Parrots for Sale in NJ

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In the heart of New Jersey, visitors can experience the colorful world of parrots in a vibrant avian symphony. For enthusiasts seeking not just a pet but a feathered companion, the search for the perfect parrot begins here. 

Nestled amidst the Garden State’s landscapes are three remarkable parrot breeders, each with a unique aviary tale to tell. From the charismatic conures to the majestic macaws, these breeders have crafted havens for parrots, ensuring that each chirp resonates with joy. 

Take a trip to discover the unparalleled bond these breeders forge with their winged wonders as the allure of parrots for sale in NJ draws you in.

Parrots for Sale in NJ

1. Todd Marcus Birds Exotic

Customer review:

Our joy knows no bounds as we reflect on our delightful experience of acquiring a handfed budgie for our family from Todd Marcus. Stepping into the store instantly creates a familial ambiance, where customers are embraced with warmth. The evident well-being of the birds and the dedicated efforts of the staff contribute to this inviting atmosphere.

Throughout our engagement, Halle, Zen, and Chris demonstrated an unparalleled blend of enthusiasm, knowledge, care, and professionalism. Every interaction was marked by their commitment to ensuring our informed and positive experience. The opportunity to interact with various parakeets before finalizing our choice was a thoughtful touch. Securing our bird with a prior deposit added a layer of convenience, showcasing the team’s customer-centric approach.

From initiation to conclusion, Halle, Zen, and Chris provided unwavering support. Now, with our charming “Winnie” in our lives, we are captivated. In just four days, he has learned to step up, fly to our finger, and perch on our shoulder—a testament to the evident love and attention he received. 

Todd Marcus has undoubtedly set a new standard in our eyes, and we can’t envision obtaining a bird from any other source. A heartfelt thank you to Todd Marcus and the team!


Situated in Delran, New Jersey, Todd Marcus Birds Exotic stands as a venerable establishment dedicated to exotic birds, proudly boasting 39 years of operation.

Renowned for its commitment to delivering top-notch products and services tailored for avian enthusiasts, the store offers a diverse array of items, including specially formulated pellets and mixes designed to cater to the distinctive nutritional needs of birds of varying sizes.

Under the stewardship of Todd Marcus and his family, the paramount focus revolves around ensuring the well-being of their feathered inhabitants. Their mission extends beyond mere transactions; they strive to equip customers with both the knowledge and supplies essential for the holistic care of their avian companions. 

The store’s strategic location renders it easily accessible from Philadelphia, the NJ Turnpike, and the PA Turnpike, thereby accommodating patrons from diverse geographical areas.

Todd Marcus Birds Exotic has cultivated a positive reputation earned through its exceptional assortment of birds and supplies and adept bird grooming services. It distinguishes itself not as a generic “Mega Bird Store” but rather as the preeminent choice in its niche, a testament to its unwavering commitment to avian excellence.

3. World of Birds

Customer review:

World of Birds stands out as the premier destination for hand-fed baby birds on the East Coast. Renowned for their genuine care for both their avian companions and customers, this establishment holds a special place in my heart. 

I’ve been fortunate to acquire two conures from them – one nearly three decades ago and another just this past May. The individuals behind this enterprise are truly exceptional. If you seek a hand-fed baby bird destined to become a cherished member of your family for over two decades, your search concludes here.


Located in New Jersey, World of Birds provides hand-fed baby parrots and a diverse range of bird-related items such as toys, food, and accessories. The store, in operation since 1972, is a family-run business that prides itself on personalized customer service. 

Offering cages, play gyms, treats, and toys from renowned brands like Harrisons Pellets, ZuPreem, and Abba Seed, the store caters to all bird enthusiasts. Open daily, with grooming available by appointment and bird boarding services, World of Birds ensures a comprehensive experience for its customers. 

Specials, sale items, and the option to order products not regularly stocked are also part of the store’s offerings. Customers can stay updated through the newsletter, receiving discount coupons, baby bird announcements, and information on new products.

Beyond World of Birds, New Jersey is home to wild parrots, specifically the Quaker or Monk parrots. These birds have made communities along the Palisades, including Edgewater, their home for over 30 years, becoming an integral part of the local wildlife.

The global parrot trade is a significant concern, given that parrots are the most traded birds internationally, mainly for companionship. This trade poses a threat to global biodiversity and has far-reaching implications for conservation efforts.

In essence, World of Birds in New Jersey offers a comprehensive array of products and services for bird enthusiasts, including hand-fed baby parrots and various accessories. 

Wild parrots, particularly the Quaker parrots, contribute to the rich avian diversity in New Jersey communities. However, the global parrot trade raises serious concerns regarding its impact on biodiversity and conservation initiatives.

3. Birds By Joe

Customer review:

Discover an extraordinary haven for bird enthusiasts! The proprietors exude helpfulness and a delightful personal touch. Every member of the team radiates friendliness, creating a welcoming atmosphere. The diverse assortment encompasses not only a splendid array of birds but also an extensive selection of bird toys, nourishment, and related paraphernalia.

The meticulous maintenance and regular cleaning of bird cages reflect a commitment to top-notch care. A heartfelt recommendation is in order. If you happen to be in the vicinity of Saddle Brook, their newly established store is worth exploring—an equally charming experience awaits. 

Personally, we acquired our Golden Conure at the Green Brook location, yet both establishments boast an impressive array. Immerse yourself in the avian wonders that await at this exceptional destination.


Welcome to Birds By Joe, a charming family-run exotic bird shop nestled in Greenbrook, New Jersey. Our expertise lies in a diverse array of avian companions, ranging from the majestic African Greys, Amazons, and Macaws to delightful smaller species like Finches and Cockatiels. As a fully licensed establishment, they take pride in hand-raising and nurturing baby birds, ensuring they are well-socialized with both feathered and human friends.

At Birds By Joe, they extend a warm welcome to our customers, providing not only a friendly atmosphere but also personalized service. The commitment goes beyond just birds; they offer a curated selection of food, toys, and supplies designed to enrich the lives of our feathered friends. 

Reflecting their dedication, they hold an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Delving into customer feedback, the vibrant testimonials on Yelp highlight the allure of their exotic birds and the diverse range of high-quality food and vitamins they offer. 

A Reddit user commends Joe’s profound knowledge and evident care for the birds, a sentiment echoed by others on Parrot Forums. While some voices express a wish for Eclectus birds, their commitment to customer satisfaction remains resolute. Discover the joy of Birds By Joe – where expertise meets passion in every fluttering wing.

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