6 Best Ways to Entertain a Budgie

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Are you interested in finding out how to entertain a budgie? It may surprise you to learn that most birds are bored, but a lot of people don’t realize it. People sometimes say that budgies should be given mirrors or bird baths, but that is not an innovative idea and can eventually get boring after a while.

To stay happy, budgies need a lot of interaction with other people since they are social creatures. Moreover, they are intelligent as a 4-year-old child, so they must receive mental stimulation daily as well.

A pet budgie provided with quality enrichment will be a cheerful and lively companion for many years to come as long as the enrichment.

You will find some easy ways in this guide to budgie enrichment that will help you to keep your budgie happy and entertained at all times.

6 Best Tips to Keep your Budgie Entertained

1. Hand Taming

For your budgie to feel comfortable at home, even when you are away, you should hand-tame him. Hand-tamed budgies are easier to catch in case of emergency, and they also hang out with you throughout the day.

The hand-taming process is usually not an easy task, but it is certainly worth the effort. To hand-tame your budgie, you have to spend some time getting it used to being handled by your hands and spending some time getting it used to you.

2. Entertaining Environment

The toys and environment of your budgie should be changed at least twice a week. His toys need to have a variety of functions, colors, and textures.

For your budgie’s entertainment, you can provide swing toys, mirrors, Olympic rings, ladders, and toys with bells. In case you can’t afford to buy new toys, one option you can try is to relocate the toys in his cage to a different location.

Keep the cage in a variety of locations around the house to prevent it from being left in one place forever. As you disinfect and clean the cage for your budgie, be sure to thoroughly clean his toys as well.

3. Leave a TV, and Radio, On

You might find that if your budgie is alone for some time, it is very easy for him to get bored, or if he has trouble coping with his absence, he may need more training.

Television and radio emit a comforting aura while helping him learn new words and prompting him to talk back as a result, so it is important to keep them on at all times.

Furthermore, parrots, just like humans, have their music preferences, so they will enjoy listening to different types of music. The cage of your budgie should be placed near a windowsill to ensure that your budgie is kept visually entertained at all times.

If you place your budgie at home in such a way, he can observe cars, people, and animals all around him, all the time. The cage can be kept in direct sunlight if you place a bird feeder outside the window.

4. Feathered Companion

In case you are unable to spend a lot of time with your budgie, it is best to get a good friend for him. When you are away from your pet, it will entertain him while he is away from you and will provide companionship for him.

It is best to select another male budgie as a companion if you have a male budgie as a pet. This will guarantee a harmonious relationship between them.

A female budgie will often dominate social interactions, which can result in conflict between different groups of other female budgies. It is advisable to get a cage large enough for a male to escape if he is rejected by his female companion.

Budgies are territorial and will fight over space if you keep two females together. You and your budgie will hopefully be able to build a lasting relationship of happiness and cooperation if you follow some of these tips.

5. Interaction

As social creatures, budgies rely on humans to interact with them daily. While you are deeply involved in activities around your home, you can still enjoy your budgie’s company and keep them connected to you.

The next time you’re in a room with his cage, get up and talk to him about what you’re doing, such as cooking or doing laundry. Explain what you’re doing to him.

As you watch TV, put him near you in his cage, or you can perch him on your shoulder and he will talk to you about what he sees. Make sure you spend as much time as possible with him playing interactive games.

See how quickly the budgie runs to catch a glimpse of his reflection if you hold up a small mirror about an inch from his face. During his approach, move the mirror in different directions so the bird will chase it as he gets closer. Treats can be given to him during the games to reward him.

6. Playing their own voice

When you play the budgie’s voice, they start to chirp and make the same sounds that you have recorded in your video. You can amuse your budgies in this way.

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