Parrots for Sale in Ohio (3 Best Parrot Breeders in Ohio)

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Nestled in the heart of Ohio’s rolling landscapes, a vibrant world of colorful feathers and playful chatter awaits. The search for a feathered companion is both thrilling and daunting, much like going on a treasure hunt.

In the pursuit of the perfect parrot, enthusiasts often find themselves at the crossroads of choice, wondering where to unearth the avian gem they seek. Fortunately, Ohio boasts not one but three parrot breeders that stand out as beacons in the state. 

These breeders have woven a tapestry of trust, expertise, and love for their feathered friends, ensuring that the journey to finding parrots for sale in Ohio is as enchanting as the companionship they promise. Step into this avian adventure, where every flap of wings tells a tale of homecoming.

Parrots for Sale in Ohio

1. In A Pickle Parrot Shop

Customer Review:

The staff at the parrot shop demonstrated exceptional friendliness and knowledge. They patiently addressed all my queries, guiding me to choose the perfect bird for our family. 

Notably, all their birds are hand-raised, ensuring a personalized and friendly demeanor. The sun conure we ultimately brought home has proven to be delightfully sweet and amiable, becoming an adored member of our household.

In addition to their bird sales, the shop regularly hosts open grooming events and provides boarding services. The array of food and toy selections is extensive, catering to the diverse needs of our feathered friends. 

This establishment seamlessly combines expertise with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it a go-to destination for both bird enthusiasts and their cherished companions.


Discover In A Pickle Parrot Shop, a renowned parrot haven nestled in the heart of Broadview Heights, Ohio. This establishment goes beyond merely selling parrots, cages, and food – it is a hub of avian expertise. With a reputation akin to a “Disneyland World for parrots,” as praised by satisfied customers, the shop has earned its stripes as a top-notch destination for feathered companions and supplies.

Beyond its commercial pursuits, In A Pickle Parrot Shop extends its wings into charitable endeavors. One notable initiative involved partnering with Make-a-Wish Ohio, Kentucky, and Indianapolis to fulfill a ten-year-old’s dream of acquiring a Meyers parrot.

For those seeking detailed insights, the shop’s website,, serves as a comprehensive guide to its offerings and services. Glowing reviews on platforms like Yelp highlight the shop’s diverse product range and the expertise of its staff.

In essence, In A Pickle Parrot Shop stands tall as a well-established and highly esteemed parrot haven in Ohio. It not only provides a diverse array of parrot-related products and services but also actively contributes to the community through charitable initiatives.

2. BirdWalk

Customer review:
Discover a haven for handfed, hand-tamed, and affectionate companion birds at this exceptional spot. If you’re in search of the perfect avian friend, look no further! The expertise here goes beyond merely offering birds; they can precisely tell you the age of each bird down to the day and even determine their gender.

In addition to their feathered companions, the establishment boasts a layaway program, encouraging visits during opening hours. The staff, who are on a first-name basis with their clients, create a warm and inviting atmosphere from the moment you step inside.

This bird haven is a one-stop shop, offering an impressive array of cages, toys, treats, food, grooming equipment, and more. I wholeheartedly endorse this bird store; my hour-long drive to get there was undoubtedly worthwhile. Should the need arise for another avian companion, I would gladly make the journey again.

Nestled in Painesville, Ohio, The BirdWalk stands out as a specialized pet store catering to the avian community. Boasting a team of knowledgeable and amiable staff, the store has earned a reputation for its unique selection of birds and bird-related supplies. Customers frequently commend the manager, Bonnie, for her extensive knowledge about our feathered friends.

The store takes pride in offering a diverse range of hand-raised baby birds, along with an enticing array of toys and nourishing bird food. It’s a haven for bird enthusiasts seeking both information and quality avian companions.

For those passionate about native bird conservation, the Ohio Bird Sanctuary in Mansfield is a noteworthy non-profit organization. 

Committed to the care and rehabilitation of native birds, the sanctuary goes beyond by providing educational programs, guided field trips, day camps, and captivating raptor shows. This establishment serves as a valuable resource for bird lovers across Ohio, further enriching the avian experience in the region.

3. Pet Paradise

Customer review:
The level of care provided to the birds at this establishment is truly impressive. The overall health and happiness of the birds are readily apparent. Notably, the baby birds receive meticulous attention through hand-feeding and effective socialization practices. 

The store primarily focuses on avian well-being, positioning itself as a dedicated bird haven. While they also offer other small critters for sale, my knowledge is limited in that area, preventing me from commenting on the quality of care they provide to those animals.

Pet Paradise, situated in Willoughby, Ohio, stands out as a pet store with expertise in nurturing baby birds, small animals, and reptiles. The store prides itself on providing a comprehensive range of high-quality foods, cages, and toys tailored for these adorable creatures. What sets Pet Paradise apart is its amiable and well-informed staff, catering to the needs of both small and large parrot enthusiasts. 

Customers have shared positive feedback about acquiring hand-raised lovebirds, attesting to the store’s credibility. Beyond its regular operations, Pet Paradise actively participates in pet expos, creating a space where visitors can explore and purchase pet products. 

Moreover, the store collaborates with pet rescue organizations during these events, shedding light on adoption opportunities. It’s evident that Pet Paradise has established itself as a go-to spot for Ohio’s pet enthusiasts, offering a diverse array of products and services to cater to the needs of devoted pet owners.

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