of hands-on experience with parrots, with two decades dedicated to clicker training. This emporium is not just a place to buy birds; it’s a one-stop shop for all your avian needs. From essential care products to engaging toys, they’ve got it all. If you need a safe haven for your bird while you’re away, Parrot & Bird Emporium Inc. also provides boarding services. 

Their feathered clientele includes a variety of species, from Toucanets and Cockatiels to Macaws and African Grey Parrots. Janet Berube and her team are on a mission to educate prospective bird owners. Through a carefully crafted program, they guide individuals in understanding each parrot species’ distinct personalities and traits. 

This ensures that potential bird parents make informed decisions based on the birds’ behavior, temperament, nutritional needs, and maintenance requirements. According to the Better Business Bureau, Parrot & Bird Emporium Inc. has been a reputable business for 13 years since its inception on May 10, 2010. 

In essence, this establishment is more than a bird store; it’s a knowledge hub, offering education, training, and a comprehensive range of products and services to support bird enthusiasts on their feathered journey.

2. JJ Birds & Supplies

Customer review:
We encountered an exceptional individual at the helm during my visit last week with my two eager children in tow. The attendant addressed my inquiries about practical aspects and pricing and devoted nearly an hour to acquainting my children with the avian residents. Her patience, kindness, and wealth of knowledge truly set her apart, going above and beyond our expectations.


Nestled in Fall River, Massachusetts, JJ Birds & Supplies stands as a haven for bird enthusiasts. In the face of the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, this establishment has weathered the storm and thrived. Offering a diverse avian selection, from finches and canaries to parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds, and petite parrots, the shop caters to a variety of bird preferences.

Beyond its feathered clientele, JJ Birds & Supplies extends its offerings to encompass a comprehensive range of supplies—covering everything from food and snacks to toys, health products, medications, and feeders. The shop’s commitment to excellence is evident in its prompt shipping and unwavering satisfaction guarantee.

Recognizing the growing interest in avian health, JJ Birds & Supplies goes a step further by presenting a reseller program for Morning Bird, Inc. products. This strategic move not only underscores the shop’s commitment to promoting the well-being of our feathered friends but also emphasizes its dedication to providing a diverse array of top-notch bird-related products to meet the varied needs of its esteemed customers.

3. Jungle Junction

Customer review:

In 1989, Jungle Junction emerged as a well-regarded pet store located at 1270 Mendon Road in Cumberland, Rhode Island. Boasting a robust thirty-year history, this establishment has honed its expertise in avian companionship, extending its offerings to encompass a comprehensive array of pet supplies designed for dogs, cats, and various other animals. 

The store’s diverse inventory includes an assortment of bird species, spanning the spectrum from diminutive canaries and parakeets to the captivating allure of exotic tropical birds, exemplified by the Amazon parrot. It’s noteworthy to highlight that, presently, there is no available information indicating the sale of parrots by Jungle Junction in the state of Massachusetts.


Jungle Junction, established in 1989, is a reputable pet store situated at 1270 Mendon Road in Cumberland, Rhode Island. With over three decades of experience, the store specializes in avian companions and offers a wide range of pet supplies catering to dogs, cats, and various other animals. 

Within its diverse selection, Jungle Junction provides various bird species, ranging from small canaries and parakeets to exotic tropical birds such as Amazon parrots. 


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