Can Budgies Eat Kiwis ( Find out!)

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Can Budgies eat Kiwi

There is almost nothing you cannot feed your chatty bird when it comes to fruits! Fruits are a thing that can be enjoyed as long as they are prepared properly and in moderation. According to our recommendations, you should not add fruit to your bird’s diet more than 10% at a time, with some fruits needing to be removed from their seeds and pits. Is kiwi on your list? Can budgies eat kiwi? The simple answer is

 Make sure you do not give them too much fruit, or they might struggle to digest it. We would like to point out a few more things that you should be aware of before you feed kiwis to your budgies.

Can Budgies eat Kiwi

Health Benefits of Kiwi to Budgies

To keep your budgies healthy, Kiwi fruits contain a lot of nutritional content. However, what can we expect from this fruit in terms of nutrition? Kiwi fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and a whole bunch of other things. Let us take a closer look at each of these benefits one by one.


In order to maintain bone strength and promote healthy bone growth, Calcium is essential.

Vitamin C

This vitamin plays an important role in maintaining a healthy set of bones, muscles, and blood vessels. The vitamin C molecule helps the body to absorb iron and produce red blood cells as well.

Vitamin E

In addition to supporting a strong immune system, this vitamin also supports healthy eyesight and healthy skin.

Vitamin K

The anticoagulant activity of this vitamin helps in preventing blood clots. It is very common for budgies to bleed excessively due to minor injuries if their vitamin K levels are not sufficient.


This is a very important factor for the health of the heart, bones, and metabolism.

Vitamin A

I believe that this is a very vital component that is needed to assist each organ in the body of the budgie to function properly. Vitamin A is essential not only for the growth of cells and tissues but also for the development of skeletal tissues, the ability to see, as well as the growth of healthy feathers.

Side Effect of Feeding Too Much Kiwi

The diet of budgies must include a diversity of fruit, vegetables, grains, seeds, and nuts, as this will help them remain healthy and strong. It is important to note that excessive consumption of Kiwis can cause them to give up other vegetables and fruits.

This can lead to an unbalanced intake of vitamins. In addition, there is a reason as to why you should limit the amount of Kiwis your budgies consume, as they have a lot of sugar in them.

The fact that budgies are so fond of overripe fruits is especially evident in their consumption. There are approximately 2 grams of sugar contained in a medium-sized Kiwi fruit. This amount of sugar may be able to cause indigestion or diarrhea in small birds.

How to feed Kiwi to budgies

A kiwi has soft skin that will make it easy for budgies to bite through, as opposed to a melon, banana, or orange. It would be easier for the bird to consume the fruit if it was peeled for the bird.

Additionally, peeling the fruit might help the birds understand that it is food when the fruit is sniffed out and understood that it is food. The fruit skin side up can be placed on the table with half the skin left on the fruit.

Generally speaking, birds will either peel the skin off themselves when eating the fruit or eat the fruit without noticing the skin, assuming that the fruit does not have pesticides on it.

You should make sure that you offer small pieces of kiwi when feeding it to a bird, as birds are known to love the sugar contained in fruits and will therefore have a difficult time stopping eating.

There is a risk of overdosing on fruit if it is given too much to the child. Additionally, if you offer them smaller amounts of fruit or even slice the fruit, that will significantly reduce the likelihood of the bird being negatively affected.

How Much Kiwi a Budgie Should Eat?

There are several fruits, berries, and vegetables that can be included in the diet of your bird to ensure that they are enjoying a healthy diet. In other words, if you take away vegetables, fruits constitute approximately a quarter of the diet of a parrot.

The principle is to choose a variety of fruits and vegetables. In order for your pet to receive the maximum number of vitamins and minerals, try mixing various fruits and trying different combinations.

A whole Kiwi should not be given to your pet more than once a week if you are planning to give them one. I would recommend that you give your pet Kiwis about 2-3 times a week, alongside other fruits and vegetables to provide a well-balanced diet.

Can budgies eat kiwi skin?

The skin of kiwis is generally considered safe for budgies to eat. On the other hand, if your kiwi is sprayed with pesticides, it can make your bird extremely ill as they can cause food poisoning.

You should peel any fruit or vegetable that is not organic, as toxic chemicals tend to accumulate beneath the skin of these foods. Despite what it might sound like, birds are really sensitive to pesticides and herbicides and are quite sensitive to them.

Having them ill doesn’t take much. You have to be careful about these things since it doesn’t take much to make them misshapen.

Can budgies eat kiwi seeds?

Budgies enjoy eating the seeds of kiwi fruit. There’s nothing dangerous about these seeds, as they are too small for a bird to choke on, and they are not poisonous.


The budgies can eat kiwi with no problem and they will enjoy it greatly as well. Kiwi can be a healthy treat when it is included in the balanced diet of your bird and is an excellent addition to their diet.

Due to the high sugar content in this fruit, it is advisable to feed it in moderation. There is a wide range of food that your parakeet can eat, which includes pellets, seeds, fruits, and vegetables, so you can change up the variety of food that you provide.

You must do this for your bird’s health and happiness, as well as to keep him excited about eating new foods.


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