Are budgies and cockatiels compatible? (Revealed!)

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Are budgies and cockatiels compatible

You are thinking of placing budgies and cockatiels together in the cage. Are budgies and cockatiels compatible? It’s the question you secretly dread. It’s a bit difficult to say Yes or No straightforwardly. I prefer not to keep them together in a cage because there is always some risk that one of the birds could get hurt.

Though, budgies and cockatiels spend a lot of energy and time choosing the perfect nesting spot but are popular for their social and peaceful nature. They became companion birds in the early 19th century.  They have a long history of color mutation and captivity in both species.

Many birds love to live alone without a partner and need a lot of attention from their owner.

Are budgies and cockatiels compatible?

In this article, we look at whether it’s a good idea for them to share a cage. Let me explain to you some reasons to justify my opinion of not housing them together.

1. Diet:

Birds usually don’t love to share food. So, diet is ultimately the most important factor to consider while placing both birds in the cage.

Cockatiels and Budgies love different varieties of food. But if you are placing them together make sure to feed them in different places outside the cage or at different food timings.

2. Cage size:

A cage must be 25 inches wide and 35 inches taller. Cockatiels are taller than budgies so they need more space than budgies. You can make separate hiding spaces or nests where they can be alone.

They both need different sizes of toys and need large space to stretch and flap as compared to budgies and ultimately injure or unrest the budgies.

You ultimately need large toys for the cockatiels than budgies and cage size would be an important factor to consider.

3. Territory:

Budgies are small birds and very specific to their nesting area. They guard their nest aggressively in the presence of their companion birds, especially in the breeding season. So, it could be a potential fight between your budgie and cockatiel.

4. Activity Level:

A budgie is very active and likes to play and chatter constantly. This nature of budgies can consequently irritate cockatiels.

So, this could be difficult to place them together. They both can be kept together until or unless the cage is sufficiently large enough and provide enough space to install more perches.

People Also Ask

What birds can be kept with cockatiels? 

Cockatiels prefer to live with birds of similar temperaments. Placing another cockatiel turquoise parrots, and red-crowned parakeets would be the best choice. It is recommended to not place another aggressive bird with the cockatiel.  

What are the similarities between Budgies and cockatiels?

  • Both male budgies and cockatiels learn to talk while females generally don’t talk.
  • Both Budgies and cockatiels are natives of Australia. These are common species in their native Australia.
  • They both are well known for their peaceful nature and they stay quiet all night, which makes them good neighbors.
  • They make good, interactive adult companions and can help keep a senior company without the need for walks.

Final verdict:

We all know that every bird is an individual having its nature. Two birds with opposite natures are difficult to house together.

Birds that have a similar size and that aren’t overly aggressive will make the best companions. No doubt, it will be difficult to cage two companions in a cage, it will require a lot of attention in the introduction phase.

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