Parrots for Sale in Michigan (3 Best Parrot Breeders in Michigan)

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The vibrant world of parrots unfolds in the heart of Michigan, inviting enthusiasts to discover the perfect feathered companion. For those seeking more than just a pet, exploring the domain of parrots for sale in Michigan opens doors to a rainbow of personalities and joyful chirps.

In this pursuit, we unveil the trove of information on the three best parrot breeders, each a curator of avian delight, ready to match you with your ideal feathered friend. Step into the captivating realm where the beauty of parrots meets the expertise of Michigan’s top breeders, creating a harmonious symphony of companionship.

Parrots for Sale in Michigan

1. Susan’s Parrot Place

Customer review: 

After nearly a month of searching for a breeder who prioritized the well-being of their birds, I discovered Susan’s Parrot Place. The idea of buying a bird sight unseen and dealing with shipping made me hesitant, but Susan’s kindness and knowledge reassured me at every step. 

When Pikachu arrived, lively and full of personality, it confirmed Susan’s expertise. Pikachu is not just healthy but also incredibly smart. Susan’s thoroughness in addressing my concerns, providing valuable literature, and evident care for the animals make her an excellent choice, especially for first-time bird owners. I’m grateful for my journey leading me to Susan and this wonderful feathered companion!


Susan’s Parrot Place, situated in Rockford, Michigan, stands as a go-to destination for parrot enthusiasts. Specializing in the sale of parrots, toys, nourishment, and accessories, this establishment goes beyond a mere shop. 

Susan’s Parrot Place takes pride in breeding and nurturing diverse parrot species within the comfort of Susan’s own home. The parrots are not only hand-fed but also come with a one-year limited warranty and complimentary behavioral consultation, showcasing a commitment to their customers’ satisfaction. 

For those seeking a feathered companion in Michigan, Susan’s Parrot Place is more than just a store—it is a trusted haven for avian enthusiasts. Explore more at

2. Casa La Parrot

Customer review
Casa de la Parrot is truly remarkable. The atmosphere is fantastic, with free-roaming birds of various sizes offering a diverse selection. Today, I found my feathered companion there, making it my new favorite spot in GR. 

The owner and staff are incredibly sweet and friendly, treating you with genuine warmth. Their willingness to answer questions and engage in meaningful conversation sets them apart. Despite the multitude of birds, the shop is impressively clean. 

There’s an extensive array of toys to choose from, and even though my bird isn’t ready to come home yet, I can visit daily and explore the store with her. Casa de la Parrot has left me utterly impressed!


Nestled in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Casa La Parrot has as a reputable parrot haven since 1978, earning its title as West Michigan’s premier companion parrot store. Specializing in hand-fed baby birds, this well-established store offers a diverse range of domesticated birds, top-notch nourishment, artisan-crafted toys, and bird accessories. 

With a commitment to fostering a clean and friendly environment, Casa La Parrot ensures the well-being and happiness of its feathered residents, a sentiment echoed by satisfied customers in the Yellow Pages. 

As the ultimate destination for companion parrots in West Michigan, Casa La Parrot’s enduring legacy attests to their unwavering expertise and dedication to quality.

3. Parrotzville The Bird Store/ surrender

Customer review:

Parrotzville is a haven for bird enthusiasts, where the love extends beyond the vibrant feathered residents. With their profound knowledge and eagerness to assist, the staff and owner moved me to tears of joy. 

Beyond acquiring a delightful 5-month-old Lovebird Parrot, I embraced the perks of becoming a Parrotzville member. I am confident that my feathered friend will be in excellent hands during holiday boarding. 

Gratitude to Parrotzville; my joy knows no bounds. For those who appreciate nature and wish to contribute, please consider supporting their invaluable work. The dedication at Parrotzville is truly remarkable and deserves recognition.


Parrotzville, The Bird Store/Surrender, is a bird store located in Clinton Township, Michigan, that also facilitates the surrender and rehoming of birds. The store is known for taking in older birds and rehoming them to loving families, focusing on not selling to breeders. 

They also sell bird-safe toys made in Michigan. Additionally, the store offers boarding services and sells bird food. However, there are some concerns raised about the store’s practices, with claims that they may resell surrendered birds without providing proof of medical care. 

It is important for individuals looking to surrender their birds to carefully research and consider reputable rescues and organizations to ensure the well-being of their birds. It’s advisable to check reviews and interact with organizations on social media platforms to make an informed decision about surrendering a bird.

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