Parrots for Sale in Sacramento (3 Best Parrot Breeders in Sacramento)

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The aviary scene in Sacramento is a symphony of colors and charisma, as parrots for sale in Sacramento grace the aviary scene. As feathered companions continue to capture hearts, enthusiasts search for the best parrot breeders in the city. 

Nestled in this bustling metropolis are three hidden gems, each boasting a variety of avian species. From the captivating melodies of African Greys to the radiant plumage of Sun Conures, Sacramento’s avian aficionados are spoiled for choice. Join us on a journey through the city’s aviary landscape as we uncover the secrets of the three best parrot breeders in Sacramento.

Parrots for Sale in Sacramento

1. Parrotopia

Customer review:

Today, I welcomed a Blue and gold Macaw into my home, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. Without a doubt, I plan to return for future transactions. The wealth of knowledge available at this establishment is impressive, coupled with an extensive and diverse selection. 

Remarkably, their prices are unparalleled in the market, especially when compared to other options. The inventory includes some rare finds that are hard to come by elsewhere, and even if you manage to find them, the prices elsewhere tend to be 25%-50% higher. 

Notably, most of their birds are hand-fed and exceptionally tame, adding to the appeal of their offerings.


Situated in Citrus Heights, California, Parrotopia is a dedicated parrot rescue service and retailer committed to fostering responsible parrot ownership. They boast a diverse product range and provide specialized services, such as the Birdie Spa and boarding, creating a secure and enriching space for parrots. 

In their mission to promote responsible parrot care, they offer personalized educational classes catering to new parrot enthusiasts. Having marked its inaugural anniversary in 2021, Parrotopia offers hand-fed baby parrots and provides a home for “second-chance” parrots seeking a fresh start.

 The store places a premium on responsible ownership, ensuring that potential buyers are well-informed and compatible with the birds before any transactions occur. For further details, you can explore their website at or reach out to them directly at 916-891-5309.

2. Wild Birds Unlimited

Customer review:

Our appreciation for this store knows no bounds. Living in an area blessed with fantastic backyard bird-watching, Wild Birds Unlimited emerges as our go-to haven for all avian needs. 

From diverse bird foods to an array of feeders, nesting boxes, and bird baths, the store stands as a comprehensive hub for bird enthusiasts. Beyond the essentials, their curated collection of gifts is noteworthy – encompassing bird-identifying books, nature-themed enamel tiles, intricately carved gourds, high-quality binoculars, exquisite jewelry, and more. 

The proprietors not only boast an impressive knowledge of all things bird-related but also extend their assistance generously. It’s a place where passion meets practicality, enhancing our bird-watching experience.


Sacramento’s Wild Birds Unlimited stands as a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering an array of bird-related supplies such as bird baths, binoculars, bird houses, and nourishment. 

Renowned for both its quality products and a staff brimming with avian insights, this store serves as a valuable resource for bird enthusiasts seeking not only supplies but also knowledge on these feathered creatures and their preferences.

The establishment goes beyond mere retail, emphasizing the crucial aspect of aiding birds in surviving chilly winter nights. They extend their expertise to guide individuals in transforming their yards into nurturing habitats for our avian friends. 

Originally acquired in 2003 by Bevan Woodbury and his father, Bryce Woodbury, the store now rests under the ownership of Janell Woodbury. With a profound passion for nature coupled with a background in law and entrepreneurship, Janell has seamlessly carried forward the legacy. 

Discover this haven at 2561 Fair Oaks Boulevard in Sacramento, California, where nature and knowledge converge to create a delightful bird-watching experience.

3. Finest Exotic Birds

Customer review:

Step into this truly incredible store! The owner possesses extensive knowledge and exudes kindness. Unlike conventional setups, numerous birds roam freely for potential buyers to interact with, fostering a connection between the birds and prospective owners. 

The overall ambiance is fantastic, bringing together a community of bird enthusiasts who share a genuine love and concern for these feathered creatures. If you’re seeking to endorse a local business owner genuinely committed to the well-being of the animals they offer, your search ends here!


Discover the wonders of Finest Exotic Birds, a unique bird store nestled at 6090 Stockton Blvd in Sacramento, California. Specializing in companion parrots, their mission is to guide feathered friends and prospective owners toward a successful journey. Recognized among Sacramento’s top 10 parrot stores, this establishment takes pride in its commitment to excellence. 

Their main focus is on nurturing the bond between parrots and their human companions rather than participating in bird expos or shows. These events usually require vendors to register for bird sales. 

Furthermore, if you’re on the lookout for trustworthy bird breeders who offer shipping services, various forums provide valuable insights. These platforms allow individuals to share their firsthand experiences and recommend reputable breeders known for their reliable shipping practices.

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