Can Budgies Eat Cilantro ( Find Out!)

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The herb cilantro, or coriander as it’s also known, is one of the herbs commonly used in the kitchen as a seasoning. Often, the leaf, as well as the stem of the herb, is used. As a vegetable, it is very popular as an ingredient in many recipes. However, nobody often feeds it directly to budgies. If you are planning to do so, your first question will be, can budgies eat cilantro.

Can Budgies Eat Cilantro

As a potent medicinal herb, coriander can be used in a wide range of treatments including stomach cramps, colic, headaches, and even arthritis. There is a strong germicidal effect in the seeds and leaves which makes them very useful in the prevention of salmonella infections. Therefore, it is useful when budgies are suffering from Diarrhea.

Is cilantro safe for Budgies?

Budgies can consume cilantro and other herbs safely, as they are safe for other birds as well. The herb is rich in many excellent nutrients that will surely delight your pet. Also, cilantro offers a lot of taste and flavor which budgies will love, providing them with a great meal. If you decide to introduce this plant to budgies, you will not face any difficulties.

Health Benefits of Cilantro for Budgies

There are several medicinal properties associated with cilantro herbs. This means that they have many beneficial effects on the bird. So, let’s find out what each one of them has to offer.

Decrease blood sugar Level

Parrots with diabetes can benefit from cilantro’s effects on decreasing blood sugar and increasing insulin production.

 Support the immune system

Antioxidants have been demonstrated to alleviate inflammation in the body, as well as offer benefits to the immune system, nootropics, and neuroprotection. In addition, they prevent cells from being damaged by free radicals.

Improves brain function

The anti-inflammatory properties of cilantro are excellent for preventing your bird from contracting other diseases. Also, they aid in memory enhancement and anxiety reduction.

High in Vitamin A

There is a substantial increase in vitamin A consumption in birds that eat cilantro. A nutrient like a vitamin A is vital for a bird’s health and should be kept in mind when thinking of its diet.

Besides, you will also want to recognize the importance of vitamin K, which you can find in cilantro. Cilantro provides substantial nutritional value for birds, mainly because of the nutrients it contains.

Nutrients are very important to birds because they help them live healthier lives. It is important to consider how well it stays fresh, how long it stays in shape and the way it ages. Many details are important whether you are caring for a pet bird or a garden bird.

Promotes Stronger Heart

Birds’ heart is one of the most important organs for their health. If you are trying to determine whether or not a bird is healthy, then this is an extremely important aspect to take into consideration.

Although, birds sometimes do not get the chance to eat enough heart-friendly foods as they lack access to the necessary food sources. It is for this reason that cilantro is very beneficial to birds.

It does not matter how small your teaspoon is, even the tiniest amount will help keep the bird’s heart in good condition! Cilantro is going to affect more than just the heart when it comes to health.

There is no doubt that if you give cilantro to a bird over time, you will notice that the bird will have improved health. This is going to affect the immune system as well as everything else in the bird.

There should never be any situation in which you are not taking into consideration the heart health of the bird. Among the many things that bird owners should consider is choosing heart-friendly bird foods, such as cilantro.

Risks associated with feeding Cilantro to Budgies?

You have no risk of injuring your budgies if you feed them Cilantro in small portions, but please make sure that you do not feed them too much Cilantro.

It should be noted that cilantro may be used in only a particular amount because it is similar in that respect to other herbs.

If you are watching your budgies carefully, you should let them take a handful of Cilantro every so often, and that should be adequate for the day. If you wish to feed your budgies some seasoning along with its Cilantro, you can do so as well.

How much cilantro can Budgies eat?

As a general rule, when it comes to feeding vegetables to birds, it is usually given to the birds between 8-10% of their mass, which is typically around 4 or 3 grams, but remember that is for mixed feed.

If a budgie were to be fed a couple of cilantro leaves once or twice a week, then he or she would not suffer any harm from having that as a diet.


Cilantro is a food Budgie can eat and you don’t have to worry about any risks associated with it. Herbs like this one are very rich in vitamins and minerals, both of which are important to the body’s health.

One of the most fascinating properties of this herb is its germicidal abilities. For medical purposes, Cilantro has been used for centuries and can have a wide range of benefits for budgies in terms of health.

Although it is recommended not to overindulge in it to the point where it causes any harm. When you feed cilantro to your budgie, just keep it in moderation and you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your bird.

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