Parrots for Sale in Orlando

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Those seeking the perfect feathered companion can be found in a dazzling array of colors and sounds in the sunny city of Orlando. Parrots for sale in Orlando attract enthusiasts with their enchanting beauty, transforming homes into lively avian sanctuaries. 

As you begin your search for a delightful avian addition to your life, navigating through the many choices can be overwhelming. Fear not, for we’ve uncovered the three best places where the magic of bird ownership comes alive. 

From tropical hues to playful antics, these locales promise a feathered friend that not only captivates hearts but also brings the joy of the tropics to your doorstep.

Parrots for Sale in Orlando

1. The Bird Store

Customer review:

With an extensive variety, a compassionate and well-informed team, and a modest yet charming collection of adorable birds, this place is a bird lover’s haven. Upon entering, the sheer abundance of offerings for your feathered friends becomes evident, and what’s even more impressive is the surprisingly reasonable pricing, which holds its own against online alternatives. 

The staff, marked by friendliness and a genuine concern for the birds, willingly tackles any inquiries, even those of a more technical nature. Take a break from the online sphere and visit this store – you won’t be disappointed.


Nestled in the heart of Orlando, Florida, The Bird Store stands out as a renowned hub for avian aficionados. Situated at 2600 S Bumby Ave in the vibrant Downtown South area, this establishment has garnered acclaim for its diverse range of bird-related products and services. Recognized as one of Orlando’s premier bird shops, it has earned positive reviews for its commitment to excellence.

Specialising in the trade of parrots and an extensive array of bird-centric merchandise, including toys, cages, and nutrition, The Bird Store caters comprehensively to the needs of avian enthusiasts[.  Complementing this, the Friendly Bird Aviary, a family-operated enterprise based in Orlando, has carved a niche. 

Renowned for breeding affectionate pet birds and high-quality breeding pairs, the aviary focuses on various mutations of Pacific Parrotlets, Opaline Quakers, Dark Eye Yellow Quakers, and Bourke Parakeets.

The Friendly Bird Aviary distinguishes itself by dedicating individualized attention to each bird, producing super-friendly baby birds. The meticulous process involves a limited production of birds, carefully selected and weaned one by one in accordance with the preferences of discerning customers.

The Bird Store and Friendly Bird Aviary are prominent establishments catering to bird enthusiasts’ and pet owners’ diverse needs in Orlando’s avian landscape.

2. Hector’s Pet Store

Customer review:

Entering this pet store was a delightful experience, surrounded by well-cared-for animals and birds, including lively fish. The attentive keepers, driven by a genuine love for their work, ensure the welfare of every creature. 

During my initial visit, the captivating symphony of birdsong filled the air, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Unable to resist, I left with two charming orphaned parakeets whose previous owners, unfortunately, had to part ways with them.


Hector’s Pet Store in Orlando stands out as a premier destination for parrot enthusiasts. Nestled in the heart of Orlando, this establishment boasts a diverse and vibrant collection of parrots, offering pet lovers a unique and engaging experience. Located at [store address], Hector’s Pet Store has gained a reputation for its exceptional selection of these charismatic birds.

What sets Hector’s Pet Store apart is the variety of available parrots and the staff’s personalized and knowledgeable service. The team at Hector’s is committed to ensuring the well-being of their feathered residents and is readily available to answer any questions or offer guidance on parrot care. 

This emphasis on customer service creates a welcoming atmosphere for seasoned parrot enthusiasts and those new to avian companionship.

3. Pet Supermarket

Customer review:

Cody exhibited remarkable qualities during our visit – he was exceptionally patient, knowledgeable, and friendly. Despite facing a bit of a challenge, he ensured that we departed with precisely the fish we desired. Store manager Christine also left a positive impression with her friendly demeanor. 

She went the extra mile by letting me know about the option to special order items not currently in stock. Our heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding customer service provided by Cody and Christine.


Pet Supermarket, situated in Orlando, presents an extensive array of pet birds, prominently featuring parrots, within their stores. The assortment of birds varies across locations, exclusively available for purchase in-store. 

Notably, Pet Supermarket collaborates with local rescues, organizing in-store adoptions that encompass birds fostering forever homes for pets in need. This underscores their dedication to animal welfare and the promotion of responsible pet ownership.

It is imperative to approach pet acquisition, including parrots, with due responsibility. Potential buyers are advised to exercise caution, especially in the realm of online transactions, to steer clear of scams associated with purchasing birds. This underscores the significance of ensuring ethical sourcing and humane treatment of animals when contemplating the acquisition of a pet bird.

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