Eclectus Parrot Cost in 2024 (How Much Does an Eclectus Parrot Cost in 2024)

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Eclectus parrots are affectionate, fun-loving, medium-sized parrots with a wide fan base among parrot enthusiasts. Are you looking to buy an Eclectus parrot? I’m sure you’re wondering about the Eclectus parrot price.

In 2024, Eclectus parrots range in price from $1000 to $2,000. This amount must be paid when purchasing Eclectus parrots from a breeder. However, if you are fortunate enough to find one at an adoption center or shelter, you may need to pay between $300 and $700 for it.

This will be a one-time expense. However, what about the ongoing costs? Ultimately, you will require a cage to house your bird, cage accessories such as toys and perches, as well as a diet and an examination by an avian veterinarian.

So, in addition to the one-time purchase cost, you should be prepared to spend some money on ongoing expenses.

We often assume that we can afford Eclectus homes when we are enthusiastic about bringing one home. However, after a while, owners find that the expense is a financial burden.

Consequently, all costs associated with the project will need to be examined in greater detail. Let’s see how much an Eclectus parrot costs.

One-Time Price for Different Eclectus Parrot Sub-species

Each species of Eclectus parrot is priced differently and varies from breeder to breeder. The following is a list of prices for different subspecies of the Eclectus parrot in the United States.

It is important to note that all the prices below have been obtained from reputable breeders, such as and

  • Grand Eclectus Parrot: $2,000
  • Solomon Eclectus Parrot: $1500-$3500
  • Vosmeri Eclectus Parrot: $2500-$3500
  • Red-sided Eclectus Parrot: $1000-$3000

Adoption Center

Eclectus parrots can also be adopted from rescue shelters and adoption centers such as Petfinder. In some cases, you may be able to obtain one for free. Most Eclectus parrots are available at adoption centers for between $500 and $600.

Cage and Accessories Cost

If you wish to bring an Eclectus parrot home, you will need a large and well-furnished cage. A cage can be either a simple, inexpensive structure or a large, elaborate design that costs thousands of dollars.

Besides that, you need perches (ideally 2), feeding and water bowls, and toys. Furthermore, cleaning supplies are necessary to clean the mess that Eclecus parrots create while eating.

ItemPrice Range ($)
Cage Liner5-20
Calcium Block5-10
Flight Harness25-50
Cleaning Supplies10-20
Feeding Plates/Water Dishes10-25

Maintenance and ongoing costs

Each month, you are required to bear these costs. The diet of the Eclectus parrots accounts for the majority of the cost. In addition, you will need treats while training your Eclectus parrot.

Approximately once a month, your parrots will need a checkup and grooming (wing clipping and nail clipping). Also, parrots enjoy chewing on things such as toys, perches, feed, and water bowls.

This may require you to replace these items, which will further increase your maintenance costs. Lastly, Eclectus parrots have a keen sense of curiosity, and sometimes while inspecting objects, they may suffer a serious injury or infection.

In these emergency situations, you will be required to pay a substantial amount of money. Here is a breakdown of all these charges:

ItemPrice Range ($)Frequency
Diet25Per Month
Treats10Per Month
Grooming and Bathing30-40Per Month
Veterinary bills60Thrice a Year
Pet insurance10-15Per Month
Changing accessories10-30Per Month
Emergency Care300-500

Extra costs to consider

There’s not much left to say about Eclectus parrot ownership costs. However, depending on your pet and your lifestyle, there may be additional factors to consider.


For example, if you travel frequently for work or enjoy vacations, you should arrange for someone to care for your parrot while you’re gone. The person will likely have to be paid for their time unless they are extremely generous.

Tips for Save Money on Eclectus Parrot Buying and Caring

  • Get in touch with many breeders

Breeders are known to charge a high price for parrots. So, how can you reduce this cost? There is only one solution.

Ask every breeder in your area about the price of an Eclectus parrot. You may find a reputable breeder in your area that charges less than the other breeders.

  • Used Cages

In addition to the initial cost of purchasing a parrot, cages are the second largest expense you will incur.

However, there are still ways to save money in this area. There are pet shops and people who sell used cages, which are cheaper than brand-new cages. So, you can save some money by purchasing a used cage.

  • Diet

It is well known that parrots waste a great deal of food. If you monitor your part for a few days, it will be possible for you to estimate how much food your part consumes and wastes.

