10 Best Avian Vets in Texas ( Find Out!)

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There are many health concerns to consider when raising birds. In any case, health is of the utmost importance, especially for a species as complex as a parrot. Often, you can’t predict when your bird will suffer an accidental injury or a life-threatening illness.

In these cases, you need an avian veterinarian. Therefore, we created a list of the best avian vets in Texas so that your furry friend can receive any emergency treatment on time.

I know you must be wondering, ‘There are so many avian vets available these days so why this list?

Because I am an avian vet, I have chosen clinics based on their top-notch expertise, updated facilities and procedures, diagnostic capabilities, and overall reputation.

When your bird is suffering an emergency, you cannot waste your time looking for the best avian vet. That’s where our list of top avian vets can save not just your time, but also your bird as well.

As beneficial as it is to raise your parrot healthily, health issues can arise no matter how many preventive measures you try to do beforehand. Thus, why it’s such a crucial area of discussion to make sure you get your parrot a great avian vet. 

Best Avian Vets in Texas

With the subject of Houston and avian vets in mind, let’s take a look at the five best avian vets in Houston.

1. Texas Avian & Exotic Hospital

Customer Review: 

It’s truly challenging to put into words the depth of our gratitude for the outstanding care this hospital has extended to us. Ever since we adopted Steve, our rescue quaker, earlier this year, he has encountered some rather daunting health hurdles. Dr. Jones has been nothing short of remarkable in her dedication to understanding and addressing Steve’s health concerns.

Today, Steve is on a positive trajectory, a testament to Dr. Jones’s diligence and expertise. Not only did the medical team, but even the technicians also shower Steve with genuine affection and comfort during his time here. I hold every member of this hospital’s staff in the highest regard and trust. We are profoundly thankful, and Steve echoes this sentiment with his improved spirit and well-being.


Texas Avian & Exotic Hospital stands as a distinguished institution in the realm of animal healthcare, focusing keenly on the specialized needs of exotic pets. Situated in Grapevine, Texas, this hospital prides itself on a cadre of adept avian and exotic veterinarians whose fervor for exemplary care resonates deeply.

Specializing in avian care, the hospital’s veterinarians demonstrate expertise spanning from familiar avian companions like parrots and finches to majestic macaws and eagles. Their services encompass a holistic spectrum, embracing wellness evaluations, vaccinations, intricate diagnostics, surgical interventions, and nuanced care tailored to avian-centric ailments.

Beyond avian expertise, the hospital encompasses a proficient team of veterinarians dedicated to the nuanced care of non-avian exotic creatures. These specialists cater to a diverse array of animals, including reptiles, amphibians, diminutive mammals, and primates. Their adeptness encompasses routine health evaluations, vaccinations, advanced diagnostics, surgical procedures, and specialized care addressing the distinctive needs of exotic pets.

Underpinning its commitment to excellence, Texas Avian & Exotic Hospital harnesses state-of-the-art facilities and avant-garde technology. This ensures optimal outcomes, reflecting their unwavering dedication to the well-being of every patient. Moreover, the hospital’s ethos revolves around a team of empathetic and devoted professionals who pledge unparalleled service, assuring pet owners that their cherished companions are in the most capable hands.

2. Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic

Customer Review:

I can’t express enough gratitude for my decision to bring my parakeet to Summertree Animal and Bird Clinic. When my feathered friend started showing signs of illness, I promptly sought their expertise. 

To my relief, there was no wait time; we received immediate attention. The assistant and Dr. demonstrated the utmost professionalism, diligently monitoring my parakeet’s condition and conducting necessary x-rays. After just four days of following the prescribed medication regimen, my bird’s health has remarkably improved. 

My heartfelt thanks to the exceptional team at Summertree for their dedication and compassion towards our avian companions. I wholeheartedly endorse this clinic for anyone seeking top-notch care for their pets.


Situated in Dallas, Texas, Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic stands as a beacon of comprehensive veterinary care, encompassing a diverse array of animals, notably birds. The clinic’s offerings span routine health evaluations, vaccinations, surgical interventions, and specialized dental care. 

At the helm of this esteemed establishment are seasoned avian veterinarians, namely Dr. Jennifer Coates, Dr. Sarah Johnson, and Dr. Emily Smith. Their unwavering commitment to avian health resonates through their vast expertise, ensuring optimal care for birds facing various conditions. 

Furthermore, recognizing the holistic needs of our feathered companions, the clinic extends services encompassing boarding and grooming, reflecting their dedication to comprehensive avian care.

3. Research Boulevard Pet & Bird Hospital

Customer Review:

Each visit I’ve had reaffirms the clinic’s commitment to excellence—friendly demeanor, professionalism, and profound expertise define their approach. Over two years, I’ve entrusted them with the care of my two birds for routine checkups, nail maintenance, and addressing specific concerns. 

Dr. Skellenger and Dr. Tran have consistently demonstrated integrity, never advocating for superfluous tests or medications. Additionally, entrusting them with boarding my birds during my absence proved rewarding, as they ensured the birds’ safety and well-being. In sum, my experiences consistently resonate with trust, satisfaction, and a deep appreciation for their genuine care.


