28 Funny and Interesting Facts About Budgie

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It is no secret that budgies are super popular pet birds, and more than 45% of American families have them in their lives. Even if you don’t own a budgie, you probably know someone who does. However, many people are unaware of just how fascinating these little guys are. So, we have put together a few interesting and funny facts about the budgie.

Facts About Budgie

  1. Despite their formal name, Budgerigars are more commonly referred to as Budgies.
  • Budgerigars are scientifically known as Melopsittacus undulatus. ‘Melopsittacus’ means ‘melodious parrot,’ and ‘undulatus’ means scalloped wings.
  • Many people don’t realize that budgies come in two distinct varieties: Budgerigars, born in Australia, and English Budgies, bred in England specifically for show and pets.
  • Color plays a significant role in determining the gender of a Budgie. Adult males have blue ceres, while females have pink or brown ceres.
  • An average Budgie can live between 7-15 years The size of a budgie is small.
  • They measure approximately 18-20cm from top to tail and weigh 30-40g.
  • Budgies have up to 3,000 feathers covering their entire bodies.
  • The resting breathing rate of budgies ranges from 65 to 85 breaths per minute.
  • Budgies have high heart rates and their hearts beat over 300 times per minute!
  1.  Although all budgies are parakeets, not all parakeets are budgies.
  1. When Budgies are happy and relaxed, they grind their beaks.
  1. The hollow bones of budgies are filled with air sacks to help them fly.
  1. Budgies have more vertebrae in their necks than humans, so they can turn their heads 180 degrees. This means that they can face in the opposite direction.
  1. If a Budgie loses more than 12 drops of blood, it would be fatal.
  1. In the breeding season, female Budgies gain weight due to increased bone density resulting from calcium retention.
  1. An egg’s shell has tiny holes through which oxygen and carbon dioxide can pass.
  1. Budgies determine the season using the length of daylight hours, so artificial light in our homes can disrupt breeding.
  1. There is no bladder in the Budgies. They pass urine and feces through the same opening.
  1. A Budgie can poop once every 20 minutes. That’s why their cages get filthy so quickly!
  • A budgie’s vision is highly acute, and it can register over 150 images per second. Humans on the other hand have 16 Reactions Per Second.
  • Interestingly, budgies have a third eyelid that isn’t visible most of the time. Although they are invisible, they are essential for keeping the eyes clean.
  • Budgies can hear frequencies between 400 and 20,000 Hz. Budgies can mimic sounds and memorize sequences of sounds. You might even get a talking bird if you’re lucky!
  • Currently, the record for a bird with the largest vocabulary belongs to a budgie named Puck. In total, Puck used 1,728 words.
  • A talking budgie named Sparkie Williams could speak more than 500 words and knew eight nursery rhymes. There was an album featuring Sparkie’s voice that sold 20,000 copies.
  • A budgie named Charlie was the oldest budgie. Born in 1948, it died in 1977 at the age of 29. The Guinness Book of World Records also recognized this record in 1995. As of now, Charlie is the oldest budgie in the world.
  • The Internet went crazy over ‘Disco,’ a male budgie that mimicked human speech and spoke with a distinctive voice. It even appeared on a popular TV show in Network City. In 2017, Disco passed away at the age of seven.
  • The best diet for your budgie is fresh fruits, vegetables, and pellets.
  •  Budgerigars have at least 32 primary mutations, which allow for hundreds of possible secondary mutations and colors!


The information in this article will help you better understand your budgie bird. It is important to learn enough about the breed before purchasing any parrot, because not every parrot is the same.

They have different requirements, just as their bodies do. I hope you enjoyed reading the “Facts about Budgie” article and please take a moment to share it with your friend who may be interested in the topic.


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