Parrots for Sale in New York

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In the vibrant cityscape of New York, where the rhythm of life echoes through the streets, there exists a colorful and melodious world waiting to be explored—the enchanting realm of parrots. 

The quest for parrots for sale in New York unveils a trove of possibilities for those yearning to bring home a feathered friend. Nestled within the city’s heartbeat are three exceptional havens where these avian companions’ vibrant plumage and lively chatter can become part of your daily symphony. 

Let’s embark on a journey through the avenues and alleyways to discover the three best places in New York to find and forge bonds with these charming parrot companions.

Parrots for Sale in New York

1. New York Bird Supply

Customer review:

I recently acquired exotic finches from New York Bird Supply and had a commendable communication experience with the company. I am genuinely pleased with the superior quality of the exotic finches upon their arrival.

New York Bird Supply stands out as a respected bird supply store in New York, offering a broad array of bird-related goods and services. Their inventory encompasses diverse bird breeds, birdseed tailored for finches, canaries, and parrots, along with an assortment of cages and accessories essential for bird care and exhibition. 

What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of their birds. Only robust and healthy birds find their way to customers, and the store prioritizes the safety and welfare of the birds during transit.

Regarding bird selection, New York Bird Supply showcases an impressive variety featuring Gouldian Finches, Zebra Finches, Parrot Face Finches, Canary Factors, and other parrot species. The store is not just about selling birds; it’s about offering a comprehensive range of products that cater to the diverse needs of bird enthusiasts.

Customer satisfaction and bird welfare are at the forefront of New York Bird Supply’s values. They meticulously inspect and prepare birds for shipping, considering weather conditions to ensure a safe journey. The store has well-defined shipping policies specifically designed to safeguard the well-being of the birds during transportation.

In terms of legitimacy and quality, New York Bird Supply adheres to New York State legal regulations. Their reputation is built on providing hand-fed and well-socialized baby parrots. The store’s practices and policies clearly reflect their dedication to both bird welfare and customer satisfaction.

2. Empire Parrots

Customer review:

In March of this year, I acquired a turquoise Green Cheek, and I must express my satisfaction with the seller. The individual demonstrates exceptional care for the birds in their possession. Their attentive and considerate demeanor made the purchasing experience delightful. 

Unlike the significant prices in large chain pet stores, where Green Cheek Conures (GCC) often fetch 800-1k for older and less healthy specimens, Queron’s birds are evidently well-taken care of. I extend my gratitude for the positive bird-rearing practices and for accommodating a halfway meeting point in the Bronx. Much appreciated!

Empire Parrots, situated at 239 Ocean Ave, New York, is renowned for its parrot offerings, including hand-fed and well-socialized baby parrots adhering to New York State regulations. 

The store boasts an extensive range of parrots, spanning from parrotlets to macaws, with new arrivals almost weekly, particularly abundant from May to September during the breeding season. The knowledgeable and passionate staff at Empire Parrots willingly share insights and address inquiries about these avian companions.

While there are concerns about certain parrot species forming feral colonies beyond their natural habitats, such as in Brooklyn, New York, studies indicate that their presence does not harm other species significantly. In fact, these parrots may contribute positively to the ecosystem by dispersing seeds and managing insect populations.

The tradition of keeping parrots as pets has ancient roots, with these vibrant birds being traded globally by humans for millennia. From their popularity in affluent households throughout history to their continued appeal today, parrots have maintained their status as beloved pets.

3. Royal Birds & Supplies

Customer review:

I recently visited a nearby bird store, drawn by its proximity to my residence. The ambiance of the establishment captivated me, adorned with a diverse array of stunning birds offered at reasonable prices. 

In my assessment, I rate this venue a commendable 4 out of 5. While the birds are evidently well cared for, there is room for improvement as it has been advised to transition towards a pellet-based diet for avian nutrition, contrary to the seed diet observed among the store’s birds.

Despite this consideration, I intend to return for the acquisition of my third bird, primarily due to the competitive pricing compared to my prior purchases at another location for a cockatiel and quaker. I wholeheartedly recommend exploring this establishment.

I’ve personally experienced the fantastic offerings at Royal Birds & Supplies in Queens, New York. This store, nestled at 11313 Atlantic Ave and reachable at (718) 414-9669, goes beyond just selling parrots. 

The owner’s dedication to the birds and top-notch service has earned them heaps of praise from satisfied customers. Moreover, affiliated with the store, New York Bird Supply provides an extensive selection of birdseed tailored for finches, canaries, and parrots. 

If you’re looking for a trustworthy place to buy parrots in New York, Royal Birds & Supplies stands out for its exceptional care of animals and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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