Do Senegal Parrots Make Good Pets? (8 Reasons Why)

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A Senegal parrot is a beautiful bird with a friendly disposition. It is a member of a family of birds that is known for its excellent pet qualities, its quietness, and its remarkably calm temperament. And if you are looking to adopt one, you must be wondering: do Senegal parrots make good pets?

Yes, Senegal parrots make good pets. The Senegal parrot has yellow irises and a blocky head, but its intense gaze should not lead you to conclude that it is always tense. Among the Poicephalus species, Senegal parrots are the most outgoing and playful. It has a sweet yet humorous disposition and is very easy to take care of. I would therefore recommend them to a first-time bird owner.

Although they have a sweet and soothing voice and they talk and mimic you, they are not as loud as other large parrots. So, all in all, Senegal parrots are a complete package and would definitely make wonderful pets.

8 Reasons Why Senegal Parrots Make Good Pets

1. Perfect for beginners

Sure, they’re a great choice for first-timers. The species is quite easy to train, does not require much maintenance, and does not make as much noise as other species.

However, new owners should keep in mind that almost any parrot can pose some challenges. The experience of owning a parrot is unlike any other.

As intelligent individuals, they have a number of very specific needs in order to be happy. You should spend a great deal of time researching and preparing before purchasing a parrot. Make sure you understand what you are entering into.

2. Easy-going and Affectionate

Senegals that are hand-fed make exceptional pets and are known for their comical and entertaining qualities. A well-socialized Senegal usually has a pleasant personality. In addition, they are very easy to handle and blend well with humans.

These adorable and highly trainable parrots have a knack for bringing their owners great entertainment and enjoyment.

The Senegal parrot is known for its affectionate personality and enjoys spending time with its owners. They can become aggressive and nippy when they don’t get what they want

3. Can talk but not noisy

Every bird owner wishes to own a parrot that can talk and mimic. Although many parrot species are excellent talkers, they are also very noisy. Therefore, they are not appropriate for apartment dwellers.

However, Senegal parrots do not make noise. In fact, the sound they produce is very soothing and sweet. As a result, Senegal parrots are an ideal choice for apartment dwellers.

4. Less expensive

There are some parrots that are extremely expensive, such as Macaws and African gray parrots. Furthermore, they require a high level of maintenance.

Therefore, if you have a limited budget, these parrots would not be the best choice. Alternatively, Senegal parrots are more affordable. They can cost you around $700-$1000.

5. Longevity

The Senegal parrot has a life expectancy of up to 50 years, making it a suitable companion for life. Thus, Senegal parrots are a good choice for those who are seeking a long-term commitment.

6. Easy to Handle and Maintain

As medium-sized parrots, Senegal parrots are easier to handle and maintain than larger parrots. The Senegal parrot requires relatively little grooming and eats a simple diet.

7. Easy to train

Senegal parrots are easy to train and can learn tricks and basic commands with consistent training.

8. Adaptable

Senegal parrots are adaptable and can adjust to a variety of environments and living situations.

Is the Senegal parrot cuddly?

In general, yes, but it depends on the parrot’s training and socialization. The Senegal parrots who have been well-socialized and well-trained will be very affectionate.

The relationships between birds and humans, and specifically those between parrots, tend to be complex. Even so, it is important to recognize that parrots are highly individual creatures. A properly trained Senegal parrot is typically affectionate and cuddly.

Nevertheless, there are differences between individuals. Everyone is going to be affectionate in different ways. It’s good to prepare for their different personalities. Chances are you’ll end up with a parrot who isn’t as affectionate as you’d like.  

However, they will always seek affection from at least one individual. This usually translates into cuddliness and a desire to interact physically.


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