Are Eclectus Parrots Loud? (Find Out)

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Noise is a common characteristic of parrots, and some species are noisier than others. In general, larger birds have louder vocalizations simply due to their size, although small birds can also be chatty. Eclectus parrots are medium-sized lovable pets. But, are Eclectus parrots noisy?

Eclectus parrots are less noisy than their larger cousins. However, their natural call can be very loud and distressing for some. A distinctive feature of the Eclectus parrot is its honking sound. If one is not prepared, this sound can be very startling.

Based on a decibel measurement, Eclectus parrots are capable of producing 115 decibels of noise. According to, an Eclectus parrot’s noise level is rated 6 out of 10.

While they don’t tend to make noise continuously, they do make a loud humming sound that may be startling to some people. Occasionally, these birds will become jealous if they feel that they have been ignored, and they may loudly express their displeasure. 

Usually, you’ll hear only chirps and cheeps, but be prepared for louder calls from time to time.

Can Eclectus parrots scream?

An Eclectus may make some noises that can be referred to as screams. To some extent, screaming is an integral part of their behavior. On the other hand, screaming may also be intended to attract your attention.

They are highly social animals and will enjoy spending time with you. If your pet feels neglected or bored, he or she may scream for attention or interaction. Their level of noise will vary based on the level of care they receive.

Understanding Eclectus Parrot Vocalization

An Eclectus parrot is a vocal creature whose main activity is talking and squawking. To understand your parrot, you need to learn to distinguish each type of vocalization.

It is natural and appropriate for parrots to vocalize in a certain amount, as that is part of their nature as a species. For example, when a parrot is afraid, he sends territorial warnings using vocal signals.

Long-term screaming, on the other hand, is an entirely different issue and should be addressed immediately.

Why Eclectus Parrots Start Screaming

Boredom can lead to a wide variety of undesirable behaviors in a parrot. Eclectus may resort to screaming if he is not given the attention he is entitled to. Parrots are prone to displaying jealous behavior and screaming for attention when guests are present.

In addition, Eclectus screaming may be a consequence of hormonal changes. When this species is in its hormonal period as an adolescent, it may exhibit aggressive and unwanted behavior for a short period.

Nevertheless, you should understand and respond appropriately to the behavior, not condone it.

How to Stop an Eclectus Parrot From Screaming

Several methods can be used to teach your Eclectus that screaming is unacceptable. The key to success is consistency and patience since it will take some time. When screaming occurs, remain calm and ignore it for as long as possible.

Whenever your Eclectus is screaming, do not handle him, feed him, or yell at him. In this way, screaming is reinforced as a technique for gaining your attention. As soon as your Eclectus stops screaming, reward him or her with a treat or some playtime.

When he realizes that he cannot get your attention by screaming, he should cease his efforts. To prevent undesirable behaviors and reduce boredom, ensure that your Eclectus cage is stocked with ample stimulating toys and foraging devices.


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