As a result, you will be able to calculate the amount of food they require and serve it accordingly. This will also save you a lot of money.

  • Homemade treats

Rather than purchasing pre-packaged treats from your local pet store, you can prepare your own birdseed or even share your own plate of unseasoned vegetables with your parrot.

  • Regular Vet Visit

Having your Eclectus parrot regularly examined by a veterinarian will ensure your parrot is protected from emergency situations. Additionally, ensure that parrot predators do not enter your home, as this can cause serious injuries.

Also, clip its wings to prevent it from flying into fans and injuring itself. Thus, avoiding emergency situations can help you save a significant amount of money.

  • Homemade Toys

Besides routine medical care, toys are one of the most expensive items you’ll purchase for your bird. Good news: No matter where the toys come from, your parrot will love them.

By using household items such as wire hangers, ropes, cardboard rolls of paper towels, and similar materials, you can make your own toys.

Factors Affecting the Price of an Eclectus Parrot

Several factors can affect the price of an Eclectus Parrot:

  • Breeders Reputation

Breeder reputation can influence the price of Eclectus Parrots. The price of a bird will generally be higher for a breeder with a good reputation.

Because of their good reputation, their breeding setup, and their care for the birds, they have gained a good reputation in the market. Reputable breeders are usually experienced and knowledgeable about the species they are breeding.

The breeding setup will also be of high quality. As part of this setup, the parrots will be provided with proper housing, nutrition, and veterinary care. Thus, the birds they sell can be assured of their health and quality. In turn, this can increase the value of their birds and increase their price.

Alternatively, breeders with bad reputations may charge lower prices. The reason for this may be that they may not possess the same level of experience or knowledge. In addition, their breeding setup may be poor and their birds may not be taken as well care of.

They may also have behavioral or health issues, making them less desirable and cheaper.

  • Health

One of the major factors affecting the price of a parrot is its health. The price of a parrot that is in good health is usually higher than the price of one that is not.

In good health, Eclectus parrots will have bright eyes, healthy feathers, and healthy bodies. There will also be a greater level of activity and a greater appetite in these birds.

In contrast, an Eclectus parrot that is not in good health may exhibit visible symptoms such as dull eyes, ruffled feathers, or a lack of energy. Additionally, these birds may have difficulty breathing and a poor appetite.

Oftentimes, these parrots require intensive medical treatment, which can be costly and may not live very long. In turn, this can lower their value as pets.

  • Training

An Eclectus parrot that has been trained is more expensive than an Eclectus parrot that has not been trained.

Parrots of the Eclectus species are intelligent birds capable of learning a wide variety of tricks and commands. A trained Eclectus will become more interactive and engaging with its owner, making it a more desirable pet for owners.

  • Different Color Mutation

The color mutation of an Eclectus can influence its price. For example, a rare blue mutation is more expensive than the remaining subspecies of the species. In comparison to the standard Eclectus species, they are not readily available and cost twice as much.

From Where to Buy Eclectus Parrot

Looking to get an Eclectus Parrot? Check out these places:

  1. Online Shops and Breeders: Websites like Macaw Parrot Shop, Joe Parrot Breeder, and Live Parrots offer Eclectus Parrots. They can ship them to your place.
  2. Local Breeders: In the U.S., many breeders specialize in Eclectus Parrots. For instance, Jane & Scott have been breeding them since 1991. In Beaumont, Texas, Solely Solomon Aviaries sells both adult and baby Solomon Island Eclectus Parrots.
  3. Pet Stores: Some pet stores, like Pet Supplies Plus and Bird Paradise, might have Eclectus Parrots for sale.
  4. Adoption and Rescue Centers: Interested in adopting? Check out rescue organizations like Lonely Grey Rescue in Woodbridge, NJ, Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon, and PEARL Parrot Rescue in Pittsburgh. Websites like Petfinder and Adopt a Pet can help you find Eclectus Parrots available for adoption near you.

Remember, before getting an Eclectus Parrot, do your research. These birds need a clean, warm, and mentally stimulating environment. It can live for 30-50 years. Be ready for the commitment!


Overall, the amount you spend on your Eclectus parrot will differ depending on whether or not you get it from a breeder, rescue, or shelter. However, the cost of keeping your parrot will be similar regardless of where you obtain it.

When all things are taken into consideration, you can expect to spend approximately $200 to $250 a month on your pet. Nevertheless, following the tips above can help you save some money.


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