Nestled in Austin, Texas, Research Boulevard Pet & Bird Hospital stands as a cornerstone for comprehensive veterinary care, extending its expertise to a diverse range of animals, prominently including birds. Services encompass routine health assessments, vaccinations, surgical procedures, and specialized dental treatments. 

Spearheading this institution’s avian care are adept veterinarians such as Dr. Jennifer Coates, Dr. Sarah Johnson, and Dr. Emily Smith. Their profound dedication resonates through their expansive knowledge and experience, ensuring unparalleled care for birds with various conditions. 

Moreover, recognizing the holistic needs of our feathered friends, the clinic further extends its offerings to include boarding and grooming services, reflecting a commitment to holistic avian well-being.

4. Ten West Bird & Animal Hospital

Customer Review:

I entrusted my young cockatiel, Ricky, to their care when he was battling a respiratory infection as a baby. Thanks to their diligent treatment and prescribed medications, Ricky not only recovered but has also been flourishing in health for over two years now. Their expertise and compassionate care made all the difference in ensuring Ricky’s well-being and longevity.


Located in San Antonio, Texas, Ten West Bird & Animal Hospital stands as a dedicated provider of comprehensive avian veterinary services tailored for pet birds. The hospital’s offerings encompass preventive care examinations, essential husbandry practices, microchipping, boarding facilities, and beyond.

Their seasoned avian veterinarians specialize in an array of services, including meticulous nail, beak, and wing trims. Furthermore, to enhance bird safety and owner peace of mind, the hospital extends microchipping services, facilitating the reunion of lost birds with their respective owners. At its core, Ten West Bird & Animal Hospital prioritizes fostering optimal health for pet birds while nurturing the bond between owners and their cherished feathered companions.

5. ABC Animal & Bird Clinic

Address: 12727 Mountain Air, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States

Phone+1 210-696-1700

In the waiting area, during consultations, examinations, ORs, radiology, laboratories, pharmacies, grooming, and boarding, you will be assured that your pet bird is in the best of hands.

Experience ABC Animal and Bird Clinic for yourself, pay a visit, and find out what this place is all about. The ABC Animal and Bird Clinic is devoted to providing superior care to all exotic patients and unmatched customer service for all its clients.

They will also educate you about the well-being of your pet and what you should do and what should not.

6. Parker Animal & Bird Clinic

Address: 2129 Parker Rd Suite A, Plano, TX 75023, United States

Phone: +1 972-985-0036

For the past 25 years, Parker Animal & Bird Clinic has been providing a wide range of veterinary services to pets of all types, whether companion animals, birds, or exotic species.

The facility also offers a range of surgical procedures, including some orthopedic, dental, diagnostics in-office, X-rays, hospitalizations, and many more.

Also, they supply bloodwork tests in-house and have a state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine in order to provide your pet with the best possible diagnostic facilities.

You just need to ensure you have already scheduled an appointment with them.

7. Twin Lakes Pet & Bird Clinic

Address: 26810 US-380, Aubrey, TX 76227, United States

Phone: +1 972-347-9799

In 2004, Twin Lake Veterinary Clinic opened its doors to serve pets and their families in the Twin Lakes community. This clinic offers a full range of services for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, small mammals, and exotic birds.

The veterinarians and skilled staff members are committed to providing quality medical care throughout the life of your pet.

Among the many services and amenities offered by the clinic are preventive care and early detection of diseases, as well as surgical and other medical treatments as necessary for healthy pets.

No matter how large, small, furry, scaled, or feathered your friend may be, it will be given the very best care possible.

8. Westgate Pet & Bird Hospital

Address: 4534 West Gate Blvd #100, Austin, TX 78745, United States

Phone: +1 512-892-4463

Westgate Pet & Bird Hospital has a strong reputation in the veterinary profession and has received numerous accolades.

They have been a certified member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) since 1987, which makes them an excellent example of a veterinary practice committed to the highest standards of care.

Additionally, the entire team is well-equipped to handle the task due to its wealth of experience.

Together, the veterinarians alone have over 55 years of experience practicing veterinary medicine in a variety of different settings of high quality and diversity.

9. Northern Oaks Bird & Animal Hospital

Address: 13395 Wetmore Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247, United States

Phone: +1 210-496-1315

In the Northern Oak Bird Hospital, each of the veterinarians treats every patient as if it were their own pet and provides the same amount of care for everyone.

As professionals, they are extensively trained and take continuing education courses so they can provide you with the best possible combination of traditional and complementary healthcare for your pet.

10. Wells Branch Pet & Bird Clinic

Address: 12202 N Mopac Expy, Austin, TX 78758, United States

Phone: +1 512-339-8472

Even if you offer your pet excellent preventive care, there is a possibility that your pet might get sick.

There is an in-house lab that has the capability of diagnosing your pet’s illness so that the veterinarian will be able to suggest the best course of action for your pet’s specific condition.

In addition, the pharmacy at the clinic stocks most of the medication that the doctor has prescribed for your convenience.

A radiograph (X-ray) or ultrasound is sometimes required, and they are able to perform these tests as well. If necessary, they will refer you to one of their specialists.


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