How Much Do Budgies Cost in 2024? (Budgie Price Guide in 2024)

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How much Do Budgies Cost

Budgies are popular pets due to their easy taming and their ability to speak the language of their owners. It is easy to hand-tame them within a month or two, are low-cost, and easy to care for. But exactly how much do Budgies cost in 2024?

In 2024, the cost of a budgie ranges from $20 to $50 depending on where you purchase your Budgie. However, some rare and sought-after mutations fetch higher prices. The cost of food, toys, and veterinary care will add another $200 per year in addition to the $200 you’ll spend on supplies and care upfront. 

Each owner’s value will vary depending on a variety of factors – such as where they live, what they buy, how much is available, etc.

Along with the bird itself, new owners should budget for things like pellets, seeds, fruit, appropriately sized cages, and even a bird-safe room for large birds.

Your bird’s price may fluctuate outside the given ranges based on the breeder, availability, and location. Here is how the costs are broken down.

One-Time Budgie Price in 2024

The cost of a budgie fluctuates based on factors like age, color mutations, and the source of purchase. Typically, budgie prices fall between $20 and USD 50. Yet, rare color variations or specially bred specimens might command prices from $50 to $200 USD or even more. Location and the chosen breeder or pet store can influence these costs. Additionally, adoption centers may impose a nominal administrative fee, typically ranging between $5 and $22, to manage processing expenses.

One-time Expenses

For the first few weeks, you will need a cage and cage accessories, such as a feeder and a waterer. There is only one problem, however, because not all products are equal, especially when it comes to quality, so choose the one you can afford. Getting the wrong item will not only upset your budgies but may also cause it to break down sooner than expected.


To allow your pet to fly short distances and spread his wings, you should provide a cage large enough for him. If you plan on letting your budgie out of the cage at times or if you are planning on keeping a separate flight cage, you can choose a smaller cage.

Ideally, a budgie should have dimensions of 16x14x18 inches, but this won’t allow it to fly. If you don’t intend to spend a lot of time with your bird, you might want to consider getting two budgies. Prices for budgie cages range from $50 to $300.

Cage Accessories

Besides the cage and food and water bowls, you’ll need perches, toys, and toys. Budget between $30 and $75 for these costs, depending on what you choose.

Recurring expenses

Unless your pet birds can live off of their natural diet, you’ll have to provide them with some supplies once a month or every few weeks. You’ll need to keep investing in these things.


When it comes to pet food expenses, budgies are among the cheapest. A bag of budgie food can cost around $12 for a 4-pound bag. One that weighs 25 pounds, however, can cost as little as $25. You’ll spend more on food based on the brand, the type, and the ingredients you buy.

Medical Expenses

Budgies do not need regular vaccinations or heartworm medication like dogs and cats do. Many owners do not get their Budgie a vet visit at the beginning. Nevertheless, you should contact a veterinarian as soon as possible after purchasing your bird. Spend $35 to $50 on your budgie’s annual checkup at the vet.


Currently, sticks are the most common budgie treat. Additionally, you can buy ‘corn’ cobs or spray millet at a reasonable price. A pack of spray millet costs less than $20, and you can buy two treat sticks for just under $20.

Total Costs Breakdown

  • Purchasing Cost = $25- $100
  • Cage and Setup = $250 to $345
  • Annual Veterinary Checkup = $35 to $50
  • Monthly Food and Supplies = $15 to $25
  • First Year Cost = $325- $520
  • Annual Cost = $215- $350

Since the average lifespan of budgies is 20 years, then the total lifetime cost would be $2580- $ 4200.

Budgie for Sale in the US

Here are some places where you can buy budgies for sale in the US:

1. Baker’s Bird Shop Ltd.

2. Eddie’s Aviary

3. Bird & Beyond

4. Brenda’s Birds

5. Birds By Joe

6. New York Bird Supply

These sources offer a variety of budgies for sale, including different breeds, colors, and hand-tamed options, catering to different preferences and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes budgies so cheap?

The main reason why budgies are so cheap to buy is due to bird mills that breed birds without regard to their health or temperament.

How much does a budgie cost per month?

Budgies have a low feeding cost due to their small size and their cheap food. Money will be spent mainly on a high-quality pellet with daily amounts of fruits and greens. Monthly costs are likely to reach $10 to $20.

How much do budgies cost at PetSmart?

The average cost of a budgie at PetSmart ranges from 50 to 300 dollars.


Finally, if you’re looking for your first bird for a pet, Budgies can be a great option. Aside from that, they are reasonably priced both upfront and throughout their lifetime. At least in comparison with other pets.

It is significantly less expensive to own one than to own a dog. Despite their lower costs, however, they don’t mean less care, attention, and time are required. 


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