Parrots for Sale in San Diego

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Welcome to sunny San Diego, where searching for a feathered friend becomes a joyful adventure. If you are dreaming of a vibrant parrot companion, you are in for a treat! San Diego holds three fantastic spots, like secret havens, where parrots for sale await. 

Picture this: the warm sun, the sound of cheerful chirps, and dazzling feathers that will brighten your days. In this coastal paradise, we are about to discover the three best places to find parrots for sale in San Diego. Join us on a journey where squawks and colors blend, creating a perfect match for your new avian buddy.

Parrots for Sale in San Diego

1. Tropic Island Bird & Supply

Customer review:
Recently, I acquired a rare bird from this establishment and arranged for its delivery to Florida. The pricing was fair, and the communication throughout the process was both timely and effective. 

I am pleased to report that the bird arrived without any issues, demonstrating the store’s commitment to safety and reliability. I extend my gratitude for maintaining a high quality standard in your establishment.

Tropic Island Bird & Supply is a family-operated avian emporium in San Diego. With a history dating back to 2012, the store has gained recognition for its nationwide bird sales and shipping services.

They boast an extensive selection of over 20 diverse bird species alongside the most extensive array of cages in San Diego County. The store is conveniently situated at 4760 Voltaire St, San Diego, California, and is a hub for bird enthusiasts. 

Notably, it’s worth mentioning that, as per their Better Business Bureau profile, Tropic Island Bird & Supply is currently not accredited by the BBB

2. BirdSmart

Customer review:
I entrusted my two cherished lovebirds to the care of this facility, and it appears they enjoyed the company of other birds and the various interactions. The staff displayed a notable level of care and assistance, providing a reassuring experience. 

The only aspect worth mentioning is the suggestion to enhance the cleanliness of the cages; aside from that, my overall encounter was highly positive.

BirdSmart is like a cozy corner for bird lovers, especially if you’re on the lookout for different types of parrots. It’s not just a shop; it’s a special place that caters to all kinds of birds. Imagine a place where you can find everything your feathered friend needs, from supplies to cool accessories. 

What makes it extra awesome is the team at BirdSmart – a bunch of bird experts who are passionate about helping you. So, whether you’re into big parrots, small ones, or something in between, BirdSmart is your go-to spot for making your parrot buddy’s world a chirpy paradise.

3. Our Feathered Friends

Customer review:
Arrived with uncertainty about choosing the right bird for my birthday celebration. After thorough research, I considered parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, or even a conure. With some prior bird experience from my childhood, I anticipated gaining more insights during this visit.

Despite the store’s bustling atmosphere when we arrived, the staff and even fellow customers were incredibly helpful. They generously dedicated time to us, providing valuable tools and knowledge for ensuring our bird’s well-being.

After careful consideration, we settled on a Cockatiel. The staff allowed us to interact with a few, and one little fellow stood out as the most enthusiastic conversationalist, capturing my heart. If you’re in the market for a bird, I wholeheartedly recommend this place.

The staff’s expertise and genuine concern for the birds were evident throughout our experience. Their commitment to sharing knowledge and ensuring the welfare of their feathered residents sets them apart.

Our Feathered Friends, situated at 4420 Rainier Ave, San Diego, California, stands out as a specialty pet store focusing on exotic birds, prominently featuring parrots. Offering a diverse range that includes cockatoos and parrots, the store provides feathered companions and an array of essential supplies such as cages, feed, toys, and accessories. Renowned for its amiable and well-informed staff, the store has garnered customer acclaim as an excellent source for exceptional family pets.

This establishment is actively engaged in the breeding of exotic birds, with a particular emphasis on parrots. With two retail locations, one in San Diego and another in Escondido, California, they extend their services to a broader community. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that there have been allegations of neglect and abuse made by a former employee.

In essence, Our Feathered Friends emerges as a notable pet store in San Diego, specializing in selling parrots and various exotic birds, complemented by a comprehensive selection of related supplies and accessories.


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