Parrots for Sale in San Antonio (3 Best Places for Buying Parots)

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Are you ready to begin the vibrant journey of feathered companionship? Look no further than the enchanting city of San Antonio, where the bustling pet market offers a kaleidoscope of choices for avian enthusiasts. 

For those seeking delightful additions to their homes, the quest for Parrots for Sale in San Antonio unveils a treasure trove of options. Nestled in the heart of Texas, this city is home to three standout locations, each a haven for feathered wonders. 

From the lively markets to specialized aviaries, San Antonio beckons with opportunities to bring the joyous chatter of these charismatic birds into your life.

Parrots for Sale in San Antonio

1. Forever Pets Inc

Customer review:

The individuals managing this establishment are not only well-versed in their field but also exceptionally amiable. Their store boasts an extensive assortment of pets and accompanying supplies.

I was genuinely impressed by the diverse selection of parrots – an array that truly caught my attention. The presence of numerous exotic pets further adds to the allure of this establishment. Without a doubt, my positive experience guarantees a return visit in the future.


Forever Pets Inc. is your go-to pet haven at 1030 Basse Road in San Antonio, Texas. At this store, you’ll discover a diverse selection of adorable pets, with a special highlight on charming parrots. The positive feedback from satisfied customers speaks volumes about the quality of service here. 

For an immersive experience, check out their Instagram page, where captivating photos and videos showcase their delightful offerings. Beyond pets, they also cater to the needs of pond and aquarium enthusiasts. Noteworthy as one of San Antonio’s trusted bird breeders, Forever Pets Inc. stands out for providing feathered companions for sale in the local community.

2. Petland Leon Valley

Customer Review:

Observing those adorable puppies is a delight, though the adoption cost is quite high. However, if you truly desire a canine companion and can allocate $3,500 for the adoption, you’ll find some irresistibly charming options. In my case, I opted for a bird as a pet for my son.


Petland Leon Valley provides a diverse selection of birds, ranging from larger to smaller breeds. These avian companions are bred within the United States and sourced from breeders regulated by the USDA. 

The store places significant emphasis on selecting a pet bird that aligns with one’s living space and lifestyle. Moreover, they offer a comprehensive range of food and supplies catering to the needs of all bird types. Whether by visiting the store in person or checking their website, customers can explore the availability of these feathered friends.

3. Papa Jim’s Tropical Fish

Customer Review:

I acquired my blue-masked lovebird from this establishment. The service was excellent, and the staff exhibited high kindness and respect. Without a doubt, I would choose to return here for any future pet-related needs.


Papa Jim’s Tropical Fish store, situated in San Antonio, Texas, offers a diverse range of pets, encompassing fish, birds, and smaller companions like rabbits and hamsters. Customer reviews for the store are varied. 

Their avian selection includes parakeets, cockatiels, and lovebirds. The store has a botanica section featuring spiritual and religious items for those interested. Whether customers prefer an in-person visit or wish to check availability on the website, Papa Jim’s provides options to explore their offerings.

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