Parrots for Sale in Phoenix

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Nestled in the heart of the Arizona desert, Phoenix is not just a city of scorching sunsets and cactus-lined landscapes; it’s also a haven for exotic bird enthusiasts seeking vibrant companions. For those looking for feathered friends, the quest for parrots for sale in Phoenix can be exciting and daunting. 

Imagine a kaleidoscope of colors, echoing squawks, and the joy of finding your perfect avian companion. In this guide, we unveil the top three sanctuaries where the chirps of parrots harmonize with the desert breeze, revealing the finest places to embark on your journey to bring home a feathered friend.

Parrots for Sale in Phoenix

1. Birds, and Then Some!

Customer review:
I deeply appreciate your team’s dedication to avian welfare. Your commitment to providing assistance and valuable insights when I have inquiries about my birds is truly commendable. Your store stands out as a comprehensive hub, offering a diverse range of bird species. 

Upon entering, one can leave fully equipped and prepared for the arrival of a new feathered family member. The extensive selection in your store, ranging from various cages and play stands to toys and nutritious food options, is truly impressive. The abundance of informational resources underscores your commitment to helping bird owners nurture healthy and content companions.

What sets your establishment apart is the personalized attention given to potential bird owners. Understanding each family’s dynamics allows you to guide them toward selecting a bird that seamlessly integrates into their lives.

The familial atmosphere within your store is genuinely heartwarming. I wholeheartedly endorse and support your well-stocked establishment. I hope that others will also rally behind your “small business.”


Birds and Then Some is a pet store situated at 16026 N 32nd St, Phoenix, Arizona, specializing in selling various bird species, notably parrots. Lovebirds, which have successfully adapted to the local wilds of Phoenix, are also featured among these avian offerings. 

The store actively participates in the regulated trade of pet birds, adhering to stringent local, national, and international laws, including the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

The presence of parrots, including the resilient lovebirds, in urban settings like Phoenix is noteworthy. These adaptable birds have flourished in altered environments, prompting scientific interest and initiatives like ParrotNet. This research project aims to monitor parrot populations and convey its findings to local authorities.

It’s crucial to emphasize that the trade of pet birds, particularly parrots, is closely governed by regulations. Prospective buyers should be well-versed in the legal prerequisites and ethical considerations associated with acquiring and caring for these avian companions.

2. Tropic Zone Exotic Birds

Customer review:

We decided to bring Bella into our home after several meetings and visits with the delightful bird. Since joining our household, Bella has seamlessly integrated with our other avian companions, forming enjoyable connections. 

Impressively, Bella has acquired the ability to vocalize phrases such as “hi” and “love you,” showcasing both intelligence and adaptability. Additionally, Bella has picked up a catcall whistle, adding a unique and amusing dimension to our bird family’s interactions.

Tropic Zone Exotic Birds, situated in Phoenix, Arizona, specializes in parrots, offering a range of live birds, nourishment, toys, and accessories. Notably, they provide additional services like boarding and grooming. The young birds available at Tropic Zone originate exclusively from local breeders within Arizona or the surrounding Phoenix region, avoiding acquisition from large out-of-state wholesale breeders.

Tropic Zone has served the public for 15 years as a family-owned enterprise, initially known as “Chirp’n Dales Bird Boutique.” Their physical location can be found at 820 E Greenway Pkwy, Phoenix, Arizona, and for more details on their offerings, customers can visit their website. Tropic Zone has earned its place among the top 10 exotic bird stores in Phoenix, a recognition attributed by Yelp.

3. Birdz & Beyond

Customer review:

During my recent visit to the store, my intention was to find a conure, but I ultimately departed with a charming Quaker Parrot. The staff demonstrated extensive knowledge, creating an environment where I didn’t feel hurried or compelled to make a swift decision. 

I wholeheartedly recommend this store to those seeking a feathered companion to join their flock. Additionally, the store offers a variety of cages and all the essentials necessary for the well-being of your newfound avian friend.

Birdz & Beyond, a prominent pet store in Phoenix, Arizona, specializes in selling exotic birds and a comprehensive range of bird-related essentials such as food, toys, and cages. With a successful presence in the industry for over 14 years, the establishment boasts a seasoned team of experts capable of providing grooming services tailored to avian needs.

The store takes pride in its diverse selection of birds, spanning from finches to macaws, ensuring that each one is a unique companion and content and healthy pet. Beyond retail, Birdz & Beyond extends its services to include bird boarding, providing a solution for avian care in various circumstances.

Conveniently located at 3519 W Thunderbird Road in Phoenix, the store adheres to regular business hours, offering accessibility to bird enthusiasts and pet owners alike seeking quality products and services for their feathered friends.

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