Parrots for Sale in Miami: 3 Best Parrot Breeders in Miami

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When it comes to bringing a feathered friend into your life, there is something undeniably captivating about the vibrant and intelligent world of parrots. If you are on the hunt for a parrot to call your own, especially in the vibrant city of Miami, you will want to ensure you’re getting a companion of the highest quality and health. 

But where to begin your search for these colorful and chatty companions? Look no further, as we’ve scoured the avian landscape to uncover the top three parrot breeders and stores in Miami, where you’ll find parrots for sale that are not only beautiful but also bursting with vitality. Let’s dive into the world of Parrots for Sale in Miami and discover where to find these delightful birds.

Parrots for Sale in Miami

1.  Simbads Bird House Inc

Customer Review:

Birds are good for your health and provide valuable guidance for new bird owners. I’m very happy with their service and would strongly recommend them.


Simbad’s Bird House Inc., situated in Miami, Florida, is a reputable pet store that focuses on the sale of birds, cages, and related accessories. Their extensive range includes a variety of parrots. Established on May 1st, 1987, this store is well-known for its welcoming atmosphere and even offers bird grooming services. 

Simbad’s Bird House Inc. is also active online, with an Instagram account that showcases their birds and products, as well as a YouTube video to assist customers in choosing the right bird for their needs.

With over 30 years of experience, Simbad’s Bird House Inc. is your go-to destination for purchasing birds, especially parrots, while enjoying excellent customer service.

2. Aviary Bird Shop

Customer Review:

The Aviary Bird Shop is a fantastic place for people who love birds! They have a unique variety of exotic birds that you won’t find anywhere else.  The staff there really know their stuff, and they love what they do. The shop is always neat, and the birds are in great shape. If you are thinking about getting a pet bird, this is the place to go!


The Aviary Bird Shop is a bird store located in Miami. It started back in 1981 as a small shop in the historic Cauley Square village. Today, it has grown to become one of the biggest bird shops in Miami.

They offer a wide range of products, such as cages, parrots, bird food, accessories, play stands, perches, swings, organic food, carriers, tents, canaries, finches, toys, nest boxes, pellets, and more.

What sets this shop apart is its dedication to providing top-notch care for birds and educating the public about different bird species. 

They are also actively involved in promoting bird conservation and conducting research on bird behavior. It’s important to note that the Aviary Bird Shop is a store that sells birds and bird-related products, not an actual aviary where birds are kept.

3. BubaPet – Pet Store

Customer Review:

The store offers a wide variety of birds and excellent customer service.


BubaPet is your go-to pet store for all things parrots. Located in the heart of the city, they offer a delightful haven for bird enthusiasts. With a diverse and colorful collection of parrots, BubaPet provides a one-stop destination for those looking to welcome these feathered companions into their homes. 

Their knowledgeable and passionate staff guide customers through the selection process, ensuring that these intelligent birds find the perfect forever homes. 

BubaPet doesn’t just sell parrots; they also provide a range of high-quality accessories, cages, and nutritional products to keep your feathered friends healthy and happy. With a commitment to the well-being of its avian residents, BubaPet is a haven for both novice and experienced bird lovers.

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