English vs Australian Budgies ( Differences)

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English vs Australian Budgies

There is often confusion among people as to whether Australian budgies are the same as English budgies. They are quite similar to each other in many ways. But what you need to keep in mind is that there are a few key differences between both types of parrots, and determining which kind to adopt should be done after giving the differences some thought. The main differences between these two are as follows

You must treat the Budgie, or parakeet consistently to keep them from biting you. The most important point to note here is that both breeds of Budgerigar are more delicate than the Wild Budgerigar. There are some differences between English Budgies and Australian Budgies that you will need to understand before you make a decision. It will be easy for you to distinguish between these two species if you have either of them.

English Vs Australian Budgies? Complete Comparison

According to a recent survey, nearly 92% of owners of budgies are unable to distinguish between English and Australian budgies. Even though the English and Australian Budgies are both native to Australia, they are more closely related to one another than to their wild cousins.

Despite their popularity as pet birds, English budgies are primarily bred as show birds, and as such, they are not commonly kept as pets. There have been many selective breeding programs when it comes to budgies, much like what humans have done with dogs for thousands of years to increase their size and shape.

 The way dogs look differently from one breed to another is a good example of this. It is hard to believe that they all arose from a couple of different kinds of wild dogs.

The English budgie comes close to being a truly domesticated parrot even though it is not a true parrot. What are the differences between an English and Australian Budgie? How do you tell the two apart? Let’s take a look at the points below to better understand this:


It is hard to tame the American budgie as it is very active, and as such, it is not as simple as taming the English budgie. Even for children and their owners, English budgies are considered as easy to train due to their calm nature.

It is important to note that the American budgie is louder than the European budgie. When alarmed, they will usually squawk, click, and even scream as a means of letting you know they are feeling threatened. The English budgie, on the other hand, is comparatively quiet and has a low tone that further impairs the loudness of the bird.


The first essential reason why an English budgie differs from a wild one is its feathers. They are longer and fluffier and have a silky on top. However, what makes their feathers more prominent is their color.

The feathers of their birds are generally more brightly colored than those of the Australian Budgie. Having a close look at the feathers, one can see the difference between them even more clearly as the feathers’ color changes.

Finally, you will be able to catch an English budgie with a beard-like feather around the neck of its body as well. It is also important to distinguish between English budgies and American parakeets by their larger cheek patches and throat spots.

There is no doubt that the typical English Budgie has a larger patch on its cheek than an American Budgie, and these patches also tend to occur more frequently. It is the same thing with throat spots.


I believe that this should have been the first factor we looked at since it is normally the first thing we notice between these two birds. Some English budgies weigh more than twice as much as their American counterparts.

They are also taller and a bit longer than their American counterparts. These are all the results of the selective breeding they conducted over the years for exhibitions.


The American budgie is known to have a much longer life span when compared to the English parakeet.

There can be some variation between the lifespans of English budgies and their American counterparts, but it is roughly between 5-7 years for English budgies and 7-12 years for American budgies.

The English budgie can live a long life if they are given proper care, as well as have fewer health complications per year.

Speech and Sound

There is no doubt that the American Budgie has the advantage of being more loud and vocal than its English counterpart. Despite almost as frequently voicing discontent, unhappiness, and happiness as his quieter English cousins, this does not mean he is not a talker.

I believe that both types of budgies can begin to mimic human speech with the right persistence and training, and I believe that you, the owner, will have a greater influence on the outcome than the variety of the bird you are dealing with.

Can English and Australian Budgies Live Together?

 It can be difficult to determine which of the American Budgie or English Budgie will be more friendly since each one has a unique personality.

The only time that you might have problems with these two species living together is if either the smaller American budgies, who seem to start trouble more frequently, or the more laid-back passive English budgies, who seem to become obsessed for no particular reason at all!

Though the English budgie is a soft bird, when they are threatened or injured they can be dangerous. If you want to avoid situations like this at home during the breeding season, you should take steps well before the season begins.

The easy solution is to place large cages in the house before the breeding season begins.

English vs Australian Budgies: Which one is Better

Which Breed is Right for You? Even though both the English Budgie and the American Budgie are descendants of the wild bird, there are some notable differences between the two in terms of their physical features and their characteristics as well.

In contrast to the American Budgie, the English Budgie is bred and bred specifically for show and exhibition, and this variety prefers to sit on your finger, is less inclined to converse, and can be up to twice the size.

Australian Budgies, also known as parakeets, are much closer to their wild counterpart than an English budgies. As the closest relative to the wild species, he will chatter and vocalize. He will also nibble at fingers more frequently, and he will have a longer lifespan as a result of being close to it.

 English Budgies are the best option if you are looking for a quiet bird that can easily learn the ropes of family life. Alternatively, if you want something that is more like a wild bird, you might want to consider getting the Australian Budgie.


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