Can Sun Conures Talk? (Avian Vet Reviewed))

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Sun conures are a small, colorful species of parrot native to South America. They are popular birds for pet owners due to their beautiful feathers and playful personalities. But one of the biggest questions people ask is: Can sun conures talk? According to AFA WatchBird, a sun conure can imitate sounds although it is not a great talker. When trained properly, your sun conure will wake you up by shouting, “Gimme a kiss”. What a nice thing to see. These birds are not well-known for their vocalizations.

They have difficulty speaking. In a loud voice, they may speak a few words, but that is all they say. When it comes to noise, anticipate typical parrot greetings in the morning and evening. Occasionally, they might get a bit enthusiastic. However, generally speaking, they are quite endearing and affectionate creatures.

In the event you are expecting your sun conure to speak in the same manner as African Greys, Macaws, and Amazon parrots, you are wasting your time.

A sun conure is ranked low in terms of its ability to speak in the parrot world. However, they can mimic certain other sounds like the doorbell, and television, and are very loud. Continue reading to learn more about Sun conures’ talking ability.

Sun Conures Talking Skills

Sun conures have limited talking abilities. Sun conures do not always talk, so if you have one in your life there is no guarantee that it will do so in the future. Although some sun conures may not learn to speak as readily as some other birds, with patience and effort some can indeed acquire the ability to speak.

A talking sun conure generally does not develop an extensive vocabulary, usually learning only a few words and phrases. Conures are not as adept at copying human speech as other types of parrots, such as chatty African gray parrots.

Despite this, there are exceptions to the rule, and some sun conures are particularly gifted at speaking.

The Ability to Learn Human Language

A sun conure has a limited ability to learn human language compared to other best-talking parrots such as the African grey. The majority of Sun Conures are not capable of talking, but some individuals have been able to learn a few dozen words. A Sun Conure is unlikely to develop the talking abilities of other types of parrots, such as Amazons and Macaws.

The most commonly mimicked sounds are whistles, microwaves, doorbells, and telephones. In some instances, Sun Conures can make no imitation of any sounds at all, and instead carry on as usual with their usual vocalizations.

Common Sun Conure Sounds Several sun conures can learn some speech, and some also duplicate the sounds heard in their daily lives. 

It is not uncommon for sun conures to copy the sounds of daily life, such as microwaves, treadmills, televisions, cell phones, or barking dogs.

Training Your Sun Conure To Speak

Parrots are like small human children in many ways. They learn to talk just as a child would, and they go through the same developmental stages of speech development. 

Sun conures are particularly good mimics when it comes to vocalization, but with some patience and dedication, you can train your sun conure to speak words and phrases too.

 Here are 5 simple steps that will help your sun conure learn to communicate:

  1. Spend time socializing with them daily
  2.  Reward positive behavior
  3. Speak clearly around them
  4.  Repetition is key for teaching new words/phrases
  5.  Be patient while encouraging progress

Socializing birds play an important role in their speech development; the more comfortable they feel around humans, the easier it is for them to mimic sounds.

When speaking directly towards your bird be sure to use direct eye contact and emphasize certain syllables or tones so that they become familiar with different sound patterns.

You may have to repeat words several times before the bird begins using them correctly on its own – this step is crucial for training purposes! Encourage any signs of progress no matter how small, as this will fuel further communication between you two.

With consistency, your sun conure should begin to pick up some new vocabulary as he adapts to his environment. When your bird doesn’t talk back after weeks or months of trying, try taking him outside so he can observe other parrots talking.

Hearing others engage in conversation could potentially spark something inside him! Remember: every bird learns differently at their own pace – be persistent and soon enough you’ll both be talking away!

What To Do If Your Sun Conure Does Not Talk

If your Sun Conure has not yet begun talking, don’t worry. It may just be a matter of patience and time before they start forming words and phrases. Playing music and gently speaking to them throughout the day can help encourage the process along.

As an additional incentive, offering treats as rewards for mimicking sounds is also beneficial in teaching new words. One way to ensure success is by creating a consistent environment that allows your conure to build trust and familiarity.

Set aside some special bonding time where you sit close together while reading stories or singing songs. This will give your bird opportunities to learn from you and practice their vocalization skills.

Furthermore, try making up simple games like calling out colors or objects around the room so that they can practice saying each word back to you correctly.

The more comfortable and confident your Sun Conure feels interacting with its environment, the easier it will be for them to learn how to talk!

Indeed, some Sun Conures may never become as chatty as others but with patience and dedication, most will expand their vocabulary over time.

With consistent training using appropriate teaching methods, you’ll likely find yourself surprised by all the common phrases your pet has learned!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Train A Sun Conure To Speak?

Training a sun conure to speak is no small feat; it requires significant dedication and patience.

It can take days, months, or even years to train a sun conure to talk. In addition, there are chances that your sun Conure may not even talk.

At what age do sun conures talk?

A Sun Conure may begin to talk when it is one year old or more. However, it is a possibility that it may not talk at all.


Yes, Sun Conures can talk but they are not compatible with Macaws, African Greys, and Cockatoos in terms of talking ability! It may take time and patience to train one of these birds to speak, but it is certainly possible.

I had a friend who trained her sun conure to say “hello” when visitors would come by. Everyone was so surprised at how quickly the bird picked up the word with just a few weeks of consistent training.

However, some sun conures may not speak at all. So, if you are seeking the best talking bird, the sun conure is not the one for you.


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