Jenday Conure VS Sun Conure (Vet’s Opinion)

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When you see Jenday Conures and Sun Conures sitting together, you might believe they are the same species. This is not your fault as both species are similar in size and appearance. You are not the only one who is confused between a Jenday Conure and a Sun Conure.

But the good news is some differences can help you distinguish between a Jenday Conure and a Sun Conure. Both species are fascinating and playful and make great pets. Their vibrant colors make them stand out from other South American species.

In this article, I will point out all the differences between these 2 conure species. This will enable you to distinguish between these two species and determine which one is most suitable for your needs. So, continue reading.

Overview of Jenday Conure VS Sun Conure
 Jenday ConureSun Conure
Wing ColorGreenYellow
Size12 Inches11.8
PersonalityDocile and PlayfulGenerally docile but can be nippy
Noise Level (Decibles)115120
Lifespan20-30 Years20-30 Years

Jenday Conure VS Sun Conure (5 Major Differences)


You may be confused now, as I mentioned earlier, both species have similar sizes and appearances. So, how can we distinguish these two species based on appearance? Well, the easiest way to distinguish them is that the Jenday has green wings, while the Sun’s wings are predominantly yellow.

In juvenile sun conures, both the wings and shoulders exhibit yellow and green mottling. On the other hand, the wings of the Jenday conure juvenile are fully green.


The personalities of Jenday Conure and Sun Conure are generally the same. Both are funny, bold, playful, energetic, and eager to learn tricks. They make excellent companions when given proper care and attention. They are highly intelligent and often do funny things to make you smile. However, sun conures tend to bite more than Jenday conures.


Sun Conures and Jenday Conures both live in South America. However, their distribution zones are different from each other.

Sun conures only live in a few areas of Brazil, Guyana, Surinam, and Venezuela, mostly in the north. They’re found in savannahs and forests.

The Jenday conure is found naturally in northeastern Brazil, a region much larger than the area in which their sun cousins live. It is considered not to be a threatened species and they prefer forests.

Noise level

I just want to clarify that Jenday and Sun Conures are loud. Many parrot owners report that their Jendays are slightly quieter than their suns. However, for some parrot enthusiasts, there may not be a noticeable difference in decibel level.

The sound level of Sun Conures is 120 decibels, whereas the sound level of Jenday Conures is 115 decibels. If you’re interested in keeping an Aratinga, keep in mind that it’s known to make ear-piercing screeches.


If you are considering purchasing a Conure but are unsure whether to purchase a Jenday or Sun Conure, then you should look at the price factor.

There is a significant difference in price between these two conures. A Sun Conure can cost you as much as $1000, while a Jenday Conure can be found for as little as $650.

Jenday Conure VS Sun Conure (Which One is Better)

The two birds differ in several ways from one another. The Jenday Conure is generally considered a slightly quieter species of the two. Nevertheless, an important aspect of this has to do with the amount of attention you give to your pet daily. 

However, they are still very loud. So, both of these conure species are not suitable for those who are seeking a quiet bird. As a general rule, if you do not have the time to spend with either, either is inappropriate.

A second consideration is the behavior of the individual. Jenday Conures are generally more laid back than Sun Conures. Nevertheless, it is also dependent on how much time you spend with your bird and how comfortable it is.

The Sun Conure’s color is more appealing to us than the Jenday Parakeet’s. This is unfortunately also a factor that comes into play with the price as well. For that colorful plumage, you can expect to have to pay a higher price.

As pets, both Jendays and Sun Conures are loyal and affectionate. One of the best things about them is that they will remain in your life for many years to come. 

Finally, it is up to you to decide which conure would make a great pet for you. So, take the time to carefully review these points and make an informed decision.

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