Can Budgies eat meat? (Revealed!)

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You love your feather friends. You are curious about their dietary routine. Want to make a dietary pattern to accomplish their nutritional need. You wonder! Can budgies eat meat? Yes, they can! They can have specific types of cooked meat only in their meals.

It has been observed that pet birds’ nutrition is commonly neglected. So, you need to visit the avian veterinarian to consult about the nutritional status of your birds. Birds usually need a lot of proteins for a healthy life. Proteins help them in tissue development and support muscle.

If your bird is having more fruits and vegetables in its diet then you should add a little amount of meat to fulfill its protein requirement.

 You want them to be healthy and have all the essential nutrients. The addition of meat to meals few times a week can be beneficial. But keep in mind that overfeeding your birds can lead to health problems.

So, balance is the key!

Can Budgies eat meat?

Type of meat budgies can eat:

You can add a variety of meat to the budgies meal. But make sure that the meat is cooked. Raw meat contains a lot of unhealthy bacteria that are indigenous to health.


If you want to feed your budgie some white meat then low mercury fish is the best option. Trout, mackerel, and sardines could be good options. No doubt fish contains healthy fat that lacks fresh fruits and vegetables so it will be a treat to your buddy.


The best and most popular protein source is poultry. Turkey, chicken, and duck are all tasty options for your feather friend. It contains all the healthy protein without excessive fat.

Chicken bones and Egg food:

Chicken bones are another healthy option. This is because birds love cracking into the bones to get to the soft, nutritious marrow inside. Eggs can also be served to the budgies because they have complete nutrition. You can serve them scrambled eggs or any other cooked form of the egg without adding any spices.

Types of meat budgies can’t eat:

You should avoid feeding your budgies with certain meat listed below. Because minute quantity can harm your bird.

Cold Cuts:

A big no! cold cuts or any kind of processed food is strictly prohibited for budgies. They are usually loaded with fillers and preservatives. Cold cuts tend to contain a lot of sodium as well. So, it is recommended to avoid adding it to the budgies meals.

Cured Meat:

NO! NO! NO! Cured meat contains a higher amount of sodium and nitrates. Any type including bacon, ham steaks, or sausages all are considered unhealthy for the birds so avoid using them for your buddy meal.

Things to Know

What are the risk factors associated with the meat to feed budgies?

  • Processed meat can contain antibiotics.
  • It’s high in calories. 
  • It can be too much protein. 
  • It can be high cholesterol and saturated fats. 
  • It can be too fatty. 

How to prepare meat for the budgies?

The best way to cook meat for your budgies is to prepare a simple meal. Don’t add spices, salt, or fat to the meal.  Keep it as simple as you can. Fried or salted meat is not recommended for the budgies. But make sure to cook the meat properly. Raw meat can lead to food-borne illness.

Final Verdict:

All in all, the quantity of meat you should feed your budgies depends on their dietary habits. If you are already adding pellets or seeds to the diet then the addition of meat is not recommended. But if budgies are having a fruits and vegetables-based diet then it is recommended to add meat to fulfill their protein requirement for a healthy body.

It is always a good idea to pay attention to nutrition labels on your bird’s food to ensure your bird is getting a proper mix of all the required nutrients.

Thank you for reading the article. Hopefully, this article will help you in maintaining your budgies’ nutrition. If you want to learn more about the health and nutrition of the budgies let us know in the comment section below.

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