Avian Veterinarians

Avian vets also known as avian veterinarians, poultry vets, or bird vets are veterinarians that are specialized in diagnosing and treating all birds. While all veterinarians can treat a bird, avian veterinarians have more knowledge and practical experience treating birds. If you are looking for avian vets services in your area then this page is a go-to place for you.

I have listed avian vets of every state and city on this page. You can choose your city and area and find avian vets near you. As an Avian vet, I review each clinic site, structure, facilities, services, experience, and most importantly customer reviews to select the best avian vets.

So, if you need avian vets services, you do not need to search online for avian vets near me and spend hours finding trusted and reputable avian vets. Here you can find a complete directory of certified Avian vets in the US.

Avian Vets Jobs and Responsibilities

In most cases, avian or poultry veterinarians specialize in companion bird practices like Macaws, Lovebirds, etc, or poultry production practices such as chickens and turkeys. In addition, avian vets can specialize in treating and caring for birds of prey and other native species as avian wildlife veterinarians.

Other veterinarians offer services for pet birds as well as small or exotic animals in their mixed practice. If your family parrot is ill or if your chicken has trouble reproducing, avian veterinarians are the experts to call.

It is generally expected that this job will require the following skills:

  • The performance of basic physical examinations and the diagnosis of illnesses
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Prescribing medications
  • Performing surgeries
  • Advise animal owners regarding the care and treatment of their animals
  • Whenever necessary, euthanize animals

In poultry production, avian veterinarians may manage flock health, administer vaccinations, perform inspections, and evaluate meat or eggs, among other duties at livestock farms or government facilities.

As avian vets are familiar with a bird’s immune system, digestion, and dietary requirements, they may also be called if there’s an outbreak or epidemic of bird diseases.

Avian vets near me

How Much an Avian Vet Check-up Will Cost You?

Treatment from the best avian veterinarians will cost between $65 and $95. During treatment, the bird’s eyes, nares, and throat are checked, its weight is measured, its claws are trimmed, and its lungs and heart are examined. Additional tests like X-rays, CBC, etc cost more.

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