Albino Macaw (White Macaw) Everything you Need to Know

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A macaw comes in many colors, from blue and gold to green and red, but there are no naturally occurring white macaws.However, the albino macaw exhibits albinism which causes its feathers to be discolored or completely decolored, resulting in white feathers.

Hence, macaws only get white color after genetic mutation. Therefore, albino macaws are also known as white macaws. Leucism is another mutation that results in white-colored macaws, which are different from albino macaws.

Although albino mutations can affect all macaw species, they are more prevalent in blue and gold macaws and hyacinth macaws. In this article, we will describe albino macaws in detail and will also explore leucism in macaws. You will find all you need to know about white macaws here.

Albino Macaw

The appearance of Albino Macaw

When you look at albino macaws, you’ll see they’re parrots. We call them Parrot giants. These parrots are larger than other members of the parrot family. Some Macaw species can grow up to 40 inches in length.

With their large, strong, and powerful beaks, they can crack open hard objects and foods. Although they often use it as a form of protection, most of the time they are harmless. The Albino Macaw shares these characteristics as well.

One of the many reasons the Macaw stands out from the rest of its family is not just its length but also its colorful feathers. However, an albino Macaw has a white color scheme throughout, so its color scheme is different.

Albino macaws, however, share similar characteristics with the other Macaw species. Having bare patches of skin is a prime example. A similar feature of the albino Macaw is the presence of a dry, scaly tongue.

When feeding, the Macaw taps into fruits with its tongue. There is a bone on the tongue that allows macaws to eat fruits. White Macaws have red eyes because of albinism.

A red eye is an obvious sign of albinism. They cling to trees using their gripping toes and long, graceful tails.

All aspects of the Albino Macaw are similar to those of the typical Macaw, except that they have white skin, feathers, and red eyes. Combining these two factors makes it very appealing to a wide variety of people.


The albino macaw’s personality matches its size, as it is playful, active, and exuberant. When properly cared for, they proved to be easy-going, fun-loving, affectionate, and faithful companions. They are attention seekers and will do anything to attract your attention.

As with all macaw species, white macaws can mimic sounds and emit loud shrieks. Even though they are gentle with other animals and humans, they can become a one-person parrot. The best way to avoid this situation is to allow your family to have regular interactions with albino macaws.

Generally, macaws are considered gentle giants. But remember, they have one of the strongest beaks in the parrot world. With its 330 pounds of force, this beak is capable of breaking a Brazil nut easily.

I can’t even imagine what it would do to my finger. Therefore, keep an eye on your albino macaw’s beak until it’s properly tamed.

What is Albinism?

A combination of carotenoids and melanins determines the color of bird feathers, which include bright, dark, and gray colors as well as orange. Melanin pigment is lacking in albinism.

Therefore, albino macaws do not have colorful feathers as they do when melanin is present. Although they are typically pure white, they may occasionally take on a yellow or gold color due to the carotenoids the bird produces.

The only true method of determining whether or not a bird is albino is to examine its eyes, as albino birds can still produce some colored feathers. It appears bloodshot because the eyes have no melanin.

Red eyes are distinctive characteristics of albino macaws. Some potential owners may find albinism attractive. The white birds with red eyes have a unique appearance that they appreciate.

The presence of bright white feathers, however, is not considered a positive characteristic in the wild.

Wild birds are obviously at a disadvantage when their eyesight is poor due to albinism. The albino feathers of albino birds provide less protection against the cold because black retains heat better than white.

What is Leucism?

There is also leucism, which affects birds’ coloration, but is less widely known. Moreover, leucism affects carotenoids and melanin, affecting all the colors of the bird. Nonetheless, this does not imply that all pigments have been lost.

It may result in muted or lighter colors. There will be a lighter appearance than normal, but they will not be entirely white. Under certain conditions, they may appear white, but this is not the case.

The red or pink eyes that are characteristic of albinos are not caused by leucism. Though leucism dulls the color of birds, they retain some of their colors, which makes them less attractive to hunters than albino birds.

It is also not harmful to eyesight, and leucism is not detrimental to the ability to resist extreme weather conditions. Therefore, the likelihood of light birds in your yard being leucitic is higher than that of albino birds.


Generally, all Macaws have louder vocals; Rare Albino Blue and Gold Macaws are also very noisy parrots. They give louder calls, and they love to play and talk with their human fellows.

They screamed when they felt some danger around them, and they were noisy parrots. They are very noisy, and if you lived in a small apartment and had unfriendly neighbors, their noisy calls would be very disruptive.

The birds may not be suitable for you if you have many neighbors around you or if you live in a shared apartment.

How to care for an Albino (White) Macaw

White macaws are quite expensive and difficult to care for because of their fragile beauty. To begin with, you need to create an environment that is conducive to their success.

The species is native to the rainforest, but because of the lack of pigment, they are unable to survive there for long periods. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep them indoors most of the time.

To begin, it is best to do so indoors, away from the sun and potentially harsh weather conditions. As Albino Macaws are larger, they require more space as well. An adult white Macaw can have a wingspan of up to several feet.

Therefore, you should at least double or triple the size of the Macaw’s cage or nest. Moreover, the birds would be more comfortable in a spacious cell. In this way, they are protected from banging into the cage walls.

When you create a space for them, you also have to consider their destructive nature and screams. The Macaw is one of the biggest and loudest birds. The type of cage you get is an important consideration for its size.

They have very powerful beaks that can even break bones. It is also important that you ensure damage is minimal. Also, they need attention, commitment, and time. White macaws are like permanent toddlers who scream and break stuff forever.

You would need to devote a lot of attention to them. You should feed them fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts; you should also exercise their beaks occasionally. Toys are a must. You owe them.

Health Problems of Albino Macaws

Usually, albino macaws live a long time. Emotions are their biggest health issue. The macaw is an intelligent, social creature that can get bored and lonely. Depressed macaws will pull their feathers out to self-injure.

To resolve this issue, it would be best to either acquire more than one Albino macaw or spend as much time as possible interacting with them. In either case, your home will be highly interactive and loud. Certain avian diseases can also affect albino macaws:

  • Aspergillosis
  • Proventricular dilatation disease
  • Psittacosis (parrot fever)
  • Beak malocclusion
  • Psittacine beak and feather disease

To ensure the health of your pet, find a local avian veterinarian with whom you can develop a long-term relationship. You should take your pet to the veterinarian regularly to determine if he or she is suffering from any disease or depression.

From Where you can Get an Albino Macaw?

The Internet does not have much information about where you can buy albino macaws online. These Birds are prized for their beauty and rarity.

Usually, collectors, high-rated bird stores, and exotic animal stores sell rare birds. A collector is someone who maintains a large collection of rare animals and birds for a variety of reasons.

Typical bird collectors should possess an albino macaw. White Macaws are also available at exotic pet stores. Nevertheless, this type of bird has a long waiting list. If you want them to sell to you, you may wish to make an offer they cannot refuse.

Also, white macaws are illegally traded. This is due to strict regulations on animal sales, especially international sales.

It can be bought illegally on the black market, but it is unregulated, so you never know how it will turn out. The best way to get a bird is to buy it from someone reputed.

What is the price of the albino (white) macaw?

A male albino macaw typically costs between 8000-15000 dollars. It is because they are highly sought after. Purchasing a White albino Macaw is more expensive than buying any other Macaw.

Their value is higher as they are more sought after and regarded as more beautiful. They are not naturally occurring parrots and are the results of mutations already mentioned above.

This bird is extremely rare in the bird market, and it can cost upwards of fifteen thousand dollars.


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