Can budgie die from stress? ( Find Out)

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Can budgie die from stress

When humans can get stressed so why not these little sensitive creatures? And you know what budgies can die immediately from stress. When a budgie undergoes stress, its body produces the adrenaline hormone. A sudden increase in heart rate causes death as reported by expert veterinarians.

Yes! A budgie can indeed die from stress. It can lead to infections, starvation, injuries, and organ complications of a wide variety.

Budgies don’t show their emotions by crying or raising their noise. It’s you who have to uncover their emotions and discomforts. We all know that keeping your feather stress free all the time is impossible, but it can be an epic success if you give your all.

You want to know about the stress of the budgies and its worst effect. Let’s dig a little deeper and you will learn the untold ways that can risk your budgie’s life.

Can budgie die from stress?

Causes of stress in parakeets:

Let’s explore the reasons that can cause stress in these little birds:

A new location:

Believe it or not, birds are very sensitive to their place. If you change the location of your budgies it can be a reason for their stress. So, it is recommended to introduce them to the new place gradually and by allowing them to explore the room at their own pace. 

Other pets at home:

Strictly speaking, birds are so delicate that if they see other pets like cats and dogs prying on them, it will scare their guts.  The constant noise and staring at the birds may cause severe stress to the parakeets. It is advisable to place them away from other pets in the house.


We all know that birds live in the flock naturally. So, if you place them alone in the cage it might be a reason for the stress in the budgies. It is recommended to have a pair of budgies in your house or be around them if you have the only budgie.

New Toys:

New toys can be a reason for stress in the birds. They can perceive these toys as life-threatening weapons. So, never place these toys directly in the cage just place them somewhere outside of the cage and let them get used to it. 

Symptoms of Stress in budgies:

According to different avian vet experts when you see certain changes in your birds’ attitude then it is a sign of stress in budgies.

  • Self-mutilation
  • Feather plucking
  • Damaged skin
  • Infectious body
  • Lack of movement

Treatment of stress in budgies:

You can calm down your budgie from stress. Through the following steps,

  • Turn down the lights
  • Remove other pets around the cage
  • Give them a more varied diet
  • Hang several types of perches at a distance
  • Add different types of toys
  • Give space to fly and explore
  • Soothe And Reward The Budgie
  • Gentle Handling
  • Parasite Control
  • Good hygiene in the cage

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a budgie die from cold?

Yes, parakeets can die from cold weather. If you discover that your budgie is puffing into its feather, lack of movement, crouching, loss of appetite, lethargy, heavy breathing, not flying, and fluid from the eyes and nose. Then your budgie is suffering from the cold and you should do an immediate visit to the avian vet.

What does a dying budgie look like?

Unusual feather plucking can indicate that your budgie is dying. It may be so ill that it cannot maintain its feathers. So, if you observe thin or weak feathers it might be due to severe illness that its body is wasting away.

Final Verdict: 

Don’t worry! You can manage to calm the stress. But the key is to spot when your budgie is stressed and to help it calm down.  You can do it. Just by removing the stressors, soothing your budgie, or getting medical attention, its body can recover from the strain.

Hopefully, this article will help you narrow down exactly what’s happening with your budgie and if you need a vet’s help. If you want to learn more about the budgies let us know in the comment section below.

It will be highly appreciated.


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