Are Caiques Loud? (Find Out!)

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The Caique parrot is very energetic, playful, and aggressive. These birds have a lot of energy and can’t be handled by beginners. Since they are aggressive, you may think they are noisy. So, are caiques loud?

Although caiques are typically full of energy and personality, they typically speak at a modest volume. Caiques have a potential noise level of 93 dB, lower than Eclectus, macaws, and cockatoos.

This means you will not need to worry about them continually chirping and conversing at a loud volume. In reality, contrary to popular belief, caiques produce far less noise than all other parrot species.

I found a heartwarming story of a caique named Widget and her owner on YouTube Widget’s Caique owner filmed her reaction to taking a shower, and the video went viral due to Widget’s adorable and playful behavior. Widget’s owner describes her as a “little ball of energy” who loves to play and interact with her humans. Widget is shown in the video flapping her wings and hopping around in the shower, clearly enjoying the experience. The video has over 1 million views and has been shared on various social media platforms. It’s a great example of the playful and energetic nature of caiques and the joy they can bring to their owners.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that they can occasionally make an extremely high-pitched scream, which is usually to get their owners’ attention or be irritable!

However, they are sometimes capable of erupting in a high-pitched scream. They usually do this to get their owners’ attention or because they are feeling cranky at the moment!

Caiques are not particularly loud, despite parrots producing far more noise than many other pets. Unless you are particularly sensitive to noise, the caique’s chattering won’t disturb you.

How loud is a caique?

To begin, it should be noted that caiques are not known for their eloquence. That is, they won’t develop the ability to imitate human speech. A few words can be picked up, but they won’t do it on their own; training is required.

But this does not imply that they are silent or that they don’t have anything to say. A steady flow of whistles, songs, and ‘parrot speech’ may be expected from them.

They’ll make a lot of noise, chirping and chattering, and if you get more than one, they’ll probably be louder while talking to each other. They may also mimic noises in the environment, such as automobile horns and emergency sirens.

They may let out shrieks and screams of a very high pitch at times. Yet, everything will be done at reasonable volumes, and some people even find the caique’s noise level relaxing. All parrots are quite noisy, as I mentioned, but the caiques are relatively calm.

You should be fine on a caique, provided that you can tolerate some noise. But your caique may make a lot of noise to get your attention when it’s not feeling well, so you should learn to recognize its vocal cues.

Do Caiques scream?

Yes. Caiques can scream. Usually, they don’t scream as a habit or just as a way to voice their opinions. It’s not to say they won’t do that—sometimes they screech for no apparent reason.

Why do Caiques scream?

They don’t scream all the time. Sometimes, a caique might do it, which makes sense since it mimics the sounds around it. But if it is screaming at you, that could be a sign that something is wrong.

Birds are extremely intelligent, and they may be attempting to trick you into giving them what they want. If they desire something, such as a toy, a treat, or your attention, they might scream at you.

But if the screaming is constant and has nothing to do with anything else, there may be more going on. If the parrot won’t stop screaming, it might be best to take it to the vet, even if you can’t see anything obviously wrong with it.

How to Stop Caique from Screaming?

When caiques scream, it’s usually because they need or desire something. What I mean is, it might be anything from attention to food.

It’s usually simpler to just give in and attempt to make them happy. However, if you can’t handle the behavior consistently, you might need to consider other methods.

Also, as I mentioned, you might want to get the caique checked out by a vet. While it’s possible that there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s best to remain on the side of caution just in case.


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