8 Green Cheek Conure Mutations (Expert Guide)

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Green cheek conures are famous for their calm and loveable personality. However, one of the things bird lovers appreciate the most about them is their mutations. Green Cheek Conure mutations are more popular and expensive than Green Cheek Conures.

Some of these mutations are naturally occurring while some are developed by crossing two mutations. In this article, I will enlist and briefly describe all mutations of Green Cheek Conures. So, if you want to know about these mutations I will recommend you to read this article completely.

Green Cheek Conure Mutations

8 Popular Green Cheek Conures Mutations

1. Yellow-Sided Green Cheek Conure

Yellow-sided green cheek conure also known as the opaline mutation of green cheek conure is the first mutation established in US aviculture history. This is a rare sex-linked mutation. The bird has a stunning grey head, striking green feathers along with blue wing feathers, and a red and yellow chest.

The tail color is red, and the beak and legs are black. They are very calm, docile, and friendly and are good for families and beginners. They are not loud as their cousins like sun conures or nandy conures which makes them ideal pets.

2. Pineapple Green Cheek Conure

Pineapple Green Cheek Conure is the most popular mutation of the green cheek conure and is a combination mutation of cinnamon green cheek conure and yellow-sided green cheek conure. These birds interestingly have tan-colored heads, ruby-red eyes, a small hint of red, and a reddish-orange lower beak.

The feathers are lime green, the sides are yellow, and the tail color is range from light red to maroon color. This small size bird is love to learn tricks and will entertain you with their funny tricks.

Although they are not good talkers they can mimic other sounds, and produce a very soft and low sound that is pleasing to the ears. With all these characteristics, the pineapple conure has a lifespan of 20 years and will cost you $699-$799.

3. Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure

Normally, Cinnamon green cheek conures appear lighter than regular green cheek conures. They are not aggressive and shy at first but become more outgoing after some time. This is also a sex-linked color mutation, but its feathers are pale green and it has a light brown head.

The flight feathers are blue and the tail is maroon. The chest area is covered in red and yellow. While they are not as expressive as other conures they are better than others in terms of mimicking other words.

They make excellent pets due to their docility, longevity, and low noise levels. A cinnamon green cheek conure will cost you up to $600.

4. Turquoise Green Cheek Conure

Turquoise Green Cheek is a recessive mutation that is bigger than the normal green cheek conures. If you look from the side you will see the typical turquoise side cheeks which give this bird its name.

The Chest Feathers are Grey with a black stripe from the abdomen to the top of the chest. It has mostly blue-green plumage with grey tails. It has a white bare patch surrounding its eyes, a black beak, and greyish-black legs and feet.

They are bold and expressive, often mimicking different household sounds. They live 15-20 years and will cost you $450-$900.

5. American Dilute

American dilute is a recessively inherited mutation of green cheek conure that is strikingly similar to the Cinnamon mutation. The only difference between these mutations is the dark bluish-grey beak and feet of the American Dilute.

It has silver-crown, beige-colored plumage, dark eyes, a yellow breast, and a reddish-orange abdomen. In general, these birds are very playful, and affectionate, and make excellent pets that can last for 20 years. They can cost you $800.

6. Sun Cheek Conure

Sun Cheek Conure is a highly rare sex-linked mutation with pastel lime back feathers instead of green. The breast region is orange and yellow, the beak is white and the crown color is pastel. The flight feathers are blue in coloration while the tail color is bright orange-red.

The feet’ color is white while the eyes are ruby red. There are also color grades for the Sun cheek conure based on the red coloration. Overall, I found Sun cheek conures very beautiful, gorgeous, and colorful birds. They can live for 20 years and can cost you $800-$1400.

7. Moon Cheek Conure

Moon Cheek conure is a combination mutation resulting from a cross of turquoise green cheek conure and a sun cheek conure. The resultant offspring have a light blue coloration with white chests.

The beak and feet are also white. This light coloration is loved by breeders and bird enthusiasts increasing their demand. Because of their rarity, moon-cheeked conures can cost $900-$1500.

8. Mint

The Mint is a recessive Turquoise – American Dilute color mutation characterized by a Platinum colored tail, silver head, and pastel color plumage. The beak and feet are dark. They are playful, energetic, and loving. Since it is a rare mutation, finding Mint is not easy.


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