Can Senegal Parrots Eat Strawberries? ( Vet’s Opinion)

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As a veterinarian, I come across this query often; Can Senegal Parrots Eat Strawberries? Your concern is right as Senegal parrots are sensitive birds but let me tell you that strawberries are safe for them.

Researchers say that Senegal parrots that have 15% fruits in their diet are the most healthy among others. Scientifically speaking, strawberries contain 46.1 calories, 84.7mg of vitamin C, 3.2 vitamin K, 2.9 grams of fiber, and 220 mg of potassium.

Despite it containing a lot of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, it also possesses a great taste. Not only humans, but parrots also love it.  

However, be warned about two things while feeding strawberries to your parrots; pesticides and quantity of the strawberries. I will be discussing them in detail.

Generally,  there is no harm in feeding strawberries to Senegal parrots. I know you are inquisitive to know more about it. Don’t worry, I have carried out detailed research for you, let’s begin.

Can Senegal Parrots Eat Strawberries?

Yes, the strawberries are perfectly fine for Senegal parrots. Not only this, organic strawberries are highly recommended for the good health of parrots.

Moreover, the Senegal parrot can also eat the leaves of strawberries. Yes, you heard it right; all you need to do is to wash them properly to disinfect them.

Being a veterinarian, I have observed that Senegal parrots are fond of strawberries but some of the parrots may be allergic to them. So be aware of the physical health of your parrot.

Also, it is said, “excess is poison”. Never feed your Senegal too many strawberries. Keep a keen check on the quantity.

Are There Any Nutritional Benefits of Strawberries?

Being said, strawberries are rich in nutrients. Strawberries also fulfill the requirement of iron and copper by the parrots. Let’s discuss the nutritional benefits of strawberries.

  • Vitamins

Vitamin B9 and vitamin K are the two important vitamins present in strawberries. They both play a vital role in maintaining the health of the parrot.

Do you want to strengthen the immune system of your parrot? I mean start giving strawberries to them. It contains Vitamin C that keeps parrots off from any form of illnesses and helps them in quick recovery.

     Also, Vitamin B9 present in strawberries promotes the normal functioning of white blood cells, DNA, and cell division.

  • Minerals

   It is no hidden fact that strawberries contain several minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, and manganese. All of them have their benefits.

Nevertheless, if you want proper blood circulation and normal functioning of the brain and nerves then what are you waiting for? Strawberries contain all the essential minerals that can assist you in this.

  • Fiber

Parrots need fiber to maintain the proper digestion of their stomach and also prevent constipation. Now, is there any need to mention that strawberries contain fiber in an abundant amount?

  • Antioxidants

Antioxidants in the strawberries keep the parrots away from major diseases. It strengthens the muscles of their heart as well.

How To Feed Strawberries to Senegal Parrots?

It is important to be aware of the way how to feed strawberries to Senegal parrots because the absence of knowledge may take away the life of your bird.

First of all, just know that strawberries may result in fatal disease or death of your bird if you don’t wash them properly. Always prefer feeding fresh and raw strawberries to your bird.

Secondly, Senegal parrots can eat full strawberries. But it’s better to chop it into small pieces as it eases the process of swallowing and reduces the chances of choking.

Thirdly, you can also feed them the leaves of the strawberries. Be vigilant while feeding the leaves and throw away any defective leave. Generally, it is safe to give strawberry leaves to your parrot.

Next, you may have been white dots on the outside of the strawberries, these are called seeds. They are beneficial and have no harm. Also, they are tiny and easy to chew for parrots.

Have you heard about giving strawberry juice to Senegal parrots? You may add a little juice to the water. It will create a pleasing aroma and prevent the parrot from dehydration.

What Are The Risks of Feeding Strawberries to Senegal Parrots?

There are no major harmful effects of feeding the strawberries yet it has been observed that the calyxes of strawberries often disturb the digestive system of parrots. It results in severe diarrhea.

Are you intrigued about the reason? Let me tell you that among all the fruits, strawberries are the most vulnerable to pesticides.  

The research carried out in 2015 revealed; strawberries are one of the most pesticide-contaminated fruits and vegetables number 4 of 12 on that list.

Pesticides are a great threat to your parrots. For sure, you don’t want to put the life of your parrot at risk; feed them organic strawberries.

No doubt that wild strawberries are tasty but you should be aware of their harmful effects of it.

How to Get Rid of Pesticides from Strawberries?

Make sure you don’t put the life of an innocent bird at stake. To avoid this, you need to know the proper way of washing strawberries.

Wash them with cold water. Then take warm water and salt in it. Dip the strawberries in salty water. Leave it for 5-10 minutes.

In the end, wash it with luke water or vinegar. Dry out it with tissue or cloth.  

Final Thoughts

Hence, your Senegal parrot will never mind eating strawberries. Prefer not to buy from the market? Then? The best thing is to enjoy the strawberries in your backyard as it contains enough nutrients with zero harm.

Also, don’t overfeed your parrot, and keep a keen check. In case of emergency, consult any veterinarian near you.  

People Also Ask

How Often Can Senegal Parrots Eat Strawberries

Senegal parrots have a sensitive digestive system. Try to give only one or two strawberries a day and keep regulating their number.

Also, strawberries have a high amount of sugar, which can be harmful to your parrot. Don’t exceed the recommended amount.